As Independence Day is approaching, every nation lover is soaking up the spirit of patriotism around them. The Indian tricolor makes everybody elated and filled with passion. But you know what else adds to this spirit of patriotism? Yes, you guessed it right the patriotic songs in Hindi!

Isn’t it wonderful to hear the Independence Day inspirational songs in Hindi right in the morning as the flag unfurls? But you know what is not nice? The patriotic music is getting interrupted with advertisements or buffering because of poor network connectivity.

If you want to enjoy the Independence Day song in Hindi without any interruption, try the free method below.  

Table of content:

  1. Independence Day song download
  2. 20+ patriotic songs in Hindi
  3. 10+ inspirational songs in Tamil

Where and How to Get Independence Day Song in Hindi

Did you come across amazing Independence Day music online and want to use it to create your playlist or stream it on your speakers without interruption? Snaptube is here for you!

With Snaptube, you can download any of your favorite Independence Day songs of any language without fees, absolutely free! It integrates with Vevo, Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social platforms. 

independence song downloader

15 August Independence Day MP3 Songs Free Download

Just follow the easy steps below:

  1. First, download the app’s APK of the Snaptube app. You can see the red button below.
  2. Once the APK is downloaded, you must install it on your device. If you are struggling with the installation, check if your device has permission to install apps.
download the snaptube apk
  1. After you have downloaded and installed the Snaptube app for Android, you will have to launch the app and navigate to the Music feature. You can look for any patriotic songs and albums you would like to download.
look for patriotic songs you like
  1.  If, for example, you have no idea which Independence Day song to download, you can just search for it and Snaptube will give you multiple results.
search and download Independence Day song
  1. The music video will quickly load. You can listen to it with the built-in player.  And a “Download” icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. All you now have to do is, tap on the download button and choose to save as MP3 format.
save the music video as MP3 format

Voila! You have your favorite Independence Day background music MP3 downloaded to your mobile phone. 

The best part about Snaptube is that you can search for videos directly on Snaptube. On top of that, Snaptube supports almost every social media platform you can think of! So be it any video online you can download and save it on your device and use it for your benefit.

If you have security concerns, let us reassure you that Snaptube is one of the safest means to download any songs or videos online. You will never have to worry about viruses or malware getting downloaded with the videos or the app sharing your data with third-party software.

20+ Patriotic Songs in Hindi to Download

We are here to make your life simpler this Independence Day!

We have made an entire list of Independence Day songs in Hindi and Tamil that you can use on Independence Day! The best part? We have also added the links here on this page, along with the list, so that you do not have to search for your favorite songs! Just copy the link and paste it to Snaptube’s search bar and you are good to go. 

Celebrate Independence Day

Celebrate Independence Day with these evergreen independence day songs! 

  1. Teri Mitti 
  2. AeWatan
  3. Vande Mataram 
  4. Ye jo des hai tera 
  5. ae mere pyare watan 
  6. bharat humko jaan se pyara hai  
  7. ae mere watan ke logon  
  8. kar chale hum fida jano tan sathiyo 
  9. Hai preet Jahan ki reet sada 
  10. dil diya hai jaan bhi denge 
  11. Sandese aate hein 
  12. Hum Hindustani (Choro kal ki baatein) 
  13. Ye desh hai veer jawano ka 
  14. Maa tujhe salam 
  15. kandhon se milte hain kandhe 
  16. Suno Gaur se duniya walo 
  17. Mere desh ki mitti sona ugle
  18. Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani 
  19. Aao bachon tumhe dikhayein jhanki Hindustan ki 
  20. Vande mataram
  21. Mera rang de basanti chola

10+ Independence Day Songs Free Download in Tamil 

  1. Thai Mannai Vanakkam 
  2. Enadhu India
  3. Engal Bharatam 
  4. Suthanthira 
  5. Desathin Ellai Oramae
  6. Ini Achcham Achcham Illai 
  7. Kappaleri Poyachu Song 
  8. Thayin Manikodi Solluthu 
  9. Thamiza Thamiza 
  10. Parungal Parungal
  11. Desam


So now you have a long list of songs with which you can evoke patriotic spirit! Independence Day song download is now made easy with the Snaptube app! Just get the Snaptube app and stream Independence Day music without interruptions.  

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 15, 2022