Assam is one of the most beautiful states of India but most of its parts are inaccessible due to the thick forests. This state is rich in culture that is also getting popularity all over the country. The festivals celebration, bamboo dance and rock bands of young generation are really impressive. In North-East region of India, the songs of Assam are popular since a long time. Here is a collection of  Assamese old song that will surely impress you.

Part 1. Top Ten Old Assamese Songs

1. Tomar Marame Mor

This is one of the sweetest presentations of Jayanta Hazarika which was released on 1 December 1972. Currently, Saregama India Ltd. Music Company is releasing this old Assamese old song video worldwide on their channel. Jayanta had a significant role in the music industry of her era. That is why you can see a large number of her songs collections available on different websites.

2. Shile Shile Theka Khale

Shile Shile is among those old Assamese film songs that are still popular among every generation of north-east region. The original track is obtained from Aranya movie which was a super hit. Currently, you can listen to its latest versions by many new singers with fresh music and voice. Aarti Mukherji is the singer of this song and it was released in 1971.

3. Asom Deshor Bagisare

This is another Assamese language song from back and white world when there was not any effective medium of telecasting. Now in this age of internet connectivity, it is getting viral with new versions. Sameli Memsaab is the movie that illustrate real picture of Assam beauty in video. In this song, the singer is explaining the beauty of tea gardens in very impressive way. All native Assamese language speakers must listen to this song at once.

4. O BIdeshi Bandhu

The Sameli Memsaab movie is a national award winning movie of 80s decade which was also the golden period of Assamese cinema. The reason behind its huge success is that it portrays Assamese culture first time in front of world.

5. Ek Dui Tini Chari

In 1984, a movie was released with name Kokadeuta, and its songs become massive hits. There is also an interesting fact attached to this movie. It was about the story of a boy riding elephant. Currently, he is the health minister of Assam Dr Himanta Biswa Sharma. It was like a humming song of the generation of that time and still people remember the lyrics clearly. It has got more than 90k views.

6. Sham Kanu Duraihai Najaba

This song is composed by Bhupen Hazarika and the singer is Usha Mangeshkar. Actually it is a part of Chayanika Chirajugamiya album that includes all famous singers of Assam. It is around 3 minute’s track which is also considered as a significant milestone of modern Assamese music.

7. Kaitiaba Bajarate

It is among the finest songs of Jayanta Hazarika whose voice is still popular among whole north-east region. The song was released on 1 August 1990 featured as all-time hits of Assamese language sound tracks. On some sites, you can also find the lyrics to understand all wordings of song.

8. Aah Aah Olai Aah

If you are a fan of old Assamese singers then the name of Bhupen Hazarika cannot be missed. His Aah Aah Olai Aah song was released on 1 December 1962 and he also did a great job as music director and Lyricist in it. In sum up, one can consider his as an all-rounder artist of later 60s.

9. Ma o Ma

Ma o Ma is one of the best old Assamese movie songs. It’s from Bhaiti movie in Assamese language but is full of its latest versions. The singer Aarti Mukherjee sung it so amazingly that anyone will immerse in her beautiful voice. Keshab Mohanta gave lyrics to this song and Ajit singh was the music director.

10. Manuhe Manuhar

Bhupen Hazarika is an evergreen singer of Assamese language and he will be known to his contribution in this industry for centuries. Like most of his previous sound tracks, he also directed it and gave amazing lyrics. The song was released in 1964 that illustrate true portrait of human’s life struggle.

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