Tamil cinema industry, or otherwise known as the Kollywood, is one of the major film-producing industries in India. The Tamil Cinema has now grown to global standards and is now entertaining people all around the world. One of the major reasons for the success of Tamil cinema Industry has to be their actors and actresses who have performed marvelously to give life to Tamil cinema. In this post, we have brought together a list of 5 sites for you to enjoy Tamil video.

Part 1. Top 5 Funny Tamil New Videos

There are countless movies produced in the Kollywood industry since its inception. Every movie produced is great in its own way. However, comedy films in Kollywood have gained quite a name for themselves. To help you get to the watching part, here are 5 best funny Tamil movie videos that you can enjoy streaming.

1. Michael Madana Kama Rajan

This humorously directed movie casting Kamal Hasan, Khushboo and Urvashi is a must-watch Tamil classic. The story revolves around identical quadruplets who were unfortunately separated at birth, but reunite in their adult age. Watch the full video to find out the series of fun events that take place during the coming together of these four identical quadruplets.

2. Goa

This is a story of three young men from a conservative village. It stars Jai as Vinayagam, Premgi as Saamikannu and Vaibhav as Ramarajan. The story is about the journey of these characters to escape their strict parents and travel to the internationally reputed tourist destination – Goa. The movie has countless funny moments and will keep on a constant roll. Watch the full movie and see what happens when these three explore Goa in their own way.

3. Panchathantiram

Ram is a Canada based pilot and also a playboy. After an unfortunate airplane hijacking, Ram meets Mythili with whom he saves the day. Later, Ram falls in love with Mythili and gets married to her after which Ram quits his playboy attitude and remains loyal to his wife. However, due to some misunderstandings, Mythili thinks that Ram is a cheat and now Ram has to prove his innocence to his wife in this humor-filled picture.

4. Boss Engira Baskaran

In this twisted love story of a college dropout and a young professor, there are so many moments when you can’t help to laugh out loud. The college dropout in the story along with his friend named Nallathambi starts a coaching center in order to win the heart of a young professor named Chandrika.

5. Thillu Mullu

In this epic movie, Rajnikanth takes on the role of Chandran who acts as a simple young man to score a job in a reputed company. When later Chandran’s boss finds him with his friends, he lies to him about having a twin brother who is a good-for-nothing character. Catch this epic movie with numerous funny moments and prepare your belly for lots of laughter.

Part 2. Top 5 Sites for Tamil HD Video

Tamil Cinema Industry (or Kollywood) is considered as the second-largest film industry in the country after Bollywood. There are many sites online from where one can easily watch Tamil videos, movies, and much more. Here are our 5 best website picks to stream Tamil entertainment online.

1. TamilGun

TamilGun is probably the best site you can find to watch Tamil videos and movies online. The site has a user-friendly layout and it is extremely easy to search and browse your favorite shows. The latest videos are regularly added and most of the videos are in HD quality. Moreover, there are not many ads to disturb you, letting you can enjoy your favorite videos without any distractions.

2. Tamil Twist

Tamil Twist is a great source for watching daily Tamil TV shows, movies, and videos. Everything on the site is laid out in categories making it very simple for the users to find what they are looking for. The website is updated with new videos and movies regularly. The videos are fast loading and in good quality. Moreover, you can rate and review the videos after watching helping the users after.

3.  YouTube

YouTube is the largest video streaming service in the world and hence, also a great place to search, browse and watch your favorite Tamil videos and movies online. You can find a large collection of Tamil movies both in regional language and dubbed language in the best quality possible. Navigating YouTube is extremely easy and fun. Without a doubt, YouTube is one of the best places to stream Tamil videos.

4. Tamil Rasigan

Find and stream the latest Tamil movies and videos in the best quality at Tamil Rasigan. The website homepage is a well display of the latest movies available on the distributed servers. The streaming is fast and users can experience high-quality Tamil entertainment without much interruption from the ads. Users can choose between watching movies, TV shows, and Live TV. Experience the first-class Tamil video streaming services at Tamil Rasigan.

5. Cute Tamil

The website is a total package of all the Tamil videos and movies you can find. It offers not only Tamil entertainment, but also other mainstream regional videos such and movies in Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Cute Tamil is a very popular website now and it has been living up to its standards quite well. It has an extensive collection of almost all the latest Kollywood flicks.

Part 3. Watch Your Favorite Tamil Videos 2017 on Snaptube

It is always a long hunt when it comes to watching your favorite regional videos, movies and songs. Halt your quest at Snaptube! Download the app now and enjoy unlimited video streaming absolutely free. Users can easily search, browse and watch their favorite Tamil new HD videos here and that too in the best quality available.
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The application connects various video streaming websites in a single place, which practically means that you no longer have to stumble from one site to another looking for the videos you wish to watch. Simply get the best video streaming experience on Snaptube.

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