With the onset of a new year, we will soon witness tons of festivals that will take place at the beginning of 2018. Lohri is one of the biggest folk festivals in Northern India, which is majorly celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus. It embarks the commencement of the spring and a new harvesting season. Today, Lohri is celebrated with music, good food, and lots of dancing. This year, wish your friends and family a prosperous Lohri images and music. Read on and celebrate this festive season with us.

Part 1. Best Free HD Happy Lohri Images

If you don’t want to visit image downloading websites individually, then download the images of Happy Lohri in HD that we have handpicked for you right here.

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Part 2. Top Sites to Download Lohri Images for 2018

Lohri celebrations are incomplete without wishing our friends and family. To download Lohri pics, you can visit these websites and share these greetings with your contacts easily.

1. The Popular Festivals

It is one of the most popular websites, having a diverse collection of high-definition Lohri pictures. Besides Lohri, you can also find greetings for tons of other regional festivals as well.

2. 123 Greetings

One of the oldest and widely used websites to share greetings and wishes is 123 Greetings. It has a dedicated collection of Lohri greetings that you can readily send to your loved ones. Simply provide their email id or share these animated greetings via social media channels.

3. DesiEvite

If you are having Lohri celebrations, then invite your loved ones by sending a desi invite. The website has tons of freely available and paid e-invites that you can customize for Lohri celebrations 2018.

4. Dgreetings

Another easy to explore website that you can try to download Lohri festival images in HD is greetings. It can also let you customize your greetings with its native editor.

5. India.com

Not only does India.com have a wide range of HD Lohri 2018 images, it also provides various WhatsApp messages to go perfectly with the greeting of your choice.

6. Free Pics Pot

As the name suggests, the website has lots of freely available Lohri wishes images in HD that you can use. The images that are hosted here can be used for non-commercial purposes for free.

7. Sendscraps

The website has been around for years and is known to have a diverse collection of festive greetings. It also hosts some amazing GIFs and animations that you can download.

8. BMS

The collection of Lohri images at BMS is not as extensive as other platforms, but it will certainly make your messages stand out.

9. Greetings Everday

There are lots of WhatsApp messages and HD images here that you would love to forward to your friends for sure.

10. Pinterest

If nothing else would work, then simply look for HD Lohri photos at Pinterest. It is one of the largest collections of HD pictures that you can save and share with your friends. Pinterest also has an iOS and Android app to help you look for the Lohri greetings of your choice.

Part 3. Best Lohri Songs to Celebrate

Lohri celebrations are incomplete without some Punjabi folk music and dance. Here are some great tracks that you would certainly love to play this Lohri.

1. Lodi – Veer Zaara

Lorhi celebrations are incomplete without this hit Bollywood track. You would love to kick-start your celebrations with this upbeat track from the movie Veer Zaara

2. Lohri Boliyan

Sung by Harbhajan Mann, Lohri Boliyan is considered a Punjabi class. It is also a great track to perform Gidda.

3. Lohri – Asa Nu Maan Watna Da

Another fun and happy track that you can play this Lohri is from Asa Nu Mann Watna Da.

4. Balle Balle – Raj Ghuman

Do some bhangra this Lohri on this amazing track. You would certainly love to dance on this one with your friends.

5. Eh Din Lohri Da

This upbeat song will certainly bring a smile on your face. You can play it during the evening celebrations as well while setting up the bonfire.

6. Baari Barsi

This Bollywood take on the Punjabi folk song is certainly addictive. Needless to say, you would love to play it during the Lohri celebrations of 2018 as well.

7. Long Gavaiyan

If you hail from a Punjabi family, then you must have heard this song numerous times. The hit Punjabi folk song would also be loved by the elders in your family.

8. Boliyaan Gidda

If you are planning to do some Gidda with your friends this Lohri, then play Boliyaan and hit the floor in style.

9. Main Wari

Main Wari is one of the oldest Lohri song in Punjabi, which is still popular. Play it during this Lohri and include people from every generation.

10. Balle Balle – Mel Karade Rabba

Even though the song is from a mainstream movie, it has a peculiar folk tune to it. Its upbeat music and thoughtful lyrics have made it one of the best Lohri tracks.

Part 4. Stream Lohri Video Songs on Snaptube

This year, save your time while searching for the best Lohri music on Snaptube. The freely available Android app has integrated several music and video streaming platforms in one place. Therefore, you can search for the Lohri 2018 songs without switching between different platforms. Just stream the music of your choice and plug your device into a speaker.
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Streaming music on Snaptube is a piece of cake. Simply look for the songs of your choice on different platforms and play them on its native interface. You can even look for Lohri music while playing a song in the background. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the Snaptube app on your Android device for free and have a memorable Lohri this year!

Part 5. Lohri Celebrations

Lohri is associated with the Bikrami calendar and is mostly celebrated on 13th January. Needless to say, this year is no such exception. Ideally, Lohri celebrates the beginning of the winter solstice. After Lohri, the duration of the day becomes longer and a new harvesting season is started. The most evident part of the Lohri celebration features the evening bonfire and folk dance. The evening concludes with Lohri music (Gidda and Bhangra) with delicious food.

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