Marathi movies are one of the oldest forms of cinema in India. However, still, people who like to watch Marathi cinema often don’t get a medium to download these movies with ease. The struggle of finding a reliable source and being able to download Marathi movies on your smartphone is real. Hence, we have compiled a list of Marathi movies download apps. Using these apps, you will be able to see a variety of Marathi movies on your phone offline.

Part 1. Apps for Downloading Marathi Movies on Mobile

1. Snaptube

Snaptube is a Marathi mobile movie download application that offers unlimited access to entertainment. The app was launched in just 2016 but it has already gained immense popularity due to its highly efficient functioning.
snap tube for android
Here are some features of Snaptube app:

  • Snaptube has brought together various platforms, which allows users to download Marathi movies with ease. You just have to type the name of the movie in the search bar and you’ll get options for download.
  • The app’s loader is exceptionally fast working, which saves users extra buffering minutes.
  • There are no charges for using Snaptube and users can access full features without even signing-up or registering to the app.
  • Snaptube is security verified by CM Security, McAfee, and Lookout Security, hence, it does not harm android devices in any way.

2. मोफत मराठी चित्रपट

This Marathi movies mobile download app has a huge collection of movies which can be downloaded without any additional cost. You can watch and search Marathi movies, drama, television drama, and music from this application. However, according to user reviews, the app does not offer a search option, which makes it hard for users to look for desired movies.

3. Free Full Movies

Although Free Full Movies app is not specific to just Marathi movies, this app gives users an option for latest Marathi movies download for mobile. On this app, users can look for Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies, and Marathi movies. However, looking at user reviews, this app doesn’t allow users to download some movies and many latest movies are not available on the list.

Part 2. Mobile Marathi Movies Free Download Through Snaptube

Since Snaptube is the most feasible option for new Marathi mobile movies free download, we have explained its functioning in details. Here’s how you can use Snaptube for a hassle-free experience.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Phone

Firstly, for installing the Snaptube app on your Android phone, visit the official website from the link. Here, you will find a Download tab on the homepage itself, just tap on it to install the APK file. It will only take a few minutes to install on your Android device.

Once the app is installed, just scroll down your notification bar and tap on the file to launch Snaptube. You can start using the app now. There are no sign-up or register formalities, so you can use the app immediately after installing it. Isn’t that so simple?
Note: If you have not enabled third-party app download on your Android device, you will not be able to install Snaptube. To enable it, go to the Settings of your phone, find Security & Privacy, and find Install unknown apps. Open it and enable third-party download to install Snaptube on your phone.

Step 2. Exploring Marathi Movies

Exploring Marathi movies on Snaptube is the easiest part. You can click More on the homepage to expand bookmarks section, from where tap Boolywood icon. This will open a movie sites of all indian languages. Also, you can type the name of the movie in the search box of Snaptube and hit enter. You will find a few options and a download tab beside every option. Select your source and tap the Download button (downward arrow).

Step 3. Downloading Marathi Movies

For instance, if you want to download Sairat movie on your Android device, then just type Sairat in Snaptube’s search box. You will get various options. You can also find movies on a specific platform – on YouTube, Web, etc.
When you find the file that you want to download, just tap on the downward arrow beside it. Snaptube will give you quality option. Just tap on the type of file you would like to download, Change the file location, and hit Download button once again. The movie will start downloading on your device.

Users who like to watch Marathi movies have a lot of trouble downloading these movies on their phone. There are not enough reliable sources. But, Snaptube resolves all these issues. You can add various platforms to your Snaptube homepage and enjoy unhindered access to entertainment. Install Snaptube app on your Android device now and download unlimited Marathi movies.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 17, 2020