Hindi movies have become extremely popular, not just within the Indian subcontinent, but across the world. The growing popularity of Hindi cinema has seen more movie-watching avenues spring up, most notably, the internet. There are a ton of sites that have come up that enable movie lovers to watch Hindi movies online. Check out our list of 8 of the most popular sites that’ll help you quench your thirst for Hindi movies.

Part 1. Best Place to Watch Online Hindi Movies for Free

If you’re a fan of movie streaming, you’ll definitely love Snaptube. While it isn’t your average movie streaming website, Snaptube is an awesome app that lets you connect to most of your favorite movie streaming sites, watch movies and TV series without switching between apps.
Snaptube gives you access to dozens of media streaming platforms, including SkyMovies, YouTube, Dailymotion, giving you the ability to search and watch high-quality movies and TV series.snap tube for android

Part 2. Top 8 Sites to Watch Online Hindi Movies

1. YouTube

It would be wrong to start any discussion relating to video streaming without mentioning YouTube. YouTube is the biggest platform for video sharing and streaming, allowing everyday users to upload and share videos on its expansive network. And even though the site comes with a boatload of copyright rules and limitations when it comes to sharing full-length movies, there are still a good number of full-length Hindi movies and feature films to be found on the site.

One of the biggest perks of watch online new Hindi movies on YouTube is the quality level and buffering speed. Depending on the original video, users can watch HD movies with minimal buffering.

2. SkyMovies 

SkyMovies is a mobile-optimized site that brings together a seemingly endless collection of movies in different mobile-friendly file formats. Users can download and watch Hindi online movies in one of several mobile formats, including MP4, AVI, and 3GP, all for the amazing price of free.

And it doesn’t stop there. SkyMovies lets you download movies from other areas of the Indian film and music scene, including Bengali, Punjabi, Telugu, and Tamil movie scene. Internationally, you can download Hollywood movies and TV series and other film and music titles from across the world.

3. Fmovies

Fmovies is an online media streaming site that allows viewers to stream the latest movies and TV series from around the world. Like many other free streaming sites, Fmovies has often been taken down amid accusations of illegally hosting movies, even though its operators usually site human rights and freedoms as the basis of their services.

Still, Fmovies rocks one of the most robust collections of movies, including Hindi movies. It’s always a good place to start when looking for the latest cinema releases, even for movies within the Bollywood scene.

For all its perks, however, you will have to contend with annoying pop out ads whenever you select a movie, sometimes twice or thrice while watching the movie.

4. iBollyTV 

iBollyTV is another awesome platform for Hindi movie lovers, providing a rich database of Indian TV shows, movies, and general videos. Unlike many of its competitors within this space, this site’s homepage is neatly organized, with different categorized organized conveniently for the visitor.

In addition to movies, videos, and TV series, iBollyTV also has a large collection of short films, documentaries, stage plays, and even streams radio stations in different languages.

5. FilmLinks4u 

While its name may sound a bit suspicious, FilmLinks4u contains one of the deepest databases of movies on the internet. The site is filled with neatly organized categories of movies that include Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu movie titles and TV series. You also get a rich list of the latest Hollywood movies and TV series and MP3 downloads.

However, like many of the free movie streaming sites here, ads are a regular on this site. Some will pop out when you click anywhere on the screen, even accidentally.

6. Spuul

Spuul is another awesome source for Indian entertainment, with a rich database of neatly-ordered Indian movies for your viewing pleasure. The site comes with the regular collection of movies and films organized according to the usually regional languages, including Tamil, Punjabi, and Hindi.

However, with a Spuul account, you get access to features such as resume playback, the ability to download most movies, and bookmarking videos for future viewing.

7. GoMovies 

Like Fmovies, GoMovies is another media streaming platform that offers one of the largest databases of assorted movie genres, including the best from Bollywood and other genres from the Indian subcontinent. Its domain is always shifting around, so don’t be surprised if you are redirected when visiting the site via an existing domain name.

GoMovies also has one of the fastest buffer rates for any of the free online streaming sites, which means streaming movies and TV series is easy and fun.

8. SeriesOnline

Finally, you have SeriesOnline, which basically operates along the same lines as GoMovies and Fmovies. The good thing about SeriesOnline is that the site has more robust servers, which means less downtime than the other two competitors.

You can also view movies and TV series according to the country of origin, which means all your favorite Hindi titles can be conveniently located under the section dedicated to India.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 18, 2020