Bhojpuri song is known for spicy mash-up with the regional culture of thAis province. The natives of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar location are spread all over the country so the popularity of songs is also increasing. Currently, a large number of singers are available in entertainment industry illustrating the Bhojpuri culture in a better way. Especially dance tracks of famous singers like Manoj Tiwari, Sharda Sinha and Pawan Kumar are gaining popularity and everybody wants them in their mobile devices. In the below article, you will come to know about some of the top running new Bhojpuri songs in current times.

Part 1. Top Latest Bhojpuri Songs

Bhojpuri culture of singing is a century-old tradition which is evolving along with time and requirement of audiences. Many singers are taking part in singing Bhojpuri songs, thus you can choose from a long list of music tracks. Here is a list that will represent some of the most popular songs of current times with their singer names. Check them out and find out which needs to be on your playlist:

1. Top 5 Bhojpuri DJ Songs

1. Lollypop Lagelu

Not just in the native province, but this DJ song is also gaining popularity among the states whereno Bhojpuri language is spoken. (Singer: Pawan Singh)

2. Luliya ka maange

Luliya ka maange comes in the category DJ songs which are known for hot models and spicy music. (Singer: Pawan Singh)

3. U Bhula Gayi

Due to hard dholaki sound effect, it has become an integral part of every DJ party in local areas. (Singer: Kesari Lal Yadav)

4. Chali samiyana me Aaj goli

This is not a new song but still on the tongue of every Bhojpuri speaking person due to so much popularity. (Singer: Arving Akela)

5. Laga ke fair lovely

Laga ke fair lovely song is a romantic DJ track and is popular among the youth parties of Bhojpuri speaking people. (Singer: Kesari Lal Yadav)

2. Top 5 Bhojpuri Bhakti Songs

1. Lalki chunariya odh k

This devotional song is a tribute to goddess Durga by famous singer Pawan Singh. It is trending in temples since October 2016.

2. Nimiya Ke dar maai

Anjana Singh sang this beautiful song in 2015 with her beautiful voice in a temple representing dancing kids with worshipping in the video.

3. Nazar na lag jai

This is a kesari lal yadav’s presentation in bhakti songs category released in 2015. It is basically a bhajan of Durga Mata which was shot in a temple.

4. Naiher mat jaai Gaura

Pawan Singh presents this bhajan in the name of God Shiva which is a conversation between him and his wife Gauri.

5. Gir Gai fulwa maiya

Under the production house of Tarang Music, Shakshi raj sung this beautiful bhajan.

3. Top 5 Pawan Singh Bhojpuri Songs

1. Gunjela Geet Chhathi Maai ka

Chhath Pooja is one of the most important festivals of Bhojpuri native people that is why latest albums release every year in the praise of Goddess. Pawan Singh sang that song in his familiar traditional voice which is popular among fans.

2. Lollypop Lagelu

This is among the most popular songs of Bhojpuri that gain recognition outside the province. Lollypop lagelu is the primary song in all celebrations including weddings and ceremonies among UP and Bihar state.

3. Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya

Worldwide records Bhojpuri Production Company released this song on 8 May 2016 and millions of people watched it on their screens. To get it on your mobile device, use Snaptube app for both audio and video formats.

4. Ankhiyan Ke Nirkhiya e Kajra

This is a romantic Bhojpuri song by Pawan Singh published in YouTube on July 2017. You will love the background locations of shooting video.

5. Goriya chaal tohari matwali

For romantic Bhojpuri song lovers, this is another beautiful presentation released in January 2016.

4. Top 5 Khesari Lal Yadav Bhojpuri Songs

1. Saj ke Sawar ke

From the voice of Kesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani, this love song is getting popular among the entire province this year. You can easily listen to them in various celebration occasions like marriages and anniversaries.

2. Phooba sookhal ba

This is another recent release of Kesari Lal in Bhojpuri language which is already occupying all the local celebration events. There are lots of fans of this rising singer and you can watch all of his videos directly on YouTube channels with the help of Snaptube. Kajal also accompanied him in presenting this song in a beautiful way.

3. Sarso ke Sagiya

This music track is also trending on the top list of Bhojpuri songs in current times. Sarso ke sagiya song is a presentation of Kesari Lal which is gaining good recognition on YouTube. To experience the Bhojpuri music in your mobile devices, Snaptube application is one of the best methods.

4. Palang kare choy choy

This song is Kesari Lal’s recent presentation of 2017 which is also the title song of his album. Already it has gained 20K plus likes on youtube and running successfully in DJ parties of Bhojpuri native provinces.

5. Sakhi Salai Rinch Se Khole

This is among the hit Bhojpuri songs of this year that you can directly watch through Snaptube app on Smartphone. A YouTube channel is promoting it that you can subscribe to get regular updates of Keari lal.

Part 2. Listen to Bhojpuri Hot Song on Snaptube

For listening your favourite Bhojpuri mp3 song, it is important to have a reliable application. This is the era of Android operating system which supports an amazing app called Snaptube. It integrates various video websites altogether. This app is helpful in exploring Bhojpuri songs in every category whether it is romantic, dance track or devotional. Following are some sites that you can check through this app: YouTube, Instagram, SounCloud, Vimeo, Vine, Filmy Wap, Pagal World etc. Apart from that, a search bar is also available to directly search you song without going through any specific website.
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