The fanbase of Turkish movies is increasing day by day because of the improvement in its cinematics. However, there is only a limited number of people who understand their native Turkic language. If you are living outside Turkey but love to watch their movies and web series, it is advisable to find a source of Turkish movies with English subtitles or dubbing. Many websites are currently providing the online streaming service for watching Turkish videos but you cannot download them. For instance, YouTube is full of countless videos from Turkish origin with English subtitles but we have to stay always online to enjoy them. A typical movie can easily consume 2 hours which may be difficult to spare in our busy life routine. Therefore, it would be great if we manage to find a source to download YouTube Turkish movies in English subtitles.

Here comes the role of our revolutionary app called Snaptube. With the help of this Android application, we can download any video available on YouTube and many other online streaming websites. For Turkish movie lovers, we have a list of some trending movies that you can download with Snaptube application.

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Top 10 list of Turkish movies you can download

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Life (Hayattan Korkma)

In the movie, three close friends are designed to save money. Rıfkı, a baker, Talat, a cheese producer, and Bedrettin, a chicken producer, are three close friends living in the same town. One night, they realize that one of the eyes of Talat, Murat, did not see one eye.

2. Cute Dangerous

Zarok kidnapped a girl in the cradle many years ago in Edirne, causing a family to experience great pain. Many years pass and Zarok seeks an opportunity. To ease her remorse, this time, she will kidnap the girl she previously missed and take her back to her real family!

3. Heavenly (Cennet)

Can is a special situation child. At the age of 7, after his great trauma with the death of his mother, his intelligence is now behind compared to his peers. He broke all communication with his environment. Despite his low intelligence, he has an incredible imagination.

4. The Hidden Face

A successful man leads a happy life with his new girlfriend Ace. One day, however, Sarah, an ambitious former lover, reunites with her job offer, which she cannot refuse. The man who took his beloved Ace with him changed his city to a new job and was soon destroyed by the disappearance of Ace.

5. Kill Me Now (Öldür Beni)

Ozan and Atilla village are two friends who travel around the village and make a TV program by pulling the village life and local recipes every year. One day they come to a mysterious village of Dikili. There, the life of Ozan, who drinks from the mysterious sherbet of Aunt Emine, changes.

6. Children Escrow You

Çağan Irmak is the director of the film, which explains the purification process of interior designer Kerem with a healer woman and peasants, trying to survive the trauma of a traffic accident.

7. Bu Iste Bir Yalnizlik Var

Mehmet (Engin Altan Düzyatan), who played in a rock band a few years ago, is a lonely man who divorced his wife and left music. The only thing that connects her to life is her daughter Ezgi, whom she can see once a week.

8. Second Chance

The paths of two lonely people intersect opposite each other. Yasemin is a very beautiful woman, one of whom is a mathematics teacher, and the other is the charismatic gourmet, Cemal Et, who owns the restaurant.

9. Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim

Barış, the auto mechanic living in Istanbul, and Zeynep, the wedding organizer, have nothing in common. They don’t even know each other. However, both of them win the Antalya raffle from the radio lottery and go on holiday with their friends.

10. I Love You, Man

Once a famous music producer, Berk Ataman (Barış Kılıç) lost everything in life – including his job and his love. He abandoned Istanbul and began a quiet life in Cyprus where he did not have anything but the sea and sun. During 13 years, he finds peace with his boat and his loneliness. After the crisis he faced in 2001, his life will change now with a new crisis.

How to download Turkish full movies with English subtitles

Step 1. Finding and installation of the app

Snaptube is is an Android platform application that you need to download in .apk file format only. For downloading Turkish comedy movies with English subtitles, you need an Android smartphone. Apart from Google Play Store, you can find it on any third-party Android market for the official site of Snaptube. Some companies like MI and Huawei are also providing this app in their app stores. Download the file and install it by allowing the third-party apps installation permission.

Step 2. Exploring the best Turkish movies with English subtitles

After installing, copy any link from the above movies list in the search bar. If your favorite movie is not available in the list, find it in the same search bar by entering the keywords of a Turkish movie in English subtitles. Also, if the movie is not available on YouTube, enter the URL of the relevant websites in the same search bar.

Step 3. Downloading the videos

When the video starts playing, Snaptube will automatically generate a downloading link. Tap on the download button, select your desired resolution and wait to complete the saving process.

With these three simple steps, any user can download Turkish movies with English titles from YouTube and other entertainment websites.

updated by Chief Editor on 6月 03, 2020