marathi movies onlineMarathi is one of the most spoken languages of India. Marathi people of Maharashtra predominantly speak it. Maharashtra is a home for the famous world film, Bollywood, which is located in the capital of India, Mumbai. Marathi movies are very famous worldwide. They are normally in cooperated with relevant songs in the movie, accompanied by a great range of dancing style. In this article, I will recommend you some great sites to watch Marathi movies online.

Part 1. Top 5 Marathi Movies Online Free to Watch in 2017

2017 has seen the production of incredible movies in the film industry. These top movies are not just about entertainment but serve as an eye-opener to the society.

1. Kaasav

This is a story of a suicide survivor, who is under observation of a divorced woman. Ironically the woman is recuperating from depression. She is strong-willed to help him overcome his turbulent time. The stars in this movie are Alok Rajwade, Irawati Harshe, Mohan Agashe, Kishor Kadam among others. The director is Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthnkar.
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2. Baapjanma

This is a story of a retired man who is contented with his routine life. However, everything changes when he is diagnosed with Cancer. He gets the desire to sort out his life before finality. Sachin Khedekar, Pushkaraj Chirputkar, Madhav Vaze and Sharvari Lohakare among others are the stars in the movie. The director of this excellent movie is Nipun Dhamadhikari.
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3. Nadi Vahate

This is a movie you can relate with. It is a narration gracefully told by the cinematographical expertise of Sanjay Memane. It is a story of the relationship between the flowing of a river, the ecological balance and the dependence of humans on the river.  Some of the stars are Poonam Shetgaonkar, Asha Shelar, Hrudaynath Jadhav, Abhishek Anand among others.

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4. The Silence

The question of sexual abuse is a critical issue in any society. This movie is about a woman, Chini, who witnesses a woman being molested while she was traveling. This event triggers haunting memories of her childhood’s molestation in the hands of a family member. Some of the stars include Nagraj Manjule, Anjali Patil, Vedashree Mahajan, Mugdha Chaphekar and many others who worked with the producer, Gajendra Ahire.

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5. Ubuntu

Ubuntu means having compassion or being humane. This movie will leave a lifetime impression on your mind. It is about elders who threaten to shut down the source of change, the only school in the village. It is upon one sincere teacher and a handful of young students who decide to do anything they can to keep the school running. This story is probably inspired by the sad state of schools in some villages. Some of the cast members are Bhagyashree Sankpal, Atharv Padhye, Kanha Bhave and others who worked with Pushkar Sudhakar Shrotri as the director.
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Part 2. 10 Sites to Watch New Marathi Movies Online

1. SkyMovies

SkyMovies is one of the best sites that have Marathi Movies. It provides a wide range of movies that are suitable to watch from even an Android phone such Tamil videos, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and WWE shows.

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2. Pagal World

It provides Marathi movies, Hindi movies, Punjabi movies, Hollywood movies and song lyrics. You just have to click on the option you want and search in the page wizard provided.

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3. Cool Moviez

Although this site may not have many Marathi movies, you can visit it and search your Movies. The movies are categorized from A to Z. You can find the latest movies for free.

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4. Filmlinks4u

Compared to other Marathi sites, this site is user-friendly with a lot of Marathi movies. This site has movies from 2014 to date that are easy to access. You can also find Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Telugu movies.

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5. Marathi Movies Online

This site has a great collection of Marathi movies, Nataks, Programs, and reviews among other things. The movies are well organized with its title covers. You can get classical movies, most popular Marathi movies as well as recently updated movies.

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6. FilmiPop

In this site, you can watch all your favorite movies for free according to different genres like comedy, romance, thriller, family and others. The Marathi movies on this site have ratings thus easy to settle on the best.

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7. Maaytube

This site is dedicated to not only showcase Marathi movies but also plays, interviews of Marathi celebrities, comedy shows, and song jukebox.

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8. Watch Online Movies

This website has a range of various genres of movies especially videos for 2017 movies. You can watch the movies highlighted or search a specific one using the search engine.

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9. Hotstar

This site provides a free online streaming opportunity of the most popular Marathi movies Telugu, Hindi and English movies. The movies are of high quality and accessible. It is also home of streaming content such as sports, TV shows and news.

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10. Einthusan

Good quality films are available here. The advantage is that the movies have English subtitle. However, you have to be patient as for the movie to pop up on the site after the initial release.

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Part 3. Watch Latest Marathi Movies Online – Snaptube

watch latest marathi moviesSnaptube is an incredible app that allows you to search and watch Marathi movies freely within the app. Once you install the app on your Android phone, you can find the movie manually on the app or use the search engine to find the movie. You can stream and play with its inbuilt media player. The best feature is, you no longer need to switch between apps to search for the movie you want. Snaptube put all the popular sites on one single dashboard. You can also add any site you like to the app. Get yourself this Marathi Android app and enjoy your movies.


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