Bhojpuri music is known for its raw charm and unique appeal. You might not have seen some latest Bhojpuri movies, but you must have listened to its hit tracks for sure. After all, these tracks are played so much around us. If you are also a fan of Bhojpuri music and would like groove to your favorite tracks, then you are at the right place. We have picked some of the best Bhojpuri DJ song and remixes here that have given a new appeal to these hit tracks.

Part 1. Bhojpuri DJ Remix Song – Top 15 List

From clubs to house parties, you can play these Bhojpuri remix songs on numerous occasions and hit the dance floor in style.

1. Lollypop Lagelu

Lollypop Lagelu is probably one of the most famous Bhojpuri tracks of all time. Performed by Pawan Singh, its remix is almost as loved by its fan as the original track. You can kickstart your party with this remix and be sure to get everyone included.

2. Jaan Lebu Ka Ho

Another Bhojpuri DJ mix song to listen to is “Jaan Lebu Ka Ho”. The song has been recently released and is already topping the local charts. The remix is being loved more than the original in this case.

3. Chadti Javaani Rasgulla

The song might not be appropriate for every occasion, but you can certainly listen to it with your friends. It is a perfect song to have a fun-filled time with your friends as the lyrics will get you hooked for sure.

4. Raat Dia Buta Ke

This is another hit track by Pawan Singh that not many fans are aware of. While the original track was not able to leave a mark, it was given a new life with this amazing Bhojpuri remix.

5. Piyawe Se Pahile

Both romantic and eccentric, Piyawe Se Pahile is another Bhojpuri DJ song that you would love instantly. It was originally sung by Ritesh Pandey and was later mixed by DJ Azam.

6. Palang Kare Choi Choi

You are sure to binge this hit Bhojpuri DJ song. It was released in August 2017 and is still making an appearance on the charts. The lyrics of the song might surprise you at first, but the music will certainly make you hit the dance floor.

7. Saj Ke Sawar Ke

This is one of those pre-party songs that you would love to listen to while getting ready. It is a chart-topping song of 2017, which was originally sung by Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani. It is mostly loved by girls as it depicts the thrill and excitement of getting ready for a party.

8. Laga Ke Fair Lovely

The song became an instant hit when it was released and is still loved by many. Due to the popularity of the song, lots of DJs have dropped their own mix of it. Some of the remix versions of the song are in fact considered better than the original.

9. Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya

The song, Chhalakata Hamro Jawaniya was given a new life by this hit remix by DJ Krishan. The Hard Dholki mix has maintained the original charm of the song while making it more upbeat and fresh. You can play this one during a party or while driving with your friends to have a memorable time.

10. Rojo Suta Tara Leke Bhaujai Ta

Plenty of native speakers love this song due to its carefree and laidback appeal. Though, this remix version by DJ Gopal has made the song more vibrant. This Bhojpuri DJ song has been released a while back and is still being played in the clubs of North India.

11. Hamahu Seyan Bani

Any Bhojpuri music list is incomplete without including this hit track. This Dholki Loop mix of the Bhojpuri track by DJ PK will give you some major party goals. While the music of the song is still the same, the addition of the Dholki loop has certainly made it more appealing.

12. Othlali Se Roti Bor Ke

If you are a fan of Bhojpuri DJ songs, then you should certainly not miss out on this remix of the mega-hit song, Othlali Se Roti Bor Ke. Mixed by DJ Gyanchand, the track should be on the playlist of every party enthusiast.

13. Rate Diya Buta Ke Piya Kya Kya

This Bhojpuri hit DJ song was originally performed by Pawan Singh and became an instant favorite among the Bhojpuri audience. Shortly after the release, DJ Aryan came up with his own mix of this hit track. The Hard Blast remix certainly lived up to its name and became a party anthem of 2017.

14. Samosawa Khiyay Da

This is another great compilation of DJ Gyanchand. While the original song was a little subtle, it was given an upbeat rhythm in this blazing remix.

15. Machis Ke Tiliya Jarake

We were saving the best track for the last. Another Bhojpuri hot DJ song by DJ PK, “Machis Ke Tiliya Jarake” is certainly one of the best songs to dance on or simply listen to when you are in the right mood.

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