Nollywood is referred to the Nigerian film industry. It is widely recognized for its pop and classical songs which sometimes also reflect the Nigerian culture. Since its origin, the industry has produced some incredible movies with thoughtful, romantic and devotional theme, due to which Nollywood videos are widely appreciated within and outside of Nigeria. However, in order to watch top Nollywood trending videos here are the few websites which assists the viewers in terms of best quality videos.

1. Nigeria Movie Network

A wide range of people regularly visits Nigeria Movie Network to access the latest and famous Nollywood videos. The website enables the user to online access the songs and movies of Nollywood and can be easily accessed on smartphones and tablets.

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2. iBaka Tv

It is the world’s largest portal for the Nollywood industry. The website features over 15,000 hours of incredible tv. The website is the biggest partner of Youtube which enables the user to directly listen to the latest songs and movies of Nollywood. The website is currently contributing to the Nollywood industry.

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3. The Video Moja

The Video Moja is the largest service provider of the Nollywood. It is a famous online streaming service that connects to the Nollywood which helps the user to quickly search and play the latest Nollywood movies and songs.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week the website showcases the best hits of Nollywood songs. The user-friendly websites enable the viewers to easily access the top hit Nollywood songs with the best video quality.

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The website comes with the beautiful interface along with the quick search options. The website has the wide collection of Nollywood videos and easy downloading options. The website is known as the excellent resource for promoting the Nollywood music and movie industry.

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The Nollywood industry is quite influential for the people within and outside of Nigeria. The top videos of Nollywood industry have managed to gain wide popularity and recognition across the world. The videos are popular based on their beautiful lyrics. Some of the most influential actors have also fueled up the popularity and recognition of the videos.
The above-stated movies are proved to be the top trending movies in the Nollywood industry. The movies could be easily enjoyed and accessed by using the Snaptube application. The app enables the user to quickly search for the top Nigeria movies. The app also enables the users to save their favorite websites which they could access later.
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However, it is difficult to mention top trending Nollywood videos but I shall try to mention top 10 trending videos.

1. Falling

Falling is known as 2015, Nigerian romantic drama film which was beautifully written by Uduak and directed by Niyi. The video narrates the incredible story of a young couple, where the one has to live with the sorrow and effect of an accident incurred.

2. Fifty

The movie captures the beautiful days of four women at the pinnacle of their career. The movie proved to be quite influential. The suspense story of the movie was enlightened by the astonishing acting and has proven to be the best videos of Nigeria.

3. Entreat

Entreat is amongst the top popular movies of Nollywood. The movie narrates the struggles and problems which an individual has to face in a modern society as ours. The relating factor of the movie contributed to the feminism in the Nigeria.

4. Fine Girl

The beautifully directed movie was produced by Ikechukwu Onyeka and written by Rita. The movie was based on the story of a young girl who is struggling with the critical family problems. The movie was partially based on the sacrifices in order to salvage the situation.

5. Wives On Strike

The movie managed to gain wide popularity in the international media and managed to get maximum viewers soon after the release. The fascinating story along with the comedy touch was widely appreciated by the viewers across the world.

6. Dry

Dry is the Nigerian drama film directed by Linus. The movie proved to be quite influential and its attracting theme of a young girl who was forced to get married at the young age due to which she had to survive through a number of problems. The suspense and the sorrow in the movie fueled up to gain the appreciation.

7. Beyond Blood

The beyond Blood is a must watch the movie directed by the famous and the foremost person of Nollywood, Greg. The movie was based on a capitaviting story where women finally decided to ran away from her fears and bad conditions. This made her more strength.

8. A road to Yesterday

Road to Yesterday is a 2015 Nigerian romantic movie. The movie was beautifully directed by Ishaya Bako. The movie narrates the story of an estranged married couple who went on an exciting road trip to a relative’s funeral.

9. Stalker

The movie was well directed and produced. The movie narrates the story of troubled women and obsessed man. The movie also features the cameo appearance which proved to be the biggest shock for his fans and gained wide popularity on the international level. The movie was the biggest contribution to the Nigerian Feminist society.

10. Fusion

Fusion is the romantic comedy Nigerian drama film. The movie was widely viewed on youtube and managed to gain wide appreciation across Nigeria. The movie featured top Nigeria actors including AY and Doyle. Moreover, the viewers also mentioned that the movie was well written and produced.

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