Sometimes, we want to keep movie collections to watch them later while offline without exhausting mobile data. However, most of the entertainment websites only provide online streaming services. You may find some downloaders but they are too expensive to afford and mostly not available for Android devices. How about getting an app capable of generating downloading link of every video that you watch online? Yes, it is possible if you have Snaptube installed in your Android device? This mobile application has feature create a downloading link for most of the multimedia contents we see on the internet. Now you can perform URL movie download feature in the smartphone without any potential threat of malware or virus. Anyone can utilize this online movie downloader using a URL of a particular multimedia link. For more details, please scroll down to understand the features in detail.

Some Cool Features of URL Movie Downloader Online

  • Snaptube has an inbuilt feature to download any video in multiple resolutions ranging from 144p to 4k. According to the data plan currently active on your phone, choose any resolution and start downloading the movie. However, it is necessary that the video was uploaded in the highest possible resolutions that you are looking for.
  • Not just videos but you can also utilize this online movie URL downloader for downloading audio files. It has an inbuilt converter that transforms any video file into MP3 or m4a according to your preference. The maximum bitrate you can expect from snaptube while conversion is is 160 kbps.
  • You can switch between day and night mode in order to watch videos more comfortably.
  • Get all the latest personalized video contents of YouTube direct on the homepage of the Snaptube app after signing up with your Google account.
  • This app is also capable of handling your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All videos that you watched on social media platforms all downloadable with snaptube.

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Steps to Download Movies Using URL

With Snaptube, it is very convenient to download any video content using its URL. The movie downloader online using URL has a search bar on its home screen where you can enter the URL or keywords of a particular video. Here is a complete process to help you in downloading.

Step 1. Searching and Installing the App

Download and install Snaptube from any third party or its official site. If asked, allowed the permission of installing third-party apps in your Android device. It is a small movie URL downloader online app compatible with all Android devices.

Step 2. Exploring the Content

Open your browser and explore the website where video content is available. You can search for websites providing an online streaming facility for movies. These streaming links can be downloadable if you play with Snaptube. Copy the URL of the video that is playing on a particular website.

Step 3. URL Full Movie Download Process

Open the Snaptube app and paste the URL in its search bar. When the video starts playing, a download button will appear right below the screen. Users can execute multiple URLs for movie download at a time. Snaptube provides a fast downloading feature even when multiple videos are being downloaded in a row. Tap on this download button, select the resolution from available options, and press download again. This is a short process to download movies from any URL with the help of the URL movie downloader online free app.

If you are not able to find the particular URL of a video, enter its keywords in the same search bar of this online movie downloader using URL. If it is available on YouTube, all relevant results will appear in the list. Also, you will have options to explore movie URLs from the bookmarks already added on the home screen. All premium features available in Snaptube are free of cost. Get ad-free experience while watching any movie online and wale 4K resolution downloading feature also for free of cost. In other competitive apps, you have to pay for this feature.

updated by Chief Editor on 4月 27, 2020