The singers of Gujrat are even famous in Bollywood, thus this language is also influential outside the province. Here are some famous names who are ruling the Gujarati entertainment industry with their amazing voice: Falguni Pathak, Naresh Kanodia, Devgan Patel and Datta Valwekar. Through Snaptube application, you can listen and watch almost every song of these singers. If you want to explore the list of old and new Gujarati video song on the basis of popularity then this article will surely help you.

Part 1. Watch Gujarati Video Songs Free on Snaptube

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Part 2. Top 10 New Gujarati Video Songs

First of all, check the list of latest Gujarati songs that one can watch right now on their smartphone:

1. Rona Ser Ma

This is among the top songs of current Gujarati albums and trending all over the area. Right now, there are more than 149K people liked this video and the number is increasing. Dhruv Sodagar did all the shooting, direction and editing of this song. Its release date is 16 April 2016 and Seeta Rabari gave here amazing voice as a singer.

2. Char Bangdi Vadi Gadi

Since December 2017, t his soundtrack is very popular among people of Gujrat due to the amazing lyrics and music. Kinjal Dave is the singer and Raju Patel is the director of this whole music album. RDC Gujarati channel is the publisher and currently, it has 208K likes which is really a huge number.

3. Paheli Najarma Gami Gai

Under the publication of Ram Audio, this song was released on 29 August 2017. Radhe Prajapati sang and performed as an artist in the video along with Sweety Parekh. The lyrics of Manu Rabari have made it very popular. As a director, Nihal Darji chooses some good locations to shoot the whole video.

4. Bhaibandi

Mahadev Media is presenting this Gujarati song and it is available on their channel since 12 October 2017. The voice is given by Viren Prajapati with the music of Ranjit Nadia. Watch or listen to it anytime through Snaptube app in your Smartphone.

5. Rajput ni khumari

This song is specially made for Rajput community which is sung by Maheshsinh Solanki. Music is given by Ravi Nagar and Rahul Nadiya on the lyrics of Satish Dalvadi. Currently, this soundtrack has over 6K likes on platform.

6. Aai Jyo

Aai joy is a sound track of latest Gujarati movie Karshandas pay and use. This is a dance track and currently trending among whole Gujrat. Krishandev Yagnik is the director and Nakash Aziz is the singer. On the official channel of this movie, you can watch the song in high definition quality.

7. Hath mein chhe whiskey

Jignesh Kaviraj is the singer of this song which is based on betraying in love and drinking. On Raghav digital channel, you can watch it anytime through Snaptube app. It is also a DJ soundtrack in Gujrat with over 119K likes.

8. Eklo Rabari

Geeta Rabari is a very famous name in the category of regional singers on Gujrat. The song Eklo Rabari is basically made for praising Rabari cast in the province. Manu Rabari and Deepak Purohit are the writers of this song. Dhruv Sodagar shot it in the desert locations of the Gujarat state.

9. Leri Lala

The video as well as audio if this song is specifically made to promote the wealth of Gujrat state. Kinjal Dave includes all famous personalities, locations, and achievements of Gujarati people in this soundtrack. Currently, it has 35K likes under the publication of RDC Gujrat channel.

10. hala mori rama

You cannot exclude this famous song of Gujarat which is gaining popularity all over India due to its music. It is not a new song but still in the top list of soundtracks in Gujarat in all celebrations.  This is a very long song of around 35.15 minutes sung by Arvind Vegda.

Part 3. Top 10 Old Gujarati Old Video Songs

1. Jode rahejo Raaj

This is among the old Gujarati songs which are still popular and many new singers recreate it with new music. Jode rahejo is basically a romantic song of which is the title track of movie released in 1989. Alka Yaginik and Praful Dav are the singers.

2. Ke Odhni Odhu Odhu Ne Udi Jaye

From the movie Meru Malan, this romantic song is sung by Alka Yaginik and Praful Dave. It is a 1985 movie starring the superstar Naresh kanodiya of that time.

3. Madi Hu To Bar Bar Varase Aviyo

Among the traditional songs of old times, you cannot miss this track from movie Patli Parmar (1978). Usha Mangeshkar and Praful Dave are the singers.

4. Dada ho Dhikari

This is a marriage song of Gujarat by the famous singer Asha Bhonsle. It is the title song of movie with same name released on 31 December 1977.

5. He Lili Lembdi Re Lilo Nagarvelni Chod

If you are searching for Gujarati lok geet of old times then this is the best one to listen. On Snaptube application, you can watch it in best possible pixels quality.

6. Maniyaro te, maniyaro te hadu hadu thai re

To watch the old dandiya style in traditional fairs in Gujrat, you need to explore it at once. It is a song of Lakho Phoolani movie which is basically a garba track.

7. Sona Vatakadi Re

This is another garba sound track of old times from Bbhader Tara Vaheta Pani movie. It was a super hit song and become popular during garba celebrations.

8. Mehndi Te Vavi Malve

If you are looking for a black & white era celebration song in Gujarati language then this is the best one to check. It is a part of Mehandi Rang Lagyo movie released in 1960.

9. Eklo Re Jaje Dikra Kano Desh Re Bharathri

For devotional song seekers of old times, this is the perfect song derived from Raja Gopichand movie.

10. Paap Taru Parakash Jadeja

You cannot find this level of amazing voice in all old songs of Gujarati Language. Jasol Torar is the movie and Mangal Gadhavi, Bhavana Ranaa were singers.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022