From original songs to covers, 13 Reasons Why certainly has the kind of music that deserves to be included in your playlist. If you have also loved 13 Reasons Why soundtrack, but can’t seem to remember the name of the song that you listened to during a particular scene, then you are at the right place. We have come up with a complete list of all the songs in 13 Reasons Why. For your convenience, we have categorized the 13 Reasons Why audio with respect to their episodes and the time they were played. Let’s get it started!

Episode 1

#1: Game of Survival
This is one of the most popular songs related to 13 Reasons Why. It is sung by Ruelle and appeared during the official trailer of the series.

#2: Love will tear us apart
Sung by Joy Division, this classic appeared when Clay got into Tony’s car. Needless to say, the song is a symbolism to the show’s story.

#3: Mess is Mine
The song was featured when Clay thought he had spotted Hannah in the crowd. It is sung by none other than Vance Joy.

#4: Cool Blue
This is a fun and light-hearted song by The Japanese House. It was featured during a party at Hannah’s house.

#5: Young & Unafraid
This signature song is by The Moth & The Flame. The song appeared when Clay goes back to school just after listening to the first tape.

#6: You, Me, Cellphones
Sung by Husbands, the song appeared only for a few seconds in the background when Hannah and Clay were talking about the party.

#7: More than Gravity
This melancholy tune came while Clay was staring at his locker while listening to Hannah’s voice. It is sung by Colin & Caroline.

#8: Riding
Another powerful track by Eskmo, it was featured when Clay was riding his bike furiously.

Episode 2

#9: Reunion
Reunion by M83 was featured when Hannah, Jessica, and Alex were chilling at a coffee shop.

#10: Run Boy Run
The song appeared at a crucial moment when Clay met Hannah’s mom for the first time.

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Episode 3

#11: Doing it to death
Sung by The Kills, it was featured when Hannah was talking about The Butterfly Effect.

#12: Whatever You Want
This romantic track was played when Clay was talking to Hannah about the stars.

#13: Hey Hey, My My
This signature track by Neil Young was played when Alex got in the pool.

#14: The Only Boy Awake
The track is performed by The Meadows and was played in the background as Clay and Hannah stare at the moon together.

#15: Into the Black
The episode ends with this track as Alex flows into the water.

Episode 4

#16: Fascination Street
This famous song by The Cure was played when Clay sneaks out from this house.

#17: Skeletons
The song was featured during the Halloween celebrations.

Episode 5

#18: The Night We Met
Undoubtedly, one of the best songs of the series, it was played in the background when Clay and Hannah danced together. It is sung by Lord Huron.

#19: Amused
Amused by HUNGER was played when Hannah danced with Courtney.

#20: Thirteen
A snippet of the song was played when Clay was crying alone in the shower.

#21: Cinnamon
The song was featured just before Hannah saved Jessica during the dance.

#22: Hollow Visions
Performed by Eagulls, it is the 13 Reasons Why Soundtrack which was played when Clay and Hannah amuse each other during the dance.

Episode 6

#23: The Great Longing
This Lost Under Heaven song was played in the background during Hannah’s monologue.

#24: In A Black Out
The song was featured during the pre-credit scene.

Episode 7

#25: The Strangers
The song is performed by St. Vincent and was played initially when Clay enters the school.

#26: The Walls Come Down
The Walls Come Down by The Call was played during the opening credits.

Episode 8

#27: Same Dark Places
This JR JR song was played during one of Hannah’s monologues.

Episode 9

#28: Bye Bye Bye
The catchy song by School of Seven Bells was the intro music of the episode.

#29: Under The Spell
The song is performed by Springtime Carnivore and was played during Hannah’s monologue.

#30: My Life is Rewind
This is a powerful song by Eagulls that appeared during the last scene of the episode.

Episode 10

#31: Atmosphere
Atmosphere by Codeine appeared during Hannah’s introductory monologue.

#32: 24
This Sleigh Bells song played in the background as Clay bikes around in the traffic.

#33: Elegy to the Void
This beautiful track by the Beach House was featured when Clay and Alex remember Hannah.

Episode 11

#34: Talking with strangers
Sung by Miya Folick, this is the opening song of the episode.

#35: A 100 times
This heartwarming track was played when Hannah imagines her life with Clay.

Episode 12

#36: The Killing Moon
Performed by Echo & The Bunnymen, it was featured during Hannah’s monologue.

Episode 13

#37: Vienna
Vienna by Ultravox was played when Hannah exits the school, contemplating that suicide is her only option.

#38: See a little light
This Bob Mould 13 Reasons Why soundtrack was featured as Clay, Tony, and the gang drives away in their car.

#39: Windows
Windows by Angel Olsen was appeared when Justin informs Bryce about the tapes.

#40: Only You
Only You is performed by none other than Selena Gomez, who is also the producer of the show. This is a cover song and was featured when Clay talks to Mr. Porter about making things right for people like Hannah.

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