From 1934’s film Sati Sulochana to 2022’s KGF Chapter 2, the Kannada cinema has seen tremendous development. Let us elaborate. 

According to reports, the Kannada film industry is the fourth-largest in India in terms of gross domestic box office receipts from January to July 2022, with an 8% market share. 

Besides that, the Kannada movie KGF: Chapter 2 became the first film to earn more than 400 crores in India during its opening weekend. 

Now it is not at all surprising that people are searching for Kannada movie songs to download. If you are also interested in Kannada movie songs download, then this post is a must-read for you. 

We bring you the most reliable and fast app: the Snaptube app, as well as the songs of 16 popular Kannada movies.

Use Snaptube to Download Kannada Movie songs 

Sometimes just for fun and sometimes for saving data, we need to download songs to our device. People have been doing this for ages. However, most audio video downloading apps have recently gone from free to paid, and a few have adopted other ways to monetize their app. 

Therefore, finding that one particular app that is free, reliable, competent, and resourceful has become a difficult task. But don’t worry, here comes Snaptube in the picture. It is the quickest way to download new Kannada movie songs as video or audio. 

 kannada movie songs downloader

Let us tell you a few fantastic features of the Snaptube app. 

Features of Snaptube App:

  • It is an Android app that is user-oriented. It is simple to use and does what it says without wasting users’ time and effort. 
  • On Snaptube, you can download Kannada movie video songs in MP4 or MP3 format and choose from 70, 128, and 160kbps to high-quality 320kbps resolution. 
  • Using Snaptube gives users access to over 50 well-known platforms, including Soundcloud, Vevo, and others, offering free song downloads. 
  • On Snaptube, you can keep up with the hottest musical genres. You can find music quickly by looking for your favorite songs, artists, albums, genres, and more. 
  • Not only that, but you can also do Kannada video songs download using Snaptube because the versatile app also lets users download videos and movies. 

Enough with the qualities! Now let us tell you how to perform Kannada movie songs download using Snaptube app in just three steps. 

Easy steps to download movie songs using Snaptube: 

Step 1: Download the App

Downloading and installing Snaptube is a hassle-free task. Just make sure you’ve enabled the ability to download apps from untrusted sources first as it’s not listed on the Playstore.

Then click the Download tab and follow the easy on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

download the Snaptube app

Step 2: Search for Any Kannada Movie Song

Simply type in the keyword of any Kannada video song on Snaptube’s search bar and follow the next step to get the audio version of your Kannada movie song. 

There are more ways to search for the song on Snaptube. You will see a Music section on its main page. Simply tap on it to view the hits and some popular playlists, and you may find some new songs you like.

search the kannada movie songs online

Step 3: Download the Song in MP3 Format

Once the downloader shows your song, you t tap on the Download icon > Select MP3 320K format and resolution to download a lossless audio track of the song. 

download the kannada movie song mp3

That is all there is to downloading music from any movie video on Snaptube. 

We hope, by now, you must have already downloaded the spectacular Snaptube app for Kannada movie songs download. 

If not, just visit the Snaptube app, download it, and try it at least once. We are sure you will fall in love with this audio/video downloader. 

16 Best Kannada Movie Song Recommendations for You

We are not done yet! Below is the carefully curated list of the 16 best Kannada movies and songs with links. Using these links, you can search and download popular Kannada songs on Snaptube. 

1. Salaga

Released in 2021, Salaga is an Action-thriller. To download Salaga movie songs, search “Salaga Kannada movie songs download” on the Snaptube search bar. 

2. Robbert 

Robbert is also an Indian-Kannada language action thriller that was released in 2021. You can use Snaptube’s expert search bar for Robert Kannada movie songs download. 

3. Jaga Malla 

It is a Kannada film that debuted on March 7, 2019. If you love the fusion of action and family drama, you can use Snaptube to watch Jagamalla Kannada full movie or else download the songs listed below. 

4. Jothe Jotheyali

Jothe jotheyali Kannada movie is a romantic movie that was released in 2006. Although the movie is old, still its songs are trendy. 

5. Duniya

Duniya Kannada movie is a 2007 Indian Kannada-language movie that was applauded by both the public and the critics.

6. Neenaade Naa

Neenaade Naa is a song that is sung by Armaan Malik and Shreya Ghoshal. It belongs to the Indian-Kannada movie Yuvarathnaa released in 2020. For Neenade naa Kannada song download, copy the link below, paste it into Snaptube’s search bar and click download. 

7. Pogaru

Pogaru is a 2019 masala movie in the Kannada language from India. For Pogaru Kannada movie songs download, use the links mentioned below. 

8. Gentleman

Gentleman is an Indian Kannada action crime mystery film released in 2020. To perform Gentleman Kannada movie songs download, use these links. 

9. Milana

Kannada drama movie Milana hit cinema houses in 2007. Milana Kannada movie songs download can quickly be done using the Snaptube app. 

10. Bhoopathi

Bhupathi or Bhoopathi is an action thriller released in 2007. Find Bhupathi Kannada movie songs download links here. 

11. Kabza

Dubbed in 7 languages, Kabza Kannada movie, aka Kabja, is a mass entertainer action, romantic film.

12. Amar

Amar is another Indian Kannada romantic action film that debuted in 2019. For Amar Kannada movie songs, click the links below. 

13. Sri Manjunatha

A bilingual devotional movie, Sri Manjnatha (2001), was shot in Kannada and Tamil languages. You can find links here for Sri Manjunatha Kannada movie songs download. 

14. Rajakumara

Raajakumara is an Action Indian Kannada that came out in 2017. Rajakumara Kannada movie songs download links are available here. 

15. Yajamana

Indian Kannada movie Yajamana (2000) is an adaptation of the Tamil movie Vaanathaippola (2000). For Yajamana Kannada movie songs download, use these links. 

16. Kiss 

As the name suggests, Kiss is a romantic Indian Kannada 2019 movie. Kannada movie songs download links are as follows. 


How can I download Pogaru Kannada movie songs for free?

You can download  Pogaru Kannada movie songs using Snaptube, a free app that supports choosing the format and resolution you want. You can type “Pogaru Kannada movie songs” directly in the Snaptube search bar, or paste the specific song’s link into it to pinpoint the song. Then you will save the song to your device by simply taping on the download button.

What are the in songs Salaga Kannada movie?

Here are the 7 songs in this movie: 1. Suri Anna 2. I Love You Sanjana 3. Rajadhaniyali Salaga 4. Maleye Maleye 5. Salaga Title Song 6. Tiningaa Miningaa Tishaaaa 7. Hejje Hejjegu

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