“Is it possible to download music from any link? Can someone tell me how to download music by its URL?”

If you use an Android device and are looking for a music downloader by link solution, then you have come to the right place. As I stumbled upon these questions, I realized that so many people look for ways to download music by link on their phones. Thankfully, there are some smart and free music download link tools that you can try. Read on and learn how to download music from a link to MP3 in this post.

Snaptube: The Best Music Downloader by Link App for Android

Considered as a must-have app for Android phones, Snaptube will let you download music by URL from any source. The application already supports 100+ entertainment platforms and lets us add any other source of our choice as well. The downloaded music files would be saved on your device storage so that you can play them anytime you want.
snap tube for android

  • Find every song of your choice

On Snaptube, you can find every major platform like Dailymotion, Instagram, etc. from where you can download video and audio files on your device.

  • URL to MP3 download

If you want, you can directly enter the link of the page where the media file is hosted and submit it on Snaptube.

  • Video to MP3 converter

Not just that, you can also load a video on Snaptube and save it as an MP4 file on your device. That is, you can perform an MP4 to MP3 converter and download music by link.

  • Different bit rates and qualities

If you want, you can download music from any link at a preferred bit rate and quality like 128kbps or 320kbps.

  • More features

Snaptube provides a 100% free music download link solution, has an in-built media player, and comes with a dark theme as well.

How to Download Music by URL with Snaptube?

You can take the assistance of Snaptube and download music from a link to MP3 in the following way:

Step 1: Install Snaptube on your phone

If you don’t have the music downloader by link app installed, then head to its website and get its APK. Later, you can grant your browser access to install apps on your phone.

Step 2: Submit the URL on Snaptube

If you wish to download music by URL, then just go to any website of your choice to find your favorite songs. Now, copy its URL from the address bar, go to Snaptube, and submit the link.

Besides that, you can also enter keywords on the Snaptube search option to simply browse the supported platforms.

Step 3: Download music from any link

Once you find the video or audio file, just load it on the Snaptube media player. To save it, you can tap on the download icon and select MP3 as the preferred format to save the media file.

There you go! Now when you know how to use the Snaptube music download by link tool, you can use it whenever you want to do free music download by its link.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022