The name of Gurdas Maan comes in the list of legendary Punjabi singers of all time. He is one of the singers who never go out from the trends no matter what is their age. Gurdas Maan is basically from Pakistan but he spends most of his time in India for singing and living. Basically, most of his songs have a Sufi touch that is loved by millions of fans. Especially, you can listen to his voice in music systems of Indian truck drivers. The folk voice of Gurdas Maan also got recognition in many Bollywood movies. As being a fan, here you will find out top 12 Gurdas Maan songs.

Part 1. Gurdas Maan Punjabi Song – Top 12 List

1. Ki Banu Duniya da

Nobody can forget this iconic song of Gurdas Maan which was firstly broadcasted on DD Jalandhar. It is still available on YouTube to watch in black and white format. A new version of this song was also released under the banner of Coke Studio in 2015. In this soundtrack, Diljit Dosanjh also contributed with his voice.

2. Roti

All songs of Gurdas Maan are very thoughtful and contain hidden meaning that a common man can easily understand. In this song, he is explaining the importance of food in an artistic way. Speed records published it on 1 August 2013. He gave both lyrics and voice to this song under the direction of Manjeet Maan.

3. Dil da mamla

This soundtrack of Gurdas Maan is a massive hit of 1980 which is still popular among the retro Punjabi song lovers. On Doordarshan, this was his first performance and he became famous overnight. You can watch this rare video with the help of Snaptube application on your android device in best possible resolution. After watching his performance in this video, you will accept that he is born star.

4. Raaton ko uth uth kar

Gurdas Maan is a Punjabi singer but he also performed in some Hindi songs too. This is a complete Hindi song released under the production house of Tips music industry. Just like the Punjabi songs, this track was also a huge attention seeker and become hit right after release. Under the music direction of Shyam Surencer, he sang it and also wrote the lyrics.

5. Pind diyan galiyan

To illustrate the memories of childhood in the village, he performed in this song as singer and actor. After listening to this song, you will surely immerse in the feeling of childhood. It was released under the banner of T-series Company in Punjeeri album. This complete album is available to watch in good resolution if you have Snaptube app of Android operating system.

Listen to Gurdas Maan New Song

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6. Bas rehan de

In the list of his iconic sad songs, you may consider this one of the top positions. While listening to it alone, you will realize the deep meaning. It is also a presentation of T-series Music Company. Its resolution is not very clear to watch but you can listen to the complete track in mp3 format with unique feature of Snaptube application.

7. Kee khateya main teri heer ban ke

Whenever you will listen to this song of Gurdas Maan, it will surely give you goosebump. Like most of Gurdas Maan top songs, this was also released under the banner of T-series Music Company. In album Heer, this was the title song and still one of his best sad soundtracks.

8. Ishq di maari

Like most of his songs, you can also feel Sufi touch in this Gurdas Maan hit song. Gurdas Maan illustrated the situation of a girl who is deeply immersed in the love of her lover in it. You will not get its visual format in good quality but the mp3 track still worth listening. For the true fan of Gurdas Maan, it’s audio and video is available to enjoy with the help of Snaptube.

9. Lakh pardesi hoiye

Right now, people of Punjab are spread all over the world and you can easily see them in every county. For those foreigner Punjabi people, this Gurdas Maan Punjabi song conveys a message that never forgets your roots no matter in which country you are living. If you can understand Punjabi language, listen to this song at least at once.

10. Sarbans Daaniyan ve

Under the label of T-series, Gurdas Maan released this song in the praise of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. In a lyrical way, he explained how the tenth sikh guru sacrificed his all family for the protection of sikhsm. This was the iconic song of album nike nike baal created by music director R Guru.

11. Challa

Challa is one of Gurdas Maan old songs and the most recreated songs of Punjabi music industry. Gurdas Maan sang it first of all on a stage show and it became viral all over the world. Under the Jagjit Singh’s music direction, he performed it on BBC network in 1987.

12. Ja chup kar ke tur ja

In the collection of his Sufi songs, this track has a special place. The music and lyrics are completely different as compared to his other songs. While listening deeply to detail, you will understand he added a completely different concept to both audio and video.

updated by Chief Editor on Apr 30, 2020