Turkish movies are known for their heart-touching romantic stories rather than science fiction and action. Most Turkish movie fans prefer them only because of the romantic sensual stories and their beautiful cinematics. If you are also a fan of Turkish romantic movies, we have good news. Everyone wants to keep a collection of their favorite movies to watch in some special moments and to do that, you need a tool to download all streamable videos available online. Keep scrolling, and I will show you the best full movie download app and the 10 most impressive Turkish romantic movies.

Part 1. How to Watch and Download Turkish Movies

Part 2. Top 10 List of Romantic Turkish Movies

Part 1. How to Watch and Download Turkish Movies

Snaptube is a movie download app that can help in this concern by providing absolutely free services. This is an all-in-one entertainment platform that allows you to download the latest Turkish movies in the highest possible resolutions like Ultra HD, 2K, and 4K. With this app, all Turkish love movies that you watch on similar platforms are easy to save in your phone memory for watching later offline. That’s because Snaptube provides multiple platforms and when you search for a movie, there will be many available results. What’s more, it is 100% safe to download and easy to use. To download Turkish movies for free, simply follow these steps:

Best App to Watch and Download Turkish Movies


Easy steps you can follow:

  • Download and install the Snaptube app on your phone.
  • Searching Turkish romantic movies by entering its keyword or the movie URL. 
  • Tap on the download button and you will be directed to a screen where all resolutions will be available to choose from. Select your preferred resolution and it will automatically start downloading. 

Part 2. Top 10 List of Romantic Turkish Movies

1. Doom of Love(Askin Kiyameti)

The 2022 film is clearly made for a Turkish audience, with themes, characters, and settings familiar to most Turks. But the film’s exploration of the concept of romantic love in the vulgarity and superficiality of the modern world makes him very special to watch. When a businessman who is accustomed to luxury goods meets a female singer, what kind of spark did they create?

Turkish romantic movie Doom of Love(Askin Kiyameti)

2.  Senden Daha Güzel

The new rom-com, which is also new for 2022, started off with a high score of 7.6 on IMDB. I’m sure the next episode of it will also make you happy to watch it. What will happen later in the story? Really can’t wait to see sweet love.

Turkish romantic movie Senden Daha Güzel

3. Hope Island (Umut Adası)

The story of Hope Island, in which they set out to make a new life in England, changes the Hope Island, is the illegal journey of hope. Although many of these young people have begun this journey, each with different goals and aspirations, they all have one goal: new and more prosperous.

Turkish romantic movie Hope Island (Umut Adası)

4. In Good Hands (Sen Yasamaya Bak)

The film is directed by Ketche and written by Hakan Bonomo. It tells the story of Melissa, a single mother raising her son Jen on her own. Being ill has changed her life completely. With so little left in her life, will Melissa have a love affair in the last days of her life and find someone to trust?

Turkish romantic movie In Good Hands (Sen Yasamaya Bak)

5. Issız Adam

The film follows the lives of two people who live in Istanbul who happen to meet each other in a second-hand book shop. Alper is from Tarsus. He and Ada live different lives; Alper is a free-spirited man in his thirties who is the owner and the cook of a popular restaurant whereas Ada is a humble girl in her late twenties who designs child costumes for a living.

Turkish romantic movie Issız Adam

6. Bir Nefes Yeter

The handsome young man Yaman is an unhappy and lost man. But in one day everything changes. He meets optimistic, beautiful-looking Nefes.

Turkish romantic movie Bir Nefes Yeter

7.  Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim

Barış, the auto mechanic living in Istanbul, and Zeynep, the wedding organizer, have nothing in common. They don’t even know each other. However, both of them win the Antalya raffle from the radio lottery and go on holiday with their friends.

Turkish romantic movie Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim

8. Water and Fire

Yağmur, who went to London for language training and then settled there, met Kemal on the plane. Rain falls in love with Kemal, whom he believes has a mysterious side. There are really secrets that Kemal kept from Yağmur. Kemal, whose real name is Haşmet, is in a tribal reckoning and blood feud.

Turkish romantic movie Water and Fire

9. Love tactics (Ask Taktikleri)

This is one of the latest Turkish romantic movies which was released on February 11, 2022, and directed by Emre Kabakuşak. The protagonist of the story, an advertising executive and a fashion designer and blogger lady, meet, and while they don’t believe in love, they make a bet to make the other fall head over heels – with unusual tactics.

Turkish romantic movie Love tactics (Ask Taktikleri)

10. Let Me Go (Bana Git De)

The story of a man looking for himself, and a woman who runs away. Tayanç Ayaydın plays a guitarist who wants to travel from Istanbul to the East to overcome his problems, while Atiye plays a singer who aims to escape from the East and come to Istanbul to become famous.

Turkish romantic movie Let Me Go (Bana Git De)

Part 3. FAQS

Where can I download Turkish movies and series?

You can use the Snaptube movie downloader. This app is safe and free and supports multiple platforms and many download formats, whether it is 480p or full HD, it can meet your requirements.

How can I download Turkish movies with English subtitles?

There are many Turkish movies that are dubbed in English and Snaptube is the best downloader. What you need to do is just add the related keyword when searching for the Turkish movie with English subtitles.

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