Nepali movie industry produced some exceptional comedy films which gained wide popularity across the world. Since past ten years, the industry has shown tremendous growth in terms of best comedy movies, which are praised all across the world. Although it is difficult task to mention top Nepali comedy movies but I shall to present some of the foremost comedy movies.

New Nepali Comedy – Top 10 List

1. Pashupati Parsad

The movie was well directed by Dipendra Khanal in 2016. Itnarrates the struggle of a man who is willing to fulfill the desires of his father. Where he meets several other characters, some of them loved him and some began to hate. The movie was widely appreciated by the audience.

2. Chhakka Panja

The movie was well directed by Deepa in the mid of 2016. The movie was comedy as well and informative. The movie features the top rated comedians from the Nepalian comedy industry which added more value to its wide recognition and popularity within the Nepal.

3. Loot

The movie is said to be comedy-drama film. The movie was beautifully directed by Nischal. The movie narrated an ordinary person who desires to be rich in a lesser time. Moreover the movie managed to list in the highest gross collected movies. The beautiful theme and enactment was the major reason for its popularity. Viewers across the world have reviewed the movie as the movie as the best production of 2016.

4. Load shedding

As the name reflects that the movie is primarily based on an household story where they didn’t have the electricity which created few misunderstandings and lead to the constant war. The comedy story of the movie is widely appreciated by the audience. Moreover, the movie was said to be the top hit of 2015 and set a high benchmark for the upcoming Nepali comedian movies.

5. Hari Lanthu

Hari Lanthu was the animated Nepali comedian movie which was first of its kind of a interesting and comedy movie. The movie gained wide popularity within and outside of Nepal. The movie narrated a group of friends who were constantly search for the new ventures. There approaches were quite funny and made the audience laugh out loud. Moreover, the movie performed well at the box office.

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6. Kabaddi Kabaddi

The movie was directed and produced by Ram Babu during 2015. The movie narrates a traditional game which is played between two people. The movie was perfectly directed under the supervision of Ram Babu which was the essential reason for the wide popularity of the movie. The movie managed to get over 10 million views on youtube. Moreover, the movie managed to break the box office records within a week.

7. Kusume Rumal 2

The movie was was directed by Nirak poudal. Poudal as a director have produced variety of Nepali movies and was well informed by the audience. Therefore, in the movie Kusume Rumal 2 he made the perfect combination of drama and comedy. The movie did amazing in the box office and has been widely appreciated by the audience. The movie comes to the must-watch list.

8. Muna Madan

The movie wasprimary based on the most famous epic poem of Nepal Madan. The movie narrated a lower class worker which was burdened with all expenses. The character of a lower class worker was enacted as a funny character which initially impressed the audience and was the ultimate reason for its popularity and over a billion views.

9. Jhola

The movie, Jhola was released in 2013 under the directorship of yadav Kumar and featured Garima Panta as the central actor. As the name reflects that the name is based on the idea of a traditional ‘Swing’ which is considered as the place to interact with the people. The movie was well directed and the beautiful and thrilling songs added more value to its wide appreciation across the world.

10. Jatra

The movie was released in the end of 2016 and made it difficult for the emerging movies to compete. The high standards of the movie made it more popular and crossed over the billion views on YouTube. The wide popularity of the movie has immensely fueled up the Nepali movie industry. However, viewers said that, ‘If the industry is kept in producing such movies then we could assure them our appreciation’. The movie managed to get wide appreciation across the world.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 17, 2020