The Bollywood industry is really big and we all know how much the audience loves to sing and dance. This is why if you too seem to be hooked to Hindi videos; we are here to help you out. We will be discussing the best Hindi video song and the sites where you can find them easily too.

Part 1. Top 10 Latest Hindi Video Songs

Let us see 10 of the best Hindi music videos that had the whole nation dancing and singing.

1. Laila main laila

Trust it on Sunny Leonne to hit the right chord with the audience. This hit number is surely rocking even today though it released in the early 2017.

2. Tamma Tamma Again

Alia Bhatt is surely the girl next door who everyone wants to meet. This peppy number with Varun Dhawan is still the party favourite. Isn’t it?

3. Suit Suit

None of us expected Irrfan Khan to rock this song with such swag. But, this song is still on everyone’s lips simply because the peppiness and the swag are too good to get old.

4. Tu cheez badi hai mast mast

The movie might have flopped miserably but we still can’t get over this song. It still manages to be in the top chartbusters. The new twist to the old song makes it a real rocking one.

5. Baarish

For all the romantic guys out there looking to woo their girlfriend, nothing gets better than this song. Even when you are out on a long drive with your lady love, play this song and the tempo is sure to be set.

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So, now that you have these options, choose the ones you want and enjoy your favourite music and videos easily.

6. Radio

Doesn’t matters whether you loved or hated Salman Khan in Tubelight, this song is stuck in our chords and our heart and you can’t help but move and jiggle a little, every time it is played.

7. Ik Vaari Aa

The movie was a real pain, but this song was the exact opposite. Despite the miserable plot, we can’t help but watch this song a million times over and over again. And did we mention how crackling the chemistry looks?

8. Move your Lakk

A hit song from an average movie Noor, this one too has everyone rapping to the lyrics. Don’t forget to have your eyes glued to the screen because the video is that addicting.

9. Humsafar

Yet another romantic number that will leave you thinking and reminiscing about your partner. For all the love stuck guys and girls, this is definitely the anthem of the year.

10. Raabta

We do not really need to add as to how hot Deepika has grown over the years. In this sensational hot number, Deepika will woo anyone and everyone. The music video is scorching hot!

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022