Bhojpuri language, which is a distinctive Hindi dialect, is one of the common languages spoken in the North Eastern regions of India. It is not an acclaimed music industry in the country, but is certainly known for its entertainment. Bhojpuri songs are actively played all over India during weddings and other occasions. After all, the funky Bhojpuri music is one of a kind. There are many great recent additions to Bhojpuri video song and they are all shaking the dance floor alike. Now let’s count the top 10 recommendations that you must watch.

Part 1. Listen to New Bhojpuri HD Video Song Online on Snaptube

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Part 2. Top 10 Bhojpuri Video Songs 2018

Bhojpuri video songs are not known for their production value. Though, they are loved by their audience for their entertainment factor. Here are the top 10 video Bhojpuri songs that are truly worth watching.

1. Lollypop Lagelu

This is the most hit Bhojpuri video song till date. It is played quite often in clubs, weddings, parties and different gatherings. The funky background music and the flashy video is for absolute entertainment.

2. Ganna Ke Ras

One of the recent additions to Bhojpuri music collection, Ganne ke Ras is a hilarious song. Sung by Sammer Singh, this song is full of fast beats and nonstop dancing. This is a great song to dance on and enjoy along with your friends.

3. Wasar Gail Fati Ho

Dancing never stops when you are listening to Bhojpuri songs and this track is just the same. Sung by Bhuvar Lal, this is a popular Bhojpuri song, suitable for playing on any occasion. Enjoy this Bhojpuri mix right here.

4. Nind Akhiya Se

Full of emotions, the song is one of the most popular Bhojpuri songs of the recent times. Written and sung by Ritesh Pandey, Nind Akhiya Se is a distinctive Bhojpuri song describing the pain of losing the one you love.

5. Kariya Rashgulla

This is one of the latest additions to the Bhojpuri songs. Sung by Khesari Lal Yadav and Ranjitha Sharma, Kariya Rashgulla was written by Azad Singh and Pyare Lal. This is a one hit song from the album Jila Champaran.

6. Pyar Izhar Kari

From the Bhojpuri movie Challenge, Pyar Izhar Kari is an amazing track. It is excellently sung by Khushbu Jain and Pawan Singh, making it one of the top Bhojpuri songs of the year. The lyrics and music are flawlessly blended, making the song a good Bhojpuri number to enjoy.

7. Uda La Dil Ke Tota

This is a hit single from the latest movie Aatankwadi. It is sung by Sarodi Bohra and written by Pyare Lal Yadav. The dance moves in this video song are extremely popular and frequently performed by the audience. Uda La Dil Ke Tota is a great item number to enjoy in parties or any other gathering.

8. Laga Ke Fair Lovely

Sung by the famous Bhojpuri singers Khesari Lal Yadav and Khushbu Jain, Laga Ke Fair Lovely is a hit video song from the famous Bhojpuri movie Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna. The song was very popular during its release and was played pretty often.

9. Hatja Tau

Hatja Tau is another popular Bhojpuri party number. It is beautifully sung by Vikas Kumar and is from the famous album, Naya Lifafa. Without a doubt, this is a signature Bhojpuri song to sing and dance along.

10. Jug Jug Jiyo Tu Lalanwa

From the movie Aulad, this Bhojpuri song was one of the most appreciated songs of its time. It was sung by various artists putting their efforts together and is truly one of the best Bhojpuri tracks to listen.

Part 3. Top 4 Sites for Latest Bhojpuri Video Song

There are a number of websites online from where you can enjoy Bhojpuri video songs. Although all claim the same, here are the top 5 sites that are recommended for watching new Bhojpuri video song.

1. SongDew

SongDew is a great place to watch Bhojpuri video songs. You can find the latest of the Bhojpuri videos on this site and that too completely free. Enjoying Bhojpuri songs has become extremely easy with SongDew.

2. Bhojpurinama

Bhojpurinama would be a one-stop destination for all your Bhojpuri content. It has the latest Bhojpuri movies as well as Bhojpuri songs. Bhojpurinama is one of the best places to stream Bhojpuri video songs without any problems.

3. Vsongs

Finding the latest Bhojpuri songs online is now extremely easy with Vsongs. It has one of the largest Bhojpuri music collections on the Internet. You can find all the popular Bhojpuri video songs here with easy access to other regional content.

4. Tseries

Tseries is one of the biggest music productions in the country and hosts a wide range of Bhojpuri content as well. You can enjoy all the latest Bhojpuri music videos here without any problem. Tseries has certainly made it extremely easy to stream Bhojpuri music online.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 20, 2022