When it comes to the top Hindi movies, then YouTube is the best and foremost popular platform to access to the free and quality movies. The free platform is widely used across the world to access to the variety and the latest movies. Whether it’s Bollywood or Hollywood, the platform is made to assist the users in terms of the best content. In this blog, I shall share top YouTube movies in Hindi which are widely watched across the world. This could be the best pick to kill your time.

Part 1. Watch New Hindi Movie on YouTube with Snaptube

Since the inception, the Hindi movie industry has explicitly produced the best movies of all time. The industry has shown the remarkable improvement in terms of romantic, drama and action movies. Whereby, the major contributor is the YouTube, which made it easy for the users to quickly browse and view the content.
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Part 2. Top 10 YouTube Free Hindi Movies

1. ChaltiKaNaamGadi

The Hindi film on YouTube was late directed by the great director, Satyen Bose. The movie was romantic-comedy which narrates the story of three brothers who keeps trying to avoid women at all cost. The movie was released back in 1958 and is still remembered for its beauty, simplicity and songs.

2. Half Ticket

The movie was perfectly directed in 1962 by the top director of that time, Kalidas. The movie featured Kishore Kumar as the central actor due to which the movie crossed over a billion views on YouTube. The movie was based on the comedy theme which was the reason for its immense popularity.

3. Padosan

This was another movie by legendary actor, Kishore Kumar who explicitly added value to the beauty and the thoughtfulness of the movie. The movie was directed by Jyoti and categorized as the must-watch movie of the century. The name of the movie is translated as Neighbors which is beautifully characterized and turned out as the comedy-romantic film.

4. Bombay To Goa

The movie was released back in 1972 and featured Amitabh Bachan as the central character. The movie was based on the romantic-comedy theme and was the remake of the Tamil movie.  Many of the viewers have commented that they had a great time watching this movie. The movie enacted a journey which started from Bombay and ended at Goa.

5. ChupkeChupke

The movie was perfectly directed and produced by the legendary producers of the Hindi movies, Hrishikesh Mukherjee. The director managed to confine the great actors along with the superb story and beautiful cast. The movie was released in1975 and featured almost all of the top Bollywood actors. The movie is still watched in the memory of the legendary actors who have passed away. The theme of the movie was comedy-romantic drama film.

6. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

When it comes to the best movie, then Sanjay DattMunna Bhai comes to the top of the list. The movie was perfectly directed by RajkumarHirani and featured Sunil Datt and Sanjay Datt. The movie is still watched by the children as it confined the best example of romantic, comedy and drama film. The Bollywood industry is proud to produce such amazing movie from their inception.

7. Golmaal Series

The most comedy film which the industry has ever produced is the Golmaal series. The Golmaal movie gained an exceptional popularity that the directors decided to produce different parts of the movie every year. The series of the Golmaal got wide appreciation and were praised by the fans of the Hindi Movies. The movie is the good watch and highly recommended to the teenagers and family. The movie series is directed by Rohit Shetty who is known as the legendary producer and directors of the top hit movies.

8. LageRahoMunna Bhai

After the immense success of Munna Bhai the directors decided to produce the second part of the movie named as LageRahoMunna Bhai, the movie again featured the same actors and the interesting role of Sanjay Dat added more to the popularity,. The songs were amazing and heartbreaking. People across the world have tremendously praised the cast and directors for there immense hard work.

9. Dhamaal

The movie was released in 2007 and got immense popularity due to the interesting character of Sanjay Datt. The movie featured the top comedy actors of the Bollywood industry. The comedy story along with the perfect direction and production contributed to the popularity of the movie. Dhamaal, the name itself narrates the craziness of the friends who were stuck in the forest. The movie managed to get over 10 billion views on Youtube.

10.  All The Best

The Hindi dubbed YouTube movie was released in 2009 and managed to get the wide international appreciation. The movie featured Sanjay Dat as the central actor of the movie. The interesting story along with the comedy cast added to the appreciation. The movie was directed by the legendary director of the century. Rohit Shetty. The viewers across the world have explicitly praised the directors and producers for their hard work in making the best production of all time.

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