People want to have a more flexible way of watching movies whenever they want without restriction of time and picture quality. This is now possible with the help of some movie streaming apps that serve with the facility for movie channels. These apps have controls to customise your entertainment experience according to genres like action, drama or thriller. If you are an Android user, there are numerous options available to choose in the category of such applications. All you need is the knowledge of apps that are free from any potential threat as well as contain sufficient quality content to explore. To help you in this matter, here some top-rated applications list is mentioned.

Top Rated Movie Streaming Apps for Android Phone

1. Snaptube

Whether you want new or old movies, Snaptube gives you an opportunity to explore the endless world of videos through its search bar. This new movie streaming app is specifically designed for those who want unlimited access to online content without any subscription barrier. Take a look at some significant features of this application.
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  • Snaptube is a hub of multiple streaming applications and websites at single place.
  • It is completely free to use for accessing premium level features expected advertisements skipping.
  • Any video file can be saved in both visual as well as audio formats.
  • Free movies are accessible that are available on video streaming sites.

Step 1. Install movie streaming Android app

First of all, download and install Snaptube application and install it on your Android device. After installation, you need to open the app for streaming movies.

Step 2. Search your favourite movie

In the search bar, type the name of your favourite movie and initiate the search. The search par will direct you to YouTube results. If it is not available on YouTube, enter the URL of the website into the search bar that contains your movie.

Step 3. Stream or save a movie

Open the video link and tap on the play button to run it online. If you don’t have enough time to watch right now, simply tap on the Download button which is mentioned right below the playing video.

By tapping on it, Snaptube will direct you to a page where all resolutions will be mentioned for downloading. Choose the best quality and saving process will start.

2. Hotstar

When it comes to the most convenient app for movie streaming, people prefer Hotstar over any other option. This app is mostly used to watch live matches with consistent video streaming. The best thing about Hotstar is its capability of auto adjusting the resolution according to internet speed. Most of the local, as well as international applications, are available here to watch without any subscription charge. Either you can download its app or directly access the website from Snaptube application. Not only movies and live matches but it are also widely used for watching regular TV serials.

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3. Stremio

This app enables you to stream amazing movies from a large pool of genres including action, adventure, drama and comedy in y our smartphone. Stremio is a smart movie streaming application that gives you the option to add moves in watch list that can be explored later. The best thing about this app is allowing all renowned premium entertainment services like Netflix, HBO and Twitch under one platform. It is an ideal app for those who want Hollywood action directly to their Smartphones.

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4. BYUtv

Watch HD channels with 24X7 live accesses in this amazing film streaming app which is fully dedicated for Android devices whether it is Smartphone, Tablet or Android TV. Not just movies but it is a complete hub of entertainment including sports, shows and animation. As a personalization feature, it has an option to add all of your favourite shows and movies in a row to watch whenever you feel free. Most of the multimedia content available here is based on American film industry. It doesn’t require any subscription charge to gain access for any premium service like high definition resolution or unlimited exploration access.

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This can be considered as an international movie streaming free app that can provide you content in multiple languages including French, German, Spanish and Polish. This single app is meant for multiple programs like watching movies, history, culture, discovery or news. All programs in this app are already organised in a set of playlists that can be customised according to your preference. ARTE never ask for any subscription charge for their service. To create your own playlist, it is essential to sign up with a valid ID.

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