Bollywood industry grew due to the immense support of the contributors, especially the hardworking actors which are being featured in the top movies. Whereby, in the list of top Bollywood actors, Salman Khan managed to come to the first position alike, Shahrukh Khan. Salman Khan movies are widely appreciated and it manages to break all the box office records. The past 10 years, the industry got immense benefit by featuring the king, Sultan Salman Khan is the movies. Now let us see some of the best and the top Salman Khan hit movies that are ever produced by the Bollywood industry.

Part 1. Top Salman Khan hit movies

1. Tubelight

The movie, ‘Tubelight’ is the top comedy-drama hit of 2017 and it has been widely documented that Salman Khan has extremely worked hard on this movie. The movie narrated the story of two loving brothers which were living away and thus they were living in miserable conditions. The movie gained enormous popularity and was the top hit of 2017.

2. Sultan

When it comes to the top hit of Salman Khan then Sultan is the best movie which is ever produced by the Bollywood industry. The movie was based on the traditional fights which are commonly known as ‘Dangal’. The fight and the love story together was the beautiful combination of the love and hate relationship.

3. Kick

After the two years of gap, the king of the Bollywood industry amazed the world with the top hit of 2014, Kick. The movie mainly featured Salman Khan who was a detective and a nice soul. The movie was mainly based on the idea of how an individual can contribute positively to the society. The thoughtful theme of the movie and the featuring of Salman Khan was the major reason for its popularity.

4. BajrangiBhaijan

When it comes to the best family movie then this movie comes to the first of its kind where Salman Khan with a little 4 years old girl beautifully presented the idea of how the religions are truly there to support people and help them in the need. The beautiful theme along with the thrilling songs was the reason for the movie to break all box office records.

5. EkTha Tiger

As the name reflects, the movie was primarily based on the bravery of the Salman Khan and how he confines his power to save the lives. The stunts and the brave actions in the movie had completely amazed his fans. The movie managed to get over 10 billion views and managed to do a good business.

6. Body Guard

The movie was set to be the top hit of 2011. The interesting story of a bodyguard who fell in love with his owner and then finally got married. The romantic and interesting theme of the movie made it more popular and was widely appreciated across the world.

7. PremRatanDhanPayo

The movie was released in 2015 but couldn’t manage to get the similar popularity. The theme and the acting were interesting as the movie showcased the double role of the actor. Although the songs widely listened to the world.

8. Maine PyarKiya

If to talk about the old Salman Khan movies then the movie was released in 1987. The movie was the top hit of the century. The movie was the romantic drama film and was immensely beautifully acted.

9. Hum Apke Hain Kaun

The movie was released in 1994 and is it recalled with the good memories. At the time of release, the movie got wide popularity and the songs are still played in wedding ceremonies and similar functions. The movie was the result of the tremendous hard work of the actor.

10. Dabangg 2

When it comes to the Salman Khan movies then we cannot miss Dabangg and Dabangg 2. After the movie, Salman Khan was known as the Dabangg Khan which awarded him with the wide appreciation and popularity.

After the top Salman Khan films, let us now see some of the top Salman Khan songs which are widely listened and praised across the world.

Part 2. Watch Salman Khan New Movie on Snaptube

The movies and songs which has featured Salman Khan gain wide popularity and recognition. The role of King Khan in the movies and song added more value as the actor has a wide following on the national and international levels.
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Part 3. Salman Khan New Song – 5 Picks

1. Baby-Ko Bass Pasand Hai

When it comes to the top songs of Salman Khan then this item song is the top hit of 2017. The song featured the best acting of Salman Khan and the other actors.

2. Main Hoon Hero Tera

The song is from the top hit movie, Hero. The song is beautifully sung and the thoughtful lyrics of the song added to the popularity.

3. Jumme Ki Raat

The song is the top item song, the thrilling song is used for the drives and wedding functions.

4. Jag Ghumeya

The song is from the top movie Sultan in 2016. The song got the immense popularity on the national and international forums. The soft melody and lyrics added to the beauty of the song.

5. Selfie Le Le Re

The song is from the movie BajrangiBhaijan and is one of the thrilling songs. The song is an item song which gained wide popularity. The featuring of Salman Khan added more credibility to the movie as well as to the song.

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