Odia cinema, which is casually known as Ollywood, is a renowned Indian cinema industry, originated when the first film Sita Bibaha was made in 1936. The industry has a rich culture of blockbuster movies and is now an eternal part of Indian cinema. Odia movie is filled with drama, passion, action and of course, a heartfelt plot.

With only four movies produced after 15 years of the first Oriya film, the start of the Odia cinema was not a very striking one. However, in the last few years, plenty of Odia movies were released that you might have missed. So, we bring you the list of the top 10 Oriya movies that you probably missed, but should definitely see.

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Part 2. Pick the Best Odia Film – Top 10 List

1. Akhire Akhire

This action and drama Oriya movie is an amazing flick to enjoy with your family and friends. The plot of the movie is based on a young mischievous man whose sister abandons him. Later, he realizes all the mistakes he has done in his life and tries to make peace with his sister by reuniting her with his family.

2. Balunga Toka

When critics think of an underrated Oriya movie, Balunga Toka is probably the first guess they make. The story follows a young man’s adventures. The character has a mischievous strike, but is extremely kind and helpful to his fellow villagers. The movie includes a total of songs and great action scenes as well. Balunga Toka is an amazing movie to watch while hanging out with your friends.

3. Agastya

Agastya is just the movie you need to watch to pump up some blood. This thriller and drama movie has everything that the audience loves these days. This is the story of Agastya, who starts working for a drug lord after his father dies and due to his nature of being cool and calm in every situation, he is entrusted with all the important assignments in the job. What leads is a coming of age and action-packed journey.

4. Baby

This movie is a great reminder of the bond that is shared between a father and a daughter. In the movie, Raj is a multimillionaire and a loving father, who takes it upon himself to protect his little daughter from any problem that comes in her way. This is a complete family entertainer and the best one in its category. It has a total of 9 songs and doesn’t lack entertainment in any manner.

5. Puja Pain Phula Tie

Oriya movies sometimes can be extremely heart-touching, and one such movie is Puja Pain Phula Tie. This drama is based on two girls, one working under a brickyard owner and the other one is the daughter of the brickyard owner. However, due to circumstances, they are separated and later united. This is one of those movies that you would love watching with your siblings.

6. Love Station

When counting the best romantic Oriya movies, Love Station has to be on the list. In the movie, Rudra Prasad Satapathy is a retired headmaster living with his family abided by discipline and rules. According to his rules, whoever in the family makes 100 mistakes is to be banished. When Sanju, who already has 99 mistakes to his name, misses his train along with Rani – they absolutely have to catch it.

7. Romeo Juliet

The new Odia Romeo Juliet is obviously romantic, but quite funny as well. Released recently, it is a compelling movie with a unique story. For all those who want to laugh their hearts out, Romeo Juliet is an ideal suggestion. The cast is amazing, the music is compelling, and the dialogues are on par. This is just a perfect movie for youngsters of the present generation.

8. Lekhu Lekhu Lekhi Deli

Lekhu Lekhu Lekhi Deli is a story about a young woman named Amrita, who falls in love with Ajay while texting. This is the story of two almost strangers as they both fell in love without ever meeting each other. Things take an unexpected turn when Amrita’s father decides to get her married. What leads ahead is an emotional and romantic journey between the leads. Enjoy this romantic flick with a healthy tub of popcorn.

9. Golapi Golapi

Filled with drama and romance, Golapi Golapi is a perfect chick flick. In the movie, Prem is a love guru, helping anyone who is looking to solve their romantic matters. But what will Prem do, as he found himself falling in love with a beautiful girl, who perfect for him in every way. You are bound to get romantic chills while watching this fantastic movie.

10. Mu Eka Tumara

With a great story, Mu Eka Tumara has touched many hearts shortly after its release. The story follows a girl named Chitra, who falls in love with Raju, a speech-impaired man working in her house. However, she later discovers a secret about Raju that changes everything. With 6 songs and amazing performances by the actors, this movie is just the best of its kind.

Though Oriya film is not considered mainstream because of its limited Diaspora, it gave us many entertaining movies that moved our hearts, made us laugh, and featured great action. You can watch any one of the movies mentioned in the list above to become a fan of Odia movies.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 17, 2020