In India, Malayalam is one of the official languages, which has seen many speakers come up with Malayalam Christian songs. Christian songs are always uplifting and have an inner message that communicates to us. As you browse online searching for sites with this kind of songs, we have provided you with 10 songs that you must listen to anytime.

Part 1. Top 10 Christian Malayalam Songs

1.Nee Matram Mathi

The devotional singer Kester sang this Malayalam Christian song. Since it was published on 8th September 2010, it has received up to 4.4 million views.

2. Israyelin Nadhanai

This is another popular Malayam Christian oldie that was sang by K.G Markose. This song was published on 1st November 2007 and has about 4.4 million views.

3. Mele Manathe Eeshoye

You can also feel blessed with this devotional Christian song that was sung by M Jayachandran. This song was published on 9th December 2014 and has received 2.6 million views.

4. Ee Shodhanayil

If you want a 2017 Malayalam song, then you can check on this video. It was written by Dr Thomas Kulanjiyil and sung by Rincy, Merlin and Siji.

5. Parishudhan

Parishudhan is 2017 hit song sang by a young boy known as Steven Samuel Devassy. The quality of the video is high, and the voice of Steven is a killer. Watch this song, and you will thank us later.

6. Aakasham Marum

Although this song has relatively fewer views of 45K, it is a lovely song. K.G sang it. Markose. This was released in 2011.

7. Jeevante Uravidamam

Jeevante Uravidamam is another Malayalam Christian song. Priya Wesly and Dallas did the lyric. It is a 2017 song that has about 2350 views.

8. Ennalayekkal Avan Ennu Nallavan

Joel Padavath did this song, and it is one of the songs in his album En Priyan Vishwasthan. The song is doing well, and it has garnered 77k views since it was published on 27th February 2017.

9. Inneyolam Enne Nadathi

Inneyolam Enne Nadathi is another Christian song by Kester that you should listen to. It is also a popular song of 2007 that has 1.3 million views.

10. Malayalam Gospel Medley

The Livingstone Quartet has done many songs, but this one is a watch. The choice of songs in their mashup is just awesome and works perfectly with their voices. This song was published on 29th July 2016 and has received over 186K views.

Part 2. Listen to Malayalam New Christian Songs on Snaptube

Well, at this point you spoilt on choice on where to watch or listen to Christian songs. The best way you can do that is to watch them right on your phone via Snaptube app. This is a must-have app for Android users since it supports streaming of music and videos from any site. Moreover, this website allows you to add the preferred site so that you can enjoy your streaming. Get this app today and listen to Malayalam Christian songs anywhere from any site.
snap tube for android

Part 3. Where to Listen Christian Songs in Malayalam Online

Now that you have known some of the Christians songs that you can listen to, it is also wise to know some top sites that you can listen to them online.


On this site, you will be able to find an album of Christian songs despite the presence of several ads on the site.  The Malayalam Christiana are listed according to title and artist name. is a user-friendly site that allows you to play songs, create your playlist and share tracks seamlessly.

christian songs in malayalam

2. Gaana
The organisation of Gaana website is just excellent and let you discover Malayalam songs easily.  You can search songs according to either artist name or album titles. You can search songs, get trending Malayalam songs.

christian malayalam songs

3. TurnBack to God

This website not only hosts Malayalam gospel songs but you will also get Tamil songs, Hindi Songs, English songs as well as Telugu songs. To play the songs, you have to install Adobe Flash player.

christian songs malayalam

4. Psalms Radio

Psalms Radio is one of the best sites that you can listen to Malayalam songs. The website is user-friendly and has modern, multicultural and traditional Malayalam songs/

Psalms Radio website makes it easier locate songs since you can search according to lyrics or according to categories such as worship, praise, oldies and much more. Check out this website now.

malayalam old christian songs

5. SpreadJesus

You can also check on SpreadJesus website for some Malayalam Christian songs. You can play songs and pause them mainly in an audio format. On this site, you can get the other Christian that is in different languages like English, Hindi and Telugu.

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