We all need Islamic songs MP3 download to celebrate Islamic New Year with a bang by listening to beautiful, peace-filled Muslim songs! 

While many of us celebrate our New Year in different ways, Islamic music filled with joy, hope, and inspiration is a great way to commemorate this event. 

The traditional Islamic songs are a mix of rhythm and excitement that will lift your spirits and provide a sense of happiness. They not only bring us closer to Allah but also spread an aura of peace, goodwill, and fraternity throughout us. 

So why not spice up this New Year with some refreshing Islami sangeet?

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Top 20 Songs for Islamic New Year Muharram

Here are the top 20 Islamic songs for this new year that will inspire you to reflect and celebrate. Our top picks are sure to bring joy and put a smile on your face! So, don’t wait any longer and start selecting naat free download MP3, including the Nagoor Hanifa songs download for this important occasion!

1. Asma Allah Alhusna

Artist: Maher Zain 

Asma ul Husna By Maher Zain is the first track in The New Hijri Year Album 1443. 

2. Tala’al Badru ‘Alayna

Artist: Mesut Kurtis

Tala’ al Badru Alayna was first sung by the people of Madinah when Prophet Muhammad (SAW) entered Madinah.

3. Alhamdu Lillah 

The melodic voice of artists such as Raef makes the Alhamdu Lillah album a “go-to medicine” for your melodramatic moods.

Artist: Raef

4. Ya Muhawwin 

Artist: Hamza Namira

Hamza Namira is an Egyptian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has sung this beautiful nasheed. 

5. Al-Medina

Artist: Mesut Kurtis 

Al-Medina is one of the best MP3 Kalam by Mesut Kurtis, a Turkish–Macedonian singer. 

6. Medina

Artist: Maher Zain 

The Medina is sung by Maher Zain, a young Muslim boy who creates Medina-inspired art with colored pencils, clay, and even Legos.

7. Ali Magrebi 

Artist: Aisha (Aisyah)

Aisha, a song sung by Ali Maghribi, is part of an album Aisha (Aisyah Istri Rasulullah) and was released on May 2020.

8. Ghar Hira

Artist: Mesut Kurtis 

Ghar Hira is a Nasheed by Mesut Kurtis. Listen to or download this beautiful Nasheed sharif in Mesut Kurtis’s beautiful voice.


9. Iraivan Idam Kai Yenthungal

Artist: Nagore Esmail Mohammed Hanifa

This song is sung by Nagore Esmail Mohammed Hanifa, a lyricist, playback singer, and Tamil Muslim politician. Because of his deep stentorian voice, he was known as Isai Murasu.


10. Subhan Allah 

Artist: Mesut Kurtis & Maher Zain 

If you like the voice of Maher Zain, you will definitely love this song. It’s a collaboration between Mesut Kurtis and Maher Zain. 


11. You Are My Life

Artist: Harris J 

“You Are My Life” comes from the album “Salam,” which is sung by Harris J, a 17-year-old British Muslim artist. 


12. Nour Ala Nour

Artist: Maher Zain 

Nour Ala Nour is one of the best MP3 naats by one and only Maher Zain. It’s a revision of the classic with a new musical arrangement, fresh lyrics, and a distinct melody. 

13. Allah Hu Allah

Artist: Mesut Kurtis & Raef

Allah Hu Allah is a soulful song. Stream Allah Hu Allah (feat. Raef) by Mesut Kurtis on desktop and mobile and feel the lyrics. 

14. Qiyam

Artist: Humood 

Listen to Qiyam, a soulful single by Humood Alkhudher, a Kuwaiti singer and music producer.

15. Qalbi Sajad

Artist: Maher Zain

Qalbi Sajad is one of the best MP3 Naat by Maher Zain. Qalbi Sajad’s song from the album Nour Ala Nour is released on Jul 2021. 

16. Allahu

Artist: Irfan Makki 

Allahu is an exclusive heart-touching nasheed praising Allah, sung by Irfan Makki in his deep melodious voice. 

17. Azeem AlShan

Artist: Mesut Kurtis 

Discover and play Azeem AlShan by Mesut Kurtis on desktop and mobile and share it with your friends and family. 

18. Ya Rabb

Artist: Hamza Namira 

Listen to Hamza Namira O Lord – Ya Rabb MP3 song. O Lord – Ya Rabb song from the album The Ramadan Album is released on Apr 2020. 

19. Yammim Nahwal Medina

Artist: Mesut Kurtis 

Yammim Nahwal Medina song from the album Balaghal Ula is released on May 2019. The duration of song is 03:58. This song is sung by Mesut Kurtis.

20. Radhitu Billahi

Artist: Maher Zain 

Radhitu Billahi Rabba is an Arabic version sung by Maher Zain. It is featured in his album “Forgive Me,” which was released in 2018.

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