\Marathi speakers are no longer confined to Maharashtra anymore. The native speakers can be found in other states of India and overseas as well. It doesn’t matter where you are – in order to stay updated, you need the assistance of Marathi news channels and websites. There are tons of Marathi news portals out there, covering everything from entertainment to politics. To help you, we have come up with an extensive list of Marathi news websites and YouTube channels that you should certainly follow.

Part 1. Top 10 Marathi News Live Websites

There are plenty of Marathi news online live websites that feature the latest buzz in the town. Though, we have handpicked the best of them here.

1. Loksatta

When we think of Marathi news, Loksatta is the first thing that comes to our mind. The local publisher has a dedicated website that features all the latest news. The content is published in Marathi, so you don’t have to use any translator.

2. Maharashtra Times

Maharashtra Times is a standalone unit of the India Times group that is dedicated to Marathi news. The website features all the latest buzz-worthy local and international news that you should know. There is also an option to switch between different languages like Hindi, Marathi, English, etc.

3. Divya Marathi

Divya Marathi is owned by the Bhaskar Group, which is also known to publish one of the most popular daily newspapers in India. From celebrity gossip to global events, you can find it all here.

4. India.com

The web news portal is known to publish some of the most sensational news regarding politics and national events. Its Marathi news section is no such exception and should certainly be followed.

5. Lokmat

Lokmat is another daily newspaper that runs in Hindi and Marathi. It has a dedicated news web portal as well, which is as impressive as the daily paper.

6. Esakal

Esakal has a clear and user-friendly interface, which features Marathi news in different categories. You can also convey your opinion and publish your own stories as well.

7. Sarkarnama

As the name suggests, Sarkarnama is a web portal that is dedicated to politics. It is available in Marathi, besides other regional languages. It features all the latest events regarding politics in Maharashtra, India, and the rest of the world.

8. Majha Paper

If you are looking for all the latest Marathi news listed in a precise and non-subjective manner, then this would be an ideal place for you. It also has its dedicated Android and iOS apps.

9. Batmya

Another local Marathi web portal that is quite famous locally is Batmya. The website covers almost all the local events related to Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, and other cities in Maharashtra.

10. E-Puniya Nagri

E-Puniya Nagri is an e-paper website of the local newspaper. Originated from Pune, it has its presence in almost all the Maharashtrian cities like Mumbai, Nagpur, Nashik, etc. Since it is an e-paper, the portal is not as user-friendly as other websites.

Part 2. Popular Marathi News App for Android Users

If you want to stay ahead of everyone else and watch the latest Marathi news videos, then take the assistance of Snaptube. It would be a one-stop destination for every requirement of yours regarding fresh Marathi content. Snaptube has integrated a wide range of video streaming platforms in one place. Therefore, you don’t need to subscribe to different YouTube channels or look for your favorite content elsewhere.
snap tube for android
Simply browse Snaptube and search for the latest Marathi news. You would get everything you are looking for in a single app. Furthermore, it has a remarkable picture-in-picture mode, which will let you multitask while watching live Marathi news. Its fast loading player and user-friendly interface will certainly make Snaptube your favorite Android app. Since Snaptube is available for free, you don’t have to get any paid subscription to watch Marathi news as well. Go ahead and download it right away and stay updated without any hassle.\

Part 3. Top 10 Marathi News Channels

If you are looking for some live webcasts and Marathi news videos, then you can subscribe to these YouTube channels.

1. Jai Maharashtra News

Jai Maharashtra is one of the most popular Marathi TV news channels. Its YouTube channel also provides a 24-hour live streaming. You can also find its existing content listed in different categories.

2. Zee 24 Taas

Zee News is one of the most widely seen news channels in India. It runs a dedicated channel for Marathi news – Zee 24 Taas. The 24-hour live streaming is also provided on its YouTube besides all the latest updates.

3. TV9 Marathi

If you want to stay updated regarding all the latest political and financial news, then you should subscribe to TV9 Marathi. The Marathi channel of TV9, it also provides a live YouTube streaming.

4. ABP Majha

Based out of Maharashtra, ABP Majha is the local leg of the national news channel – ABP. You can always watch its live streaming on YouTube or catch the latest updates regarding a topic with its previously uploaded videos.

5. Saam Marathi

While the channel is not as popular as other leading news portals, it is gaining a new momentum in the recent days. There are different playlists that you can watch regarding various topics.

6. BBC News Marathi

BBC News Marathi is the local leg of the widely known international news portal. While it does not provide a live streaming, you can catch all the popular local uploads here.

7. DD Sahyadri News

Doordarshan certainly needs no introduction. Being the oldest news channel run by the Broadcasting Ministry of India, it has its availability in every local language. Marathi is no such exception with its own YouTube channel.

8. Shaurya Marathi

If you like to know more about all the prominent and latest local events in Maharashtra, then you can subscribe to Shaurya Marathi. Most of the Marathi news here is about politics or entertainment.

9. SBN Marathi

SBN Marathi is a leading Marathi news channel that will keep you up to date. It doesn’t have a live streaming feature, but has segregated all uploads in different categories for our convenience.

10. News18 Lokmat

News18 is owned by Lokmat, which is also known for its daily newspaper. You can find Marathi news regarding all the latest events on this channel.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 17, 2020