Looking for the best app to download video and audio? Then you have come to the right place. While using any app or browsing the web, you could have stumbled upon a song or video to download. The good thing is that you can save these media files by using a trusted video and audio download app. In this post, I will let you know how to do a free download of video and audio in detail.  

Snaptube – The Best Free Audio and Video Download App

Which app is best for downloading video and audio, if you ask? The answer is undoubtedly Snaptube.

Considered a must-have app for Android users, Snaptube is a go-to solution to download all kinds of media on your phone. You can download online video or audio from multiple streaming sites by pasting the link or searching on the Snaptube app.

best audio and video downloader

Safely download any file 

Snaptube video and audio downloader does not contain any harmful pop-ups or plugins. While the app store of your mobile phone (not Google Play) doesn’t allow most mp3 mp4 download apps, you can find the Snaptube app without any problems. In fact, popular antivirus agencies like CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security have also proven that Snaptube is safe to use.

Besides, Snaptube doesn’t require any signup or registration for downloading videos and music. 

A platform for all music and videos

On the Snaptube Audio/Video Downloader Android app, you can find multiple platforms that the app already supports. Just to name a few: Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo, Soundcloud, etc. If you want, you can add any other platform to its support list.

With Snaptube, millions of free songs and videos are available for download. 

Multiple MP3 and MP4 formats 

The online video and audio downloader app will present different formats and resolutions in which you can save the file, from high-quality 320k MP3 and 1080P HD MP4 to lower-quality options that take up less space.

Flexible download methods

You can download video and audio on the Snaptube app in several ways. The easiest way is to search for keywords. The powerful built-in browser will quickly display the most relevant results. Alternatively, you can download the file by pasting the audio/video URL into Snaptube’s search bar. In addition, the Snaptube app itself has tons of music and videos for you to explore and download.

In a word, using Snaptube, you can do a free download of video and audio without any restrictions. Here is some other basic information.

  • OS support: Both Android and iOS
  • App Size: About 26M
  • Platform support: YT, INS, FB, Vevo, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Twitter, Funnyordie, etc.
  • Language support: dozens of languages such as English, Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.
  • Rating:4.8/5 based on 5263797 reviews.  
  • Snaptube video and audio downloader apk latest version: v6.12

How to do Audio and Video Download on Android

You don’t need to go through any technical hassle to use the Snaptube audio and video download app. Just meet its basic prerequisites and follow these steps to perform video and audio download for free.


Before you start, just go to your phone’s Settings > Security and check the feature to download apps from “Unknown Sources”. In this way, you can download Snaptube from its website and can later disable this feature from your device.

Step 1: Install the Snaptube audio video download app

On the official website of Snaptube. Tap on the Download button to save the APK file of this audio video downloader for Android and install it on your phone.

install the Snaptube app

Step 2: Search for any audio/video to download

Once Snaptube is installed, you can load it, and look for any video or audio of your choice. You can open any supported platform from its home and browse it without leaving Snaptube. Additionally, you can enter keywords in the search bar or even paste a URL to download online videos and audio by links.

search for audio and video to download

Step 3: Download to your phone

After getting the appropriate results, just tap on the thumbnail of the video, and it will be loaded on its media player. You can also see a download icon at the bottom after opening the file. Tap on the download icon to get options for various formats in which you can download the file (like MP4 or MP3). Just select the format and resolution option and wait as it would do the free download of video and audio content on your phone.

download audio and video on your phone

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you can use this video and audio download app as many times as you want and get your favorite media files on your device.

FAQs on Snaptube video and audio downloader

Can I download the video as audio?

OK. After the video is loaded in Snaptube, click the download button, and you can see the download video as music option. Choose the MP3 quality you want to save

Is Snaptube free to download any content? 

Snaptube is a video downloader app for Android devices You don’t have to pay anything to watch and download any audio or video on this platform. 

What is real Snaptube app?

There are many imitators of the Snaptube app out there. Some apps even have the same logo, but they’re not as powerful as Snaptube.
Therefore, in order to guarantee your audio and video downloading experience, please make sure that you are downloading the correct Snaptube app. There are currently several channels to get the official Snaptube apk.
1. Snaptube official website
2. The app store that comes with the phone: Mi Store, Huawei AppGallery, etc. 
3. Some famous APK download sites, currently there are Uptodown, Apkpure and Aptoide. 

Why is Snaptube not on the Play Store?

Because audio video download apps are not allowed by Google. Therefore, the use of these applications should follow the policy and only for personal use.

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