Nollywood movies have been and continue to be one of the most popular film industries in the world that has attracted an overwhelming number of viewers from all works of life across the globe. If you have wandered looking for the best movies then this is the place to be. In this article, you shall be given an elaborate guide on the top latest Nollywood movies to watch.

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Part 2. Top 10 Nollywood Films in 2017

1. Slow Country

Slow Country movie is set on the story of a homeless teenage mother who indulges in prostitution and drug trafficking for a period of seven years to purposely earn her son a better life.

2. Roti

This movie highlights the pain and grief of parents losing a long-awaited child. It goes on to depict their recovery journey as they tackle mental instability.

3. Isoken

Isoken is set on the story of both men and women facing overwhelming pressure to get married. It explores among many issues as friendship, love, societal pressure, courage, and self-confidence among others.

4. Ojukokoro

This movie is a comedy/crime story. A petrol station manager tries to rob his employers but finds out that he is not the only person with the same ambition.

5. Through Her Eyes

This movie is based on the rise of child terrorists. A young girl, Azeeza is abducted by a group of terrorists and is compelled to see and perform things that ruin her life forever.

6. Hell or High Water

This movie depicts a story of a young married pastor who finds himself between a rock and a hard place in his sexual life. This comes after being loved and adored by his church members.

7. Bariga Sugar

This is a story whose setting is in a ghetto brothel in Lagos. It is an emotional story that awakens the spirit of humanity. Talks about Ese and Jamil who starts an unexpected friendship in socially awkward circumstance.

8. Omugwo

This is a comedy movie that talks about couples, a young civil engineer and an Online Radio Personality who have a newly born child. Their mothers-in-law forcefully perform the Omugwo- the igbo child care rite. Instead, the rivalry between the two mothers makes the life of the couple difficult.

9. King Invincible

This movie tells of a handsome warlord who transitions into a wolf following the curse of the dogs placed on him.

10.Mr and Mrs 2

This movie highlights the reality of the struggles a couple, Sharon and Kobi are facing as they try to save their marriage.

Part 3. Top 10 Old Nollywood Nigerian Movies

1. Most Wanted

This movie is based on a story of unemployed ladies who team up to form a robbery gang and disguise themselves as men. The police have had a rough time as they look for male robbers instead. However, the secrets spill when one of the gang members falls in love with a policeman who realized that his lover was indeed a member of the gang.

2. Living in Bondage

This is one of the oldest and most popular movies that talks about a man who sacrifices his wife for rituals to obtain wealth. However, the aftermath saw the man getting mad.

3. Scores to Settle

Scores to Settle highlights the story of Sade, who upon the death of her husband abandons her in-laws and hits the streets together with her two sons. The journey is characterized by poverty, death, and insecurity.

4. Bloody Money

This is a 1977 Nigerian movie that tells of a man who lost his job as a banker. His new life draws him to rituals in which the only way for survival is to take someone’s life.

5. Domitilla

This is a 1996 Nollywood movie that depicts the young girls’ survival path greatly influenced by greed, peer pressure as well as needs. At the end, these girls suffer a morally derailed life.

6. Oleku

This 1997 Nollywood movie talks about a university finalist who finds himself in a difficult love situation following the pressure from his mother. It was released by Mainframe Film and Television Production.

7. Sango

The movie tells of the life and reign of Sango-a legendary 15th-century African king who became a crucial deity of the Yoruba people.

8. Aki na Ukwa

This is a 2003 Nollywood film directed by Amayo Uzo Phillips and stared Osita Iheme, Chinedu Ikedieze, Oby Kechere, and Amaechi Muonagor.

9. Igodo

Igodo is an old Nollywood movie directed by Andy Amenechi and depicts a hero who dies as he saves the land.

10. Glamour Girls

This is a 1994 Nigerian movie that was directed by Kenneth Nnebue and featured Liz Benson, Eucharia Anunobi and Dolly Unachukwu.

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