Telugu cinema industry has a century of history laying its foundation. There are countless movies already produced and many still under production. Tollywood is known to have the most number of movies in the entire country, even more than the number of movies in Bollywood. For an industry to have such a rich history, there are obviously many great Telugu movies that give it strength. Hence, we are counting today the top 5 places where you can watch Telugu videos.

Part 1. Top 5 Funny Telugu Cinema Videos

You can’t really say no to a funny movie and Telugu cinema has given us many tremendously funny movies to laugh our hearts out. Therefore, we are counting our top 5 picks for the funniest Telugu movies of all time.

1. Pilla Zamindar

Pilla Zamindar is a hilarious Telugu movie. The movie is completely filled with funny dialogues and events that will keep your stomach rolling for a long time. The story is about a youngster who has to go to a remote village and live like a common man in order to finally inherit his grandfather’s wealthy fortune.

2. Shankar Dada M.B.B.S

Shankar Dada M.B.B.S is a hilarious story of a local gangster who lies to his parents about his profession being Doctorate. However, when later his parents find out the truth, he attends a real medical college to gain back their trust. It is here that Shankar Dada meets his life partner and arch enemy. The movie is known as a classical hit in the comedic genre.

3. Kick

Ravi Teja’s Kick is one of the funniest Telugu movies ever produced. The film revolves around a man who searches for a thrill in his life and ultimately goes on a crime path. Irrespective of the twisted plot, the movie is absolutely hilarious and filled with scenes that will make you roll on the floor laughing. Kick is an extremely funny movie and it is pure entertainment to watch it.

4. Jalsa

When counting our funniest Telugu movies, it is impossible to miss the Pawan Kalyan’s movie Jalsa. The extremely funny script and plot twist makes the story completely unique. The story revolves around a young man whose entire family is passed away and without anywhere to go he joins the group of Naxalites in order to survive. Later on because of his quick wits, he gets out and becomes a martial arts teacher and also finds a pretty date.

5. Blade Babji

Starring one of the funniest actors of Tollywood, Allari Naresh – Blade Babji is a fully comedic movie from start to end. There is not a single scene where you can’t laugh. In the movie, Blade Babji is a quick-witted thief, who after robbing a bank hides the money in an under-construction building. Due to some circumstances, they cannot retrieve the money and the building is constructed. Unfortunately, the building turns out to be a police headquarters and now Babji has to infiltrate the police to retrieve the money.

Part 3. Watch Telugu New Videos on Snaptube

Watching the funniest Telugu movies is now easier than ever. Bringing all the content from different online sites, Snaptube is a one-stop movie destination. Users will have to no more search for a single movie on different sites. All they have to do is download the app to enjoy the latest and funniest Telugu movies free of cost.
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The picture in picture mode makes it possible for users to stream videos and music while browsing and searching for other videos simultaneously. Download the app on your Android device to enjoy all the latest Telugu films and other regional entertainment.

Part 3. Top 5 Sites for Telugu Movie Videos

There are a huge number of websites from where you can watch and download Telugu movies. However, only a handful of them are genuine enough to provide a good quality display. The following are the top 5 places from where you can stream your favorite Telugu film videos.

1. Telugu Movies

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Telugu Movies website brings together all the Telugu content uploaded on YouTube. You can browse from hundreds of options and stream your favorites on the go. The homepage is filled with recent uploads and latest movies available making it extremely easy to choose from the trending Telugu movies. Telugu Movies is one of the best sites to experience top-notch Telugu entertainment and that too in very good quality.


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Gofims4u is one of the few genuine sites from where you can stream Telugu movies without much disturbance. Every movie has a bio to give brief information about the movies. It has a huge collection to choose from and also includes dubbed Hollywood movies. Without a doubt, Gofilms4u is a great site to enjoy Telugu movies.

3. Hotstar

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Launched a few years back, Hotstar has one of the biggest collections of Telugu movies. Users can very easily search, browse and download their favorite movies with just a few taps on its app. Thanks to the Hotstar app – it is now possible to stream movies anywhere on any device without any problems. Stream all the latest Telugu movies online in complete HD only on Hotstar.

4. Amazon Prime

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Watching movies has never been this easy! With Amazon Prime in hand, streaming the latest movies anytime is not a problem at all. You can use the Amazon Prime app to stream your favorite movies on any device. Moreover, you can pause and resume the movie anytime you wish, add your favorite movies to the wish list and even save them offline. Amazon Prime is the new hub for watching all your favorite Telugu movies.

5. BoxTV

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BoxTV is a widely used website from where you can browse through the huge collection of Telugu movies. The website not only has the latest Telugu movies, but also other regional and Hindi movies as well. Users can easily search their favorite movies thanks to various categories and search options available on the site. There are hardly any ads to disturb and the video quality is also very good. Without a doubt, BoxTV is one of the major websites online to stream Telugu and other regional movies.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 18, 2020