Did it ever happen to you that a song’s rhythm sounds melodious, but its wording feels challenging to understand? You are not alone in this. We all have been there. Most deep songs are sung in a way that their meaning becomes challenging to comprehend. 

The lyrics make us understand the song better and help to connect with the music on a deeper level. So, if you are looking for lyrics song download, we are here to guide you. We will provide you with the best free way on how to download songs with lyrics.

Lyrics Song Download with Free Snaptube

Snaptube app is supported by over 100 social platforms, making it a competent, resourceful, and efficient platform for entertainment. On the Snaptube app, users can download unlimited music, videos, and lyrics songs in any language and genre. 

The app enables the user to download MP3 with lyrics display or lyric videos as it offers MP3 and MP4 downloading formats. 

Lyrics Song Download with Free Snaptube

Before moving forward, let us check how to use Snaptube for the lyrics song download.

Step 1: Download the Snaptube App

Download the Snaptube app from its official website or other famous app stores like Uptodown.  Follow the onscreen instructions and install the app on your Android device. 

Remember Snaptube app is safe and secure to download; therefore, allow your phone to install apps from unknown sources. 

install the Snaptube app

Step 2: Find the Lyrics Video You Like

Open the Snaptube app and use the search bar to find the lyrics song/video you need. Type in the name of the song’s title, add the keyword “lyrics,” and hit enter. 

Snaptube will show you all the possible search results related to your lyrics song. Alternatively, you can also navigate from the Snaptube app to Soundcloud or any other platform and download the lyrics song from there. 

find the lyrics video you like

Step 3: Click the Download Button

Once you find the lyrics song you were looking for, click the download button, and choose the desired format. For a video lyrics song, choose MP4 format; for an audio file download, choose MP3/M4A format. 

download song with lyrics mp3

The lyrics song will be downloaded to your phone’s gallery and in Snaptube’s download folder. You can access the downloaded music offline too. 

Display Lyrics in Real Time While Playing

We recommend the following options if you want to display the lyrics in real time over the playing video song.

Option 1: Use the Captions Feature on Snaptube 

Once you find the music song on the Snaptube app, play it online and tap the CC icon to turn on captions. You can now view the lyrics of the songs in real time. 

Option 2: Search and Download Lyrics Videos 

There are many beautifully crafted lyrics videos on Snaptube that allow you to enjoy the lyrics while listening to the song. Just include keywords such as “lyrics” when searching. Then choose to download as MP4.

Option 3: Try the Lark Player app

As usual, download the song using the Snaptube app and then use the Lark player app to play the offline video song with lyrics because there are more playback options on the Lark player, such as random playback, lyrics display, and sound effect adjustment.

play the offline video song using Lark player

How to Download Lyrics File Only?

If you just need the lyrics file, or looking for Hindi songs lyrics in English. Don’t worry! Below we have also listed the 5 best websites that provide lyrics online. 


The website features a massive collection of music lyrics alongside data on recent releases, top hits, and the songs that are now trending. The website offers music lyrics in both text and video formats. 

AZ Lyrics.com 

It is the best website for finding the lyrics to your favorite songs. A database on this website contains more than 300,000 lyrics from more than 7,000 artists. The website has a fantastic user experience that makes searching for lyrics incredibly quick.  


MetroLyrics is the most well-known song lyrics platform worldwide, renowned for having the most extensive library with legal lyrics for over 700,000 titles. The website offers extra details like future hot releases, celebrity lyrics, and the most popular songs right now. 


You can find a feed of the newest song meanings and trending lyrics on LyricsMode.com. Even the most well-known lyrics in several languages are available on this website. The community of LyricsMode can add corrections to lyrics as well as interpret specific lyrics for user ease. 


It’s a daily updated massive database with over 1,000,000 song lyrics from more than 100,000 artists. On Lyrics Mania, the song lyrics are nicely laid out on the page without any distracting advertisements in your way.


How to Find Music by Lyrics? 

Many apps and software provide songs with their lyrics. However, we recommend using Snaptube app because it is free, fast, resourceful, and supports finding the song by partial lyrics besides unlimited audio video song downloads. 

How Do I Find A Song If I Can’t Remember Lyrics?

Open Google Assistant and hum a tune by asking, “Hey Google, what’s this music?” From there, you can use any music app, such as Snapube, to find the song. 

updated by Chief Editor on Oct 03, 2022