From Baahubali to Pokiri, Telugu movies have an appeal of their own. Many Indian people love watching Telugu films. However, often, they don’t get an option for downloading these films. They have to either search on the internet for hours, settle for a low quality version, or wait for the movie to broadcast on the television. Inconvenient, right? Looking at the difficulty faced by people who want to watch Telugu films, we have prepared a list of Telugu movies download sites. Using these websites and applications, you can download Telugu films in minutes. The hassle of searching and poor quality films will reduce.

Part 1. A Stepwise Guide to Use Telugu New Movies Download Sites

From our Telugu movie sites list for download, Indianmoviepro is the most useful, lightweight, and hassle-free option. This is why we have explained the working of this site in detail.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Device

While users always have an option to visit the website directly and then download Telugu movies, another easy way is through Snaptube. It is an Android application that allows access to unlimited entertainment for free.
Go to the official website of Snaptube from your Android device and download the APK file. It will take only a few minutes. Once you have downloaded the application, launch it from the notification bar of your phone.
snap tube for android

If you are unable to download Snaptube on your mobile device, then you may have disabled third-party app download. Usually, most of the times you will get an option to enable this at the time of download only. If you don’t, visit the Settings of your phone. Now, go to Security & Privacy and find Install unknown apps. Enable this option and download Snaptube without issues.

Step 2. Find a Telugu Movie

Open your Snaptube application, and on the homepage only, you will find the Bollywood platform. If you can’t find Bollywood platform, just click on More, and add it to your list.
From here, you can search for Telugu movies and download it on your phone with ease. The process is similar to Indianmoviepro, as Bollywood platform is the app version of the website.
Telugu movies free download site

Step 3. Downloading Telugu Movies on Your Phone

Users can also search movies directly on Snaptube application, but that would return too many links. Hence, if you are especially looking for Telugu movies, then why waste time? Simply open Bollywood platform, type in the movie name, and scroll down to find the Download tab. You will get an option to download the movie in music or video format. Choose according to your preference and download the movie.
Telugu Movies Downloading Websites List
Although you can always buy an ad-free version, Snaptube doesn’t have any charges for using the full features. Further, there is no limit for daily download. Hence, you can download as many Telugu films as you like.
So, what are you waiting for?

Part 2. Telugu Movies Downloading Websites List


Indianmoviepro is one of the most feasible Telugu movies free download site.
To download Telugu from Indianmoviepro, you only have to visit the website, type in the name of the movie, and watch/download it. This website has negligible ads, which increase user experience, as you won’t end up clicking unnecessary links. This quality of the movies is great and you won’t have to pay for these services.
The major reason we like this Telugu new movies download website so much is that you can download films on your phone as well. You only have to install the Snaptube app on your android device for this. (We will discuss the working of Snaptube later in this article.)
Telugu movies download free site latest


yifytelugutorrents is another great Telugu movies download free site latest. You can visit the website and search for Telugu movies. However, two things that may concern users are that it is a torrent site, which can input a virus in your PC or laptop. Secondly, the site has too many ads, which again brings forth the concern of malware attack. So, we recommend using this site only if you have a strong antivirus on your computer.


The process of downloading Telugu movies from this website is also similar to the previous one. But, the website has lesser ads and offers direct downloads. It is easy to use and you won’t find yourself clicking random links and placing your computer’s data at risk.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 17, 2020