Since the 2000s the Odia language has gain wide popularity with respect to their songs and videos. The specific theme, songs, and script of the movies along with the beautiful compositions add to the popularity of the Odia movies outside of India. However, there are different websites where the users can access the latest Odia video free. Below mentioned are the top websites you can have a try.

Part 1. Trending Oriya HD Video – Top 10 List

1. Balunga Toka

No doubt, the movie is Odia’s all-time favorite. The movie has managed to break all box office records based on its beautiful script and thrilling songs. The movie managed to get to the first rank in the Odia trending videos. A huge amount of people across the world have praised it for its fascinating theme and superb direction.

2. Bhukha

If you are ever alone or not in a good mood to talk to anyone then this video could possibly turn you on. The movie entails the best direction along with the item songs. The narration of the movie is also widely appreciated and due to which the movie managed to cross all box office records. The movie resonates with the Tamil movie but featuring some popular actors in the song fueled up to the wide recognition.

3. Suna Panjuri

The movie narrated a thoughtful theme that has deliberately impressed the viewers. The perfect direction along with the beautiful script was the major reason for the high benchmark. As the name reflects that the movie narrated a romantic story of a couple. The item song in the movie was the reason for the high standards.

4. Gapa Helebi Sata

The movie set quite high standards for the whole Odia movie industry. The movie cast a few top actors which contributed to the overall popularity of the movie. The narration of the movie was exceptionally praised by the viewers across the world. The viewers said, ‘The Odia movie industry has now begun to produce some really good movies”. Their views reflect that the industry has shown tremendous growth.

5. Sesha Srabana

Although ‘Sesha Srabana’ managed to the cast the best actors under the supervision of best directors of the Odia movie industry. Unfortunately, the movie couldn’t perform well at the box office and some viewers shared that they found the movie bit painful. Moreover, the overall movie was well casted and narrated. The film achieved great success in terms.

6. Rabba Rabba

This Odia song managed to get above 4 million views on YouTube. The major reason for the popularity was featuring the top famous personalities.

7. Nagin Nagin

As the name reflects the romantic-comedy theme, therefore, it gained wide popularity across the region. The song was widely listened to by millions of people.

8. Niswasa To Bina

The song has been beautifully composed and sung by the group of enthusiastic individuals who turned the song into an amazing foot-tapping tune.

9. Dheere

The Odia song, Dheere Dheere is known for its soft melody and beautiful lyrics. The song is composed using few classical instruments which added more classical touch.

10. Jhiata Bigidi

The song comes to the 10th rank in the trending videos due to its immensely beautiful lyrics and direction. The song was released in 2016 and till now they have gained wide popularity within India.

Part 2. Watch Trending Odia HD Video on Snaptube

The most trending Odia new video can be easily accessed using a popular Android app, Snaptube. The application is widely used due to its tremendous features. It enables the user to quickly search and play the songs on the website. The application also enables the user to save their favorite websites which could be latterly accessed. So why not you enjoy watching the top Oriya video hassle free?
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Part 3. Where to Watch Odia New HD Video


The website comprises of the top and the foremost collection of the Odia videos. The website claims to provide the access to the high-quality Odia videos and the videos could be played without any hassle.


The website is recently built to bridge the gap between the Odia video industry and the people across the world. The website enables the easy access to the variety of Odia videos with the quick download options.


The website comprises of the wide collection of old and latest Odia videos which are widely recognized and praised by the Odia community all around the world. The website showcases a beautiful interface with easy to use case.


As the name reflects that the website is built for the sole purpose of assisting the viewers in terms of fast and quick access to the latest Odia videos. Many viewers have witnessed the website to be the best and free platform for the people to access Odia videos.


The website has the wide range of Odia videos, the website is distinct from the other websites as it enables the users to search and play the videos on the website. However, the website also enables the option to provide the suggestions and feedbacks which are essentially embedded to facilitate the user in terms of reliable and quick search.

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