thai movieThe Thai cinema is often considered as old as the beginning of filmmaking itself. Although Thai movie experienced a setback since the rise of Hollywood, it quickly picked up its pace with plenty of amazing films releasing worldwide. Needless to say, Thai films are a great source of entertainment. Here is our list of the 10 must-see movies.

Part 1. Watch Latest Thai Movies on Snaptube

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Part 2. Top 10 Thailand Movies to Watch

There are thousands of Thailand films to choose from – though, action Thai movies being the most popular of the lot. However, good movies are not limited to action only. There are plenty of remarkable movies to watch in comedy, horror, romantic and mystery genre too. Below are the top 10 movies of all time.

1. The Protector

The Protector is the most popular action Thai movie in the world. The journey of a young man, played by Tony Jaa, who travels to Australia to retrieve their stolen elephant was a concept deeply loved by everyone who saw the movie.

2. Chocolate

For those who enjoy good blood rushing action scenes, Chocolate is the movie for them. The story is based on a young autistic girl who has powerful martial arts skills trying to settle the debts of her ill mother by seeking a gang who owe them money.

3. Ong Bak

Another world hit from Thai Cinema, Ong Bak is a story about a young man traveling to a big city to retrieve the head of a sacred statue of the village from the hands of the underworld.

4. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

Uncle Boonmee is one of the classic hits from Thai cinema. When the Uncle Boonmee, in the movie discovers that he is about to die of a kidney failure, he spends the rest of his last days with the ghost of his wife and a spirit from the forest who used to be his son.

5. Last Life in the Universe

This modern-day tale is a twisted story of two youngsters who are met by destiny. In this movie, watch a suicidal, obsessively compulsive Japanese librarian who gets stuck with a pot-smoking woman going through the recent loss of her sister.

6. The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies is based on the true story of the 1996 National Thailand Champion, Volleyball Team. Watch this amazing movie, depicting their journey from having no dream to becoming a team of Volleyball champions.

7. Bangkok Traffic Story

Bangkok Traffic Story is a movie of classic romance. The theme of the movie is based on a woman, named Mei Li, who is in her thirties and struggling to find her true love. But it will not be easy to get the guy she wants.

8. Invisible Waves

Falling under the crime and mystery genre, Invisible Waves is not a movie for the weak hearted. When Asano fleas to Macau after killing his girlfriend inadvertently, he finds himself in a place where his new friends can become enemies.

9. First Love

This is a crazy romantic comedy and also a 2011 Asian Sleeper hit film. The movie is based on the modern-day romance combined with an extremely funny script. First Love is a major Thai cinema blockbuster and a must-watch movie.

10. Pee Mak

One of the latest additions to the Thai movies, Pee Mak is a unique story of a man who returns from war with his four comrades. When he invites his friends to introduce them to his wife and infant son, his friends realize that the girl and the son are already dead.

Part 3. Top 5 Sites to Watch Thai Online Movies

Thai movies have gained a lot of popularity since the internet has come to power. There is a huge number of sites online where you can easily watch Thai movies. We have mentioned the top 5 sites for watching Thai movies online.

1. Drama3S

Drama3S is the first site that pops up whenever we think of watching Thai movies or drama. They have one of the largest and the latest collections of Thai cinema in HD quality.

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2. ViewAsian

ViewAsian is the easiest way to stream movies from Thailand. They have a huge collection available with English subtitles and HD quality. Apart from Thai movies, you can also find Korean and Chinese entertainment here.

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3. Filmdoo

Filmdoo is a professionally designed website and one of the best sources of Thai entertainment. It is so easy to browse the list of movies or search the movie you are looking for here. Filmdoo, without a doubt, is a great website to watch Thai entertainment.

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4. RakutenViki

When it comes to watching Thai movies, Viki is the most popular website on the internet. With more than millions of users, this website has one of the largest Thai movie collections to offer. The huge library of Thai entertainment will surely keep you entertained for a long time.

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5. Mthai

Mthai has not only been a great source of Thai movies online, but also Thai drama, cartoons and much more. Mthai will change the way you experience Thai entertainment.

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