The trend of sharing videos comes into existence along with a unique application called Vine. Vines were once considered as 6-second video clipping in which skits or challenges are done to amaze the viewers. However, the actual application is discontinued by its parent company; still many creative minds use alternate platforms to upload vines continuously. Currently, YouTube has become the best place to watch these vines in their official channels. There are some very popular names which are known to everyone. The main benefit of this concept is that one can get famous overnight without spending too much money or marketing skills. All you need is the right talent to become famous everywhere. Here is a list of those vines YouTube channels which are currently leading among the worldwide vines viewing criteria.

Part 1. Top 6 Viners YouTube Channels

1. BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines

Once you start watching the funny vines YouTube videos of this guy, it becomes irresistible to ignore any of them. Actually, this vine channel of YouTube is currently leading in attracting Indian audiences because he has the highest number of 7.6 Million subscribers. This is really a big enough number to gain popularity at a worldwide level. The best thing about his vines is that he is a solo artist who doesn’t require anyone to complete the characters of different people. In first 6 seconds, he will be a student, after that he will become a teacher and third roll can be of father or friend. Most of the vines available here are based on the native culture of India, typical mindset of people and laughter.

2. Ashish Chanchlani Vines

Ashish Chanchlani Vines

If you are a fun loving person and want to the spoofs of latest news in the way of vines then this channel of YouTube is specially meant for you. For every season, this guy presents whole new level of vines. You can see vines of suffer effects, final exams and movies reviews and a huge criterion of people is currently following it. Currently, he had more than 4.7 M subscribers Recently, Ashish took interview of Avenger’s infinity war movie director & actors and posted it on his vine channel. He has got a massive number of 566K likes on it which is really a very huge number.

3. Superwoman


While searching for a female in the category of vine videos ranking, Superwoman comes on the top position. Actually, she posts every kind of girly stuff that both males and females love to watch, her most of the vine videos on YouTube are based on different kinds of people who react on a specific occasion like watching horror movie, cleaning room or dating with a guy. Superwoman has a massive 13 Million subscribers who regularly watch her vines and react on them. In the playlist section, you can see them classified in different categories.

4) Desi Vines

Desi Vines

The channel of desi vines consists of all videos that are related to the society mindset for various ethics and norms. It is not a very old vines channel but still has around 88K subscribers and some interesting videos that you will love to watch. The content available here is full of fun and social messages that you can watch whole day without getting bored.

5. Dumb Genius

Dumb Genius

With more than 2.9 Million active subscribers, this vines channel is growing rapidly because of its content. Almost every video available here is full of fun and you cannot skip any of them without watching completely. Generally, funny compilations of different small clippings are combined in every video perfectly. You can see funny fids, animals, boys and girls doing stupid things. These compilations are further divided into different categories like pet videos, funny failures and to most watched videos etc.

6. Life awesome

Life awesome

This is a vine channel for fun lovers want who worldwide funny content directly on their smartphone that regularly updates. Not just funny humans and animals, but here you will also find some DIY and highly satisfactory videos. The cool and crazy stuff available here will surely motivate you to do something different from rest of the world. It is content rich channel videos are categorized in the sections like pets, children and epic fails etc. Life awesome is also actively present at social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus. One can also place an order for their merchandise t-shirts which are really cool.

Part 2. Powerful Application for Watching YouTube New Vines

If you are feeling bored and wants to pass time with some unique entertainment stuff then switch to the vines channel. Traditional movies and shows cannot provide the level of fun that a smartphone can do. Snaptube is an ultimate of exploring and watching all vine channels instantly with one touch. Even you just need to enter the name of vine provider in search box to avail whole content which is available on various websites. The users of Snaptube can also listen to all videos in Mp3 format at good audio bitrate. While watching it online, you also have option to save any vine video in physical storage so to watch it is offline mode.
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