“How can I download Snaptube movies?”
These are some of the many queries that we get these days from users the world over about the Snaptube movies downloader app. Well, if you have ever used Snaptube, then you might already know how it can be used to download videos of all kinds. But some people don’t know that Snaptube can also be used to download full movies. So in this article, we will introduce Snaptube in detail for the purpose to watch and download HD movies. 

Snaptube for Movies: What Can it Do?

Using the free Snaptube movies app, you can save as many movies as you want without paying anything. There are multiple video sharing and social platforms you can access in the app, making sure you will find all kinds of movies to download on Snaptube.
snap tube for android

Key features of Snaptube movie downloader app

  • Snaptube is a 100% freely available app to watch and download movies and does not need to sign up for an account.
  • You can find movies in different languages and from all kinds of genres on Snaptube that you can explore for free, which includes but is not limited to Marathi movies, Bollywood movies, Gujarati moviesKorean movies, and more.
  • The app will list different options for the video format or resolution in which you can download your movies.
  • The Snaptube app is legal and safe, which has been verified by Macfee, Kaspersky, CM Security and other antivirus athorities. 
  • In addition to Snaptube’s 50+ video-sharing platforms bookmarked on the homepage, you can add any other movie site of your choice.
  • Apart from that, you can also use the Snaptube movies app to download MP3 from a video, manage playlists, activate the picture-in-picture mode, and do so much more.

How to Download Full Movies with Snaptube?

Using the Snaptube movie downloader app is extremely simple and does not need any technical background. Here are some easy steps that you can follow to install and use the Snaptube app on your Android phone.

Kindly note that Snaptube isn’t available on Google Play. 

Step 1: Download the Snaptube movies app

To begin with, you need to get the Snaptube app on your Android device. For that, just visit the official website of Snaptube and download its APK. Afterward, you can tap on the APK to launch its installer, and give your browser permission to install the app.

In case you have disabled the third-party app installation option, then go to your phone’s security settings first and enable app installation from unknown sources.

Step 2: Search for movies to download on Snaptube

Afterward, you can just launch the Snaptube free movies app and look for any video to download. You can look for any video by entering relevant keywords in the search bar or just copy-paste a URL as well.

snaptube used as movie app
There are different platforms listed on the homepage of Snaptube that you can also switch between. For instance, you can look for movies on Dailymotion, etc. or add any other platform of your choice.

Step 3: Download movies with Snaptube

After finding the appropriate results for the movies of your choice, just tap on its thumbnail, and it will play on Snaptube’s media player. To download movies, you can tap on the download icon from the bottom of the screen.
download movies with snaptube
This will list different video formats and resolution options for the movie that you can select. You can choose 1080p/720p HD for the best quality. Make sure that you maintain a stable internet connection as the Snaptube movies would be downloaded on your device.

FAQs about the Snaptube Movie Downloader App

Below are some of the questions we’ve collected from loyal users. If you have a similar question, maybe you can find some answers here.

Is there a Snaptube movie downloader for PC?

Snaptube is only available for Android phones. Note that any websites/companies that claim Snaptubefor PC is fake and we are not responsible for the use of such services.

Why Snaptube app is not in Google Play?

Simply because Google doesn’t allow video download apps in the store. But you can rest assured that Snaptube will not harm your device.

Where can I get the latest Snaptube movie downloader apk?

You can update Snaptube to the latest version in the app. Or if you haven’t used it yet, visit its official website to download the latest Snaptube apk.

Can I download a movie with a link using Snaptube?

Yes, simply paste the movie link into Snaptube’s search box and let it load the file. After that, you can watch and download the movie as you want.

Which sites are supported by Snaptube movie downloader?

Snaptube supports most commonly used video sites like YT, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Funny or Die, LiveLeak, TV Series, TikTok, Facebook and more. It also allows you to add new websites yourself.

Where are the downloaded movie files?

After you have successfully downloaded a movie with Snaptube, you can find it either from the Gally app or in Snaptube’s download library. Tap on the notification after the download is complete, or go to My files in the app to see the movie you have downloaded.

There you go! After reading this guide, you would be able to use the free download Snaptube movies app like a pro. The videos you have downloaded from the Snaptube free movies app will be saved on your device and you can also find them in Snaptube’s Library. Since there are no restrictions or limitations, you can download multiple movies with Snaptube without any hassle for free.

updated by Chief Editor on Aug 25, 2022