The Kannada language is one of the most popular languages in India, spoken by over 50 million native residents in India and around the world. In the state of Karnataka, it is the official language and is a scheduled language in India. In India, the Kannada music and entertainment scene is often known for its vibrant and classy vibes, facts that led to the designation of the language as a classical language by the Indian government. As such, Kannada songs are among the most hummable in the Indian subcontinent, easily charming their way into the hearts and minds of native and non-native speakers. Check out some of the biggest Kannada hits out of this region.

Part 1. Top 10 Kannada New Songs

1.  Birugali yondhige

This is one of the biggest Kannada hits this year, having spent close to two months on charts. The soothing song was composed by Arjun Janya and written by Jayant Kaikini.

2. Kodeyondhara Adiyalli

This is another chart-topper that features the beautiful sounds of Sonu Nigam, written by Hrudaya Shiva.

3. Gunu Gunuguva

This is a romantic chart-topper written by Kaviraj and composed by Charan Raj that will make you hum to the beauty of love.

4. Ondhu Nimisha

Ondhu Nimisha is a romantic hit that brings together the charming vocals of Anuradha Bhat and composition by the great Sridhar Sambaram.

5. Chanda Avalu

This Kannada hit song has been on hit lists for over 23 weeks and is a definite must-listen. It was composed and sung by Midhun Mukundan, with lyrics by Vishwajith Rao and Raj B Shetty.

6. Ninna Snehadinda

This Kannada hit song has been on Radio Mirchi’s top 10 charts for over 14 weeks. The beautiful song was sung by the talented Shreya Ghoshal and written by Yogaraj Bhat.

7. Ale Ale

Ale Ale is a beautiful song that represents the true heart and soul of a Kannada song. The song was sung by Faiyaz Khan and composed by V Harikrishna.

8. Sanje Hotthu

Sanje Hotthu is a melodious track that was sung by Vijay Prakash and Indu Nagaraj. The romantic hit has spent several weeks on Kannada music charts, including on Radio Mirchi.

9. Belageddu

This is one of the longest-running chart toppers on the Kannada music scene, with over 46 weeks on major music charts. The song was sung by Vijay Prakash, with Dhananjay Ranjan as the talented lyricist.

10. Naa Hege Helali

This is another big Kannada hit of 2017, with Arman Mallik lending his lovely voice to the track composed by Sriram Gandharva.

Part 2. Top10 Kannada Old Songs

1.  Hoovantha

Hoovantha is a 2008 hit song from the album Tajmahal, directed by Abhimann Roy and sung by Supriya and Hariharan.

2. Banda Bandaa

This hit was also released in 2008 and features the enchanting sound from Shankar Mahadevan.

3. Thangaali

Thangaali is a Kannada classic from the 1980s from the popular album Janma Janmada Anubandha, with S. Janaki on the microphone.

4. Ee sanje yaakagide

This is one of the post-2000s classic hits, brilliantly sung and written by the trio of Mano Murthy, Jayat Kaikini, and Sonu Nigam.

5. Kavithe

Kavithe is another classic sung by Vijay Prakash, written by Hrudaya Shiv, and composed by the legendary Harikrishna.

6. Usire Usire

Usire Usire is another classic treat from composer Rajesh Ramnath. It was written by K Kalyan with Rajesh Krishnan lending his voice to this classic tune.

7. Munjaane Manjalli

This is one of the most memorable hits from the 2000s, with the ever-mesmerizing Raghu Dixit composing and singing this fine song.

8. Mungaaru maleye

The 2000s were some of the best years for Mano Murthy, who composed this huge hit during this period. Together with Sonu Nigam and Yogaraj Bhat, they produced one of the biggest hits of the past decade in this Kannada composition.

9. Ade Bhoomi

Just to stress how much of a busy decade it was for Mano Murthy, this is another hit from the seasoned composer. Jayant Kaikini wrote the lyrics and Shreya and Sonu lent their vocals on this one.

10. Aalochane

This is one of the most addictive songs of the past decade. It was composed by the talented Arjun Janya and written by Kaviraj, with the beautiful voice from Shreya making you listen to the song over and over.

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