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The Bhojpuri language represents many words of Hind so many people can understand the basic wordings. Whether it is about video or audio songs, you will find a spicy mixture of dance tracks in every latest Bhojpuri album. Along with time, the trends are changing and most of the singers of this language prefer to make DJ centered songs. Due to the increasing demand of songs, a large number of albums are releasing every year that includes all themes such as: Romantic, Dance, and Devotional. Now check out the top 10 albums of Bhojpuri tracks in the below article with all details of singers.

Part 1. Top 10 New Bhojpuri Albums

There was a time when only a few singers of Bhojpuri language were available and the number of songs was also limited. But due to the expansion of this culture beyond few states, new singers are also coming in this industry. As a result, now you can see latest albums are releasing every month containing songs full of dance and amusement. If you are looking for some Bhojpuri latest albums then here is a list:

1. U Bhula Gaili

U bhula gaili is a recent hit of Kesari Lal Yadv that is on the tongues of everyone in province of UP and Bihar provinces. Just single track is included in this album which has a total duration of 4 minutes. Under the project of Aadishakti films, this album was published on 12th September 2017. Here is a list of contributors:-

  • Singers:- Kesari Lal Yadav and Priyanka Singh
  • Lyrics:- Pawan Pandey
  • Music:- Shankar Singh

Right after the date of release, it is gaining a huge popularity and has more than 20K likes till now.

bhojpuri album

2. Sasura bada paisa wala

This was a big hit of 201 0 and Manoj Tiwari was the artist who performed as a singer and actor in this album. There are total 11 songs on this album which you can easily explore from Snaptube app:-

  • Hum Haiyan Gaamv ke Chora
  • Dilwa mangele gamcha
  • Ladki hiy haayi boltejawali
  • Tohar bin jee na sakilen
  • Mehari aai rob chalai
  • Chumma na debu je sarkar
  • Jaan se badh ke hum tohra ke
  • Bhola hum se intihaan le lee
  • Chali gaily dumraanv balmuva
  • Sasura bada payisa wala
  • Jabse chadal bayisaakhna

bhojpuri album

3. Devra pe manwa dole

This album is a collaboration of various famous Bhojpuri singers such as:-

  • Khesari Lal Yadav
  • Pawan Kumar
  • Indu Sonali
  • Palak
  • Pamela Jain

It consists of total number of 10 tracks which are as follows:-

  • Udta Frock tohar far far
  • Roopwa salona hai
  • Uthawan ka da
  • Hamara se akhiyan ladai k
  • Balma ji daabi na mor
  • Akhiyan ke kajra ban k
  • Kekar pooja kailu
  • Sadanand rahe ae hi dware
  • Jinigiyan banke bujhaula
  • Bataav Hamar bhauji

4.  Nirahua chalal sasural2

Dinesh Lal Yadav is a well-known name in Bhojpuri entertainment industry. His movie Nirahua chalal sasural 2 is as super hit as the songs. There is a total number of 10 songs in this album which are very popular among the whole area. Note them down if you want to watch them through Snaptube application.

  • Chaddar hili kin a jaan
  • Chala table pe
  • Samaan chunmuniya
  • Maal galatawa karkhane mein
  • Nirahua ke chakkar mein
  • Bil ke piche pad gayil
  • Kauna kasur kaili
  • \naina karata nihora
  • Meri behna re
  • Rua behine ke bhataar

bhojpuri album

5. Patna se Pakistan

This album also belongs to Dinesh Lal Yadav in which he represent a story of India and Pakistan. Like his other albums, this one is also very popular in the areas of Bihar, Chhatisgarh and UP. Here is a list of songs that are available in this album:-

  • Main to superfast rawal pindi mein ho gayi
  • Mai re mai re bathata kamariya
  • Mera rang de basanti chola
  • Ye pyar nahin kailas jawani mein
  • Jawani siti mare
  • Ham haeen piya jee ke patar
  • Dabe pav aiha nazariya
  • Chapa chapa chacha
  • Bam bam bol raha hai kasha
  • Ashiqi ne ashiqi se bandhe aise dhage

bhojpuri album

6. Aatankwadi

Khesari Lal Yadav has released an action movie which consists of a full album. Check out the list that you can listen through Snaptube:-

  • Laiha bangaliya se dawaiya
  • Pani pani kake chode
  • Bullet par baith fan
  • Ae ruby
  • Dada ho dada gada ke rui
  • Pagaha turawata
  • Shim ke tare
  • Uada la dil ke tota
  • Balma Bihar wala

This is another presentation of Khesari Lal Yadav which includes following songs:-

  • A balma Bihar wala
  • Aar paar na paar paar
  • Hmaar nathiya
  • Dar ta ni jani
  • Mann kare silwat
  • Janeu laukta
  • Nas nas mein
  • Nahar nadi chod
  • Suna ae raja ji

bhojpuri album

7. Bhole Shankar

The famous personality of Bhojpuri cinema Manoj Tiwari released this album in 2008 and it is still popular among people. Here are the songs:-

  • Re bauraee chanchal kirniya
  • Dil ke haal btaaye kaise
  • Jai ho chhath maiya
  • Naak ke nathiya
  • Tori marzi
  • Jab jab aave yaad
  • Piya more gaiyle rama
  • Kehu sapne mein

bhojpuri album

8. Dulha Dulhin

For traditional marriage songs of Bhojpuri langusge, nobody is better than Sharda Sinha. Here are the songs of here recent release album:-

  • Ari ori mori sakhiyan
  • Chum chum chumav shiv
  • Dulha ramji lala
  • Janak nagariya k pooch li
  • Jehi din aagaye beti
  • Saasu niharat daamad
  • Seta beti saasur jati key
  • Sita kartin vilaap tah thar
  • Sone ki katori mein haldi

bhojpuri album

9. Mokama 0 KM

Dinesh Lal Yadav is a latest sensation of Bhojpuri cinema whi is releasing amazing albums with collaboration of other singers. Mokama 0 KM includes following songs:-

  • E Sarkar ki galti hai
  • Awara ye fulgena
  • Pichhla janam ke bather
  • Raja jaan mere
  • Satal satal salwar pahir ke
  • Khole di kevadiya bhail

bhojpuri album

Part 2. Where to Find Bhojpuri Album 2017

1. Bhojpuri Planet

new bhojpuri album song

2. Bhojpuri Gana

bhojpuri album gana

3. Bihar Masti

new bhojpuri album

4. Bihar Wap

bhojpuri album song

5. Bhojpuri Raas

bhojpuri album video hd

Part 3. Enjoy Bhojpuri Album HD on Snaptube

bhojpuri album video

While searching on the internet, you cannot find a single portal that can avail all audio and visual songs in the Bhojpuri language. That is why Snaptube application came to existence with soma amazing features such as:

  • Quick access to multiple video and music sites from one single dashboard.
  • Search options with 11 subcategories.
  • One can choose the audio and pixels quality while watching to reduce the buffering issue.
  • Every song is available in both audio as well as a visual format so there is no need to search them on different sites.

Snaptube also supports the latest picture in picture technology of Android.


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