The Odia film industry, referred to as Ollywood, is on the rise in terms of popularity. If you want to watch something different from the usual masala movies, Odia movies should be on your watchlist. 

The Odia film industry is known for delivering superhit movies consistently. They have different genres of movies to satisfy audiences with different tastes and traits. You can download Odia movies from online video streaming and social media platforms. However, in order to proceed, you will need a free video downloader app, and we recommend Snaptube app where you can search and download any kind of HD movies.

Part 1: How To Download Odia Movies with Snaptube?

When you are planning to watch Odia movies on your phone, it is better to download and watch them offline. There will be no streaming and buffering issues, and there will not be any waste of mobile data. For Odia film download free, you will need a video downloader app, and we highly recommend Snaptube app for downloading them.

1.1 What is Snaptube app?

Snaptube app is a 100% free video downloading app. You can download any Odia movie from popular video streaming and social media platforms. The app does not restrict any feature as it does not offer any premium plans or in-app purchases. You can download Odia film video in any available resolution up to 4K resolution. 

download Odia Movies with Snaptube

1.2 What are the Features of Snaptube?

Snaptube is a feature-rich app and all the useful features make Snaptube stand out among all video downloader apps. Here are all the key features of Snaptube.

  • Get Odia movie download link from 100+ online platforms starting from video streaming to social media platforms. 
  • Download new Odia film in any available resolution, starting from 144p to 4K resolution, different file formats are available as well.
  • If there are multiple movies to download, you can go for the batch downloading option for simultaneous downloading and save time.
  • Built-in player supported, so that you can play the downloaded video instantly on the app itself.
  • It is a completely safe app to use and download movies, as the app is trusted by renowned security agencies as is free of malware. 

1.3 How to download Odia movies using Snaptube

Here are the steps to download Odia new movie for free using Snaptube app.

Step 1: Download Snaptube app

You need to download Snaptube app from the official website of Snaptube. Download the APK file of Snaptube app through your web browser app. But first, go to Settings> Safety & Privacy> toggle on Install Apps from Unknown Sources option. Thereafter, tap on the APK file to complete installing Snaptube app.

download snaptube app

Step 2: Search for New Odia Film

After installing the app, launch Snaptube app. Search for Odia film in the search box by typing its name. If the movie is available online, you will see its thumbnail on the search result. You can download the movie and watch it instantly.

search for lilm on snaptube

Alternatively, you can search for the Odia film on any online platforms. Once you come across it, copy the URL of the movie and paste it on Snaptube and download the movie on your phone instantly.

Step 3: Download The Odia Movie

Once you have searched the movie on Snaptube, tap on the Download icon to save the movie on your phone. Select the resolution as per availability and preference. The higher the resolution, the higher will be the size of the movie file. You can also select from the multiple file format as per your requirements. 

download odia movies

Once you have downloaded the movie, you can watch the movie offline on your phone any time you want. Also, Snaptube comes with a built-in player where you can watch the movie instantly on the go. 

Part 2: Odia movie download website list

Apart from Snaptube, here is the list of legit websites from where you can watch and download Odia movies. 


But these domains can be blocked at any time, so we prefer to use Snaptube to watch Odia movies.

Part 3: Latest Odia Movies You Must Watch Once 

Here is the list of the best Odia movies in recent years, along with their download links that you should definitely download and watch in your leisure time. You can paste the URL into Snaptube’s search box. 

1. Bidhyaran(2022)

Bidhyaran is one of the blockbuster new Odia movies released this year. It belongs to the action and romance category, and out of the box, the movie focuses on the relationship of brother and sister. The movie stars Mihir Das, Abhishek Giri, and Bobby Mishra.

Link –

2. Gupchup (2022)

This is no doubt that the romance and comedy of Odia movies are extremely popular. The movie was released this year, and it has been received well at the box office. This movie is directed by Prithviraj Patnaik while it stars Bunty Anugulia, Amalan Das and Mihir Das. The chemistry between the actors and the comic timing has been perfect, and you will have a great time watching the movie.

Link –

3. Kabula Barabula (2017)

Kabula Barabula is a classic Odia movie that is directed by Ramesh Rout. The popular pair of Anubhav Mohanty and Elina Samantray did the magic in the movie. It is a remake of a Punjabi movie, and it revolves around the story of a father searching for a daughter. It was a superhit movie at the box office with over 2 crores of gross collection.

Link –

4. Super Michhua (2015)

Super Michhua is one of the best Odia movies that is directed by Ashok Pati. The movie features Babushan and Jhilik Bhattacharjee in the lead roles. Even though it was a remake of Tamil movie Priyasakhi, the movie outdid Priyasakhi. In fact, the movie made 6 times the total budget and it belongs to the romance category. 

Link -

5. FEAR OF THE YEAR (2014)

We have already stated that Odia movies offer different categories of movies and FEAR OF THE YEAR belongs to the horror category. The movie has a gripping storyline and there are many jump-scares. It stars Sambit, Rakesh, Dushmanta, Elli, Dipika, and Mausumi in the main roles.

Link –

Part 3: FAQs

How can I download new Odia movies?

You can search for new Odia movies on any online platform and copy the URL to download on Snaptube. Or, you can search on Snaptube, and if the movie is available on online platforms, you can download it instantly.

Do I have to register before using any features on Snaptube?

Snaptube is 100% free and you don’t have to register any email or phone number in order to use it. 


If you are a true movie lover, you should definitely watch out the popular Odia movie. Also, if you want to catch up with these popular movies, you should have a movie downloader app. We highly recommend Snaptube where you can download Odia HD movies and watch the movies offline anytime you want.

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