Most of the time, we cannot get good resolution in videos while streaming online because of the fluctuating network connection. Also, online streaming only works when you have the internet. What about the circumstances when there is no internet connection and you are looking for an entertainment source? Of course, downloading is the only option to consider. However, the biggest issue is how to find a credible source of MP4 movie download?

Websites that provide streaming facilities don’t have downloading features. We understand the struggle of internet users who have countless online streaming apps but still looking for an alternative that can also provide the downloading feature. We are presenting Snaptube as a solution capable of supporting MP4 movies download sites. This app is available in .apk file format and currently compatible with the Android operating system only. If you are an Android user, enhance your knowledge about the significant features of Snaptube and its proper utilization.

snap tube for android

Steps to install and use Snaptube

Step 1. Searching and installing the app

Search for the official website of Snaptube to get the latest versions in stable and beta format. It is a small app of around 12 MB that you can install in any MI Android device with high or low configurations. After downloading the APK file, hello third-party apps permission to install Snaptube in your Android device.

Step 2. Exploring MP4 movies download sites

First of all, search for your desired movie. Any keyword that you enter in the search bar will directly show the results of the database. If that particular movie is not available, enter the URL of a website in the same search bar where you find the link. It would be great if there is an online streaming link of high-resolution videos. Once the video starts playing, Snaptube will automatically generate its download link.

Step 3. Downloading videos to your smartphone

Choose the resolution according to your preference. This app also allows you to select multiple videos in a row for fast downloading. After selecting a particular resolution, specify the memory parts and press the download button. According to the size of the file and internet speed, your video will be downloaded and saved.

These are some easy to follow steps for MP4 full movie download. By following the same procedure, you can explore and download any other video accessible through Snaptube.

Awesome features to meet your all entertainment needs

  • Downloading in the highest possible resolution

While streaming a video online, we need premium internet plans to watch videos in 4K resolution. Even a slight fluctuation in the network results in poor picture quality. Snaptube allows you to choose between multiple resolutions ranging between 144 P to 4K. Visit a free MP4 movies download site where high-resolution videos are available. According to the data availability and your personal preference, choose between any option. If you just want to forward a small video through social media apps, mediocre resolutions like 480p or 720p can serve the purpose.

  • Ad-free entertainment

Not only for downloading but it is also a great online streaming app because no advertisement will interrupt while watching your favorite movies or songs. Snaptube comes with an inbuilt adblocker that skip advertisements between videos smartly. You don’t have to pay extra charges as the premium is charging.

  • Best Alternative

Apart from ad-free entertainment, there are many other distinctive features of Snaptube that make it a better alternative. The app comes with enhanced features like a separate section for subscribed channels, top trending videos, and downloading buttons with every single video. Once you start using Snaptube, it will completely change the way you were using yt earlier. For a more personalized experience, we recommend signing in with their already existing Google account.

  • Social media content downloader

Along with MP4 HD mobile movies download, this app is also so capable of supporting all social media platforms. Whether you are a user of Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, everything is explorable with just one touch. From these social media sites, you can download any viral video content without restriction.

  • Inbuilt video to audio converter

Sometimes, we only need an audio copy of a multimedia file. If you don’t want MP4 full movie download and just need its audio, choose a file format between MP3 and m4a before you start the downloading process. It will automatically convert video into audio that can be played in any third party music player later.

updated by Chief Editor on Jan 19, 2022