As a human, it is very difficult to maintain a good mood all the time. In order to help retrieve our mood, songs play a vital role. However, Hindi songs are the great options to feel better. When it comes to the Hindi songs then since a decade, Bollywood industry has been working tirelessly to produce some heartbreaking songs which can surely make you feel better. The industry, from its inception, has produced a variety of songs, from thrilling to break up; the songs confine the large population all across the world. In this article, I shall present the top collection of Hindi sad song.

Part 1. Top Hindi Sad Songs List

1. Hawayein

When it comes to the sad Hindi songs then this song takes the first position for its incredibly beautiful lyrics and soft melody. The song is from the movie, ‘When Harry Met Sejal’which featured the top actor Shahid Kapoor, due to which the song got the wide popularity across India and the rest of the world.

2. Mere Rashke Qamar

The song was released in 2015 and has reached the height of popularity. The song was beautifully sung by two famous singers of the Bollywood industry, which includes, Arjit Singh as the main vocalist.

3. NazmNazm

The song is from the top and the most famous movie of 2017, Bareilly Ki Barfi, the movie featured the most famous, handsome and dashing, Ranbir Kapoor. The song narrates the beautiful story of a couple. The song was widely listened all across the world. The Hindi movie sad song was the major reason for the popularity of the movie.

4. Safar

Another song from the movie, Jab Harry Met Sejal. The song narrates a sad story of a loving couple. The story was praised and appreciated across the world, the sadness of the story led to the sad songs which immensely contributed to its popularity. The song was sung by the well-known actor and the singer of the Bollywood industry, Shahid Kapoor.

5. PhirBhi Tum koChahunga

The song is from the most popular movie, ‘Half Girlfriend’. The song narrated a sad love story which led to the beautiful song. The name of the song itself reflect that, ‘I shall love you till the end’. The song managed to get over billion views which led to the immense popularity.

6. Thori Der

The song is the second most famous song from the movie, Half Girlfriend. The song can be translated as, ‘Few more seconds’. The song is the top 2017 hit song, the song could be enjoyed during the long drives and could be used as the beautiful source to change your mood. The song managed to get over 10 million views channel.

7. Darasal

The song is from the most romantic movie of 2016, Raabta. The song is widely listened across the world. The Hindi sad song has been traditionally enjoyed by the vast community across the world, especially the sad Hindi song, Darasal has received enormous popularity and recognition within and outside of India.

8. TinkaTinka Dill Mera

The song, ‘TinkaTinka Dill Mera’ is immense sad song from the movie Tubelight. The song featured the king of Bollywood industry, Salman Khan. The song narrates the story of two brothers who were living distant from each others. The song has received international popularity due to the thoughtful and interesting story as well as featuring the king of Bollywood industry.

9. MaanaKe hum YaarNahi

The song is from the movie, Mere PyariBindu, the movie performed well at the box office because of its beautiful sad songs. The long-distance relationship of a loving couple was the central theme of the song and the name of the song itself reflects the sorrow and the sadness of the story. The song beautifully summarized the theme of the movie.

10. Judaai

When it comes to the sad songs then the word, Judaai, is frequently used. The name is translated as the ‘Distance’ which is the central theme of the sad Hindi song. The distance of the loved ones is noticeably mentioned in almost all of the sad Hindi songs. The song Judaai is from the beautiful movie, Badlapur.

11. JeenaMarna

The song is from the thoughtful and beautiful movie Do Lafzon Ki Kahani. The song widely listened in the wedding and similar functions. The song could be beautifully enjoyed during the long drives and is widely listened during the breakups. The song provides the listener with the relaxation and the motivation to carry on with the life.

12. Bawara Man

The song is from the most comedy movie of 2016, Jolly LLB 2. The movie featured Akshay Kumar as the central actor which added more value to the song. The song was sung by Akshay Kumar in the movie when he realized his mistake of ditching a sincere woman. The song beautifully enacted Akhshay Kumar which was shocking for his fans.

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