Kashmir is an area in the north of the Indian subcontinent. The majestic Himalayan mountain range dominates much of Kashmir. This Indian state has some interesting musical qualities.  Kashmiri music mirrors the rich musical legacy and social heritage of Kashmir. As Kashmir is near to Central Asia, East Asia and South Asia, an exceptional mix of music has developed encompassing the music of the three regions. In this article, I will introduce you some great Kashmiri songs of recent time.

Part 1. Top 10 Kashmiri Song List

We have come up with a list of top Kashmiri songs that you can add to your playlist, if you haven’t already.

1. Gaste Wasiye

Composed by a conspicuous nineteenth century Kashmiri writer Rasul Mir, this tune was at that point prominent among local people, particularly Kashmiri ladies who would sing during wedding functions. However, after Tanveer Ali sung and composed it in 2016 the tune likewise also became famous.

2. Hukus Bukus

Multi-talented Aabha Hanjura tries to boost satisfaction about her homeland. One of the greatest Kashmiri folk songs, for all ages is finally breaking the internet in a new avatar. It is because local singer Aabha Hanjura, who went for a “funky makeover” of this customary number and released the shimmering video on the web, taking the social media by storm.

3. Wesiye Gulan

The sheer magnificence of this melody pierces through your heart like nothing else. An ideal mix of excellence with a spirit snatching voice, Saiam Bhat has been winning the hearts of his fans over the globe. This song published on Feb 1, 2017 under the banner “Kashmir Artists Valley of Artists”. Add this song in your playlist and enjoy listening to it.

4. Doye Khair Karus

This is an emotional song sung Syed Azhar which tells us about the difficult times Kashmir had endured in the past decade. The message of the song is to spread peace and harmony within the state. One of the latest songs on this list which got published on 3rd February 2018. Music given by Umi a Feem & lyrics penned by Bashir Dada.

5. Katyu Chhukh Nundbaane

Next on the list is this folk song by Rani Hazarika. This song is melodious and soothing to the ears from the valley. Most social media users are commenting about the catchy lyrics and rhythm which has come across as a fresh form of music. Lyrics given by Mehmood Gaami & Peer Zahoor while Arif Bashir Wani directed it.

6. Tamanna

Yaawar Abdal sung & produced this Kashmiri sufi song. The song is based on poetry of three unbelievable writers ‘Mehjoor’, ‘Mirza Ghalib’ and ‘Ameeri Khusrow’. This song defines a portion of the phases of ‘Sufis’. This is a multilingual song where you will get the chance to listen the dialects like Kashmiri, Urdu and Persian. It got published on 2nd June 2017 and so far, been viewed well over 1 million tells us about the popularity of this video song.

7. Rah Bakshtam

Habba Khatoon, a 16th century Kashmiri poetess wrote this song. She was known as the “Nightingale of Kashmir” as the songs written by her are quite popular. Rah Bakshtam is more of a prayer than a song. Ali Saffudin, a youthful Kashmiri singer sung it all alone. This song was recorded as live sessions in December 2016 and was published on 5 April 2017.

8. Ya Tuly Khanjar

Abdul Ahad Nazin, a popular Kashmiri poet wrote this song. Abdul Rashid Hafiz, a Kashmiri Sufi artist commonly sung this song. Later on, Irfan Bilal sung it, the song received positive reviews in 2017 instantly after its release. It is available under the banner “Music Therapy”.

9. Bedard Daadi Chaane

The song is upbeat yet soothing. It was published on 1 Jan 2017 under the banner “Aamir B Khaan”. This musical number aims at promotion of Kashmir by highlighting the richness of language and music of this Valley in the Himalayas. Originally Kailash Mehra sung it but later on it had a remake and sung by Aamir Khan.

10. Chayin Laaye

Last song to make up the list is this beautiful song sung by Kabul Bukhari. Tanha Nizami penned the lyrics while music given by Romy. It got published on May 25th 2017 and so far, it has received over 2.2k likes. Add this song in your playlist on and watch it in full HD.

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