Marathi cinema industry has produced many films that are not only critically acclaimed but commercially successful as well. They are normally in cooperated with relevant songs in the movie, accompanied by wonderful dancing style. Marathi films can compete with Bollywood in terms of glitz, concept and stars. Marathi film industry at present is doing better business than Bollywood with many blockbuster hits. It mostly goes down the efforts of top actor and actress in this industry. So, we have come up with top 10 latest Marathi HD movies which are must of every movie buff out there to be seen.

Top 10 Marathi Movies Full HD

1. Faster Fene

Mr. B.R Bhagwat created the character of a teen detective in this mystery movie. Faster Fene takes you on a joy ride. Faster Fene plays out like a straight explosive thriller, without any romantic breaks, family drama and other unnecessary filler material. The film is entirely without songs. It’s one of the best detective movies out there today.

2. Kaasav

This movie has won national award. In this movie a suicide survivor is taken under observation by a woman who is recuperating from depression. She is determined to help the boy come out of this tumultuous time. The film does not have any touchy dramatic moments but it smoothly describes the journey of a character, from one state of mind to the other.

3. The Silence

It is based on a true story with the theme of crime against women. It is a film that confronts your tendency to look away from a crime and urges women to speak up. The film is a simple one, about something that has always been a serious issue. The film has an impressive cast which adds to its impact.

4. Baapjanma

This film has fair amount of novelty in it. It is little conventional that it won’t possibly discover something entirely new. Bhaskar had a troubled relationship with his wife and he never got a chance to express his true feelings to his children, which was the only thread that connected children to the family. This is a serious story of a dying father that brings smile on face.

5. Nadi Vahate

The movie is based on the relationship between a river and people living along its banks with respect to their life, needs, desires and greed and also a journey of people’s constructive resistance to save their river and become self-sufficient. It has received positive response from viewers.

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6. Kaccha Limbu

Kaccha Limbu is shot in black and white. It is easily one of the best & bold films in Marathi cinema. This movie is about a 15-year-old who is mentally challenged starts to get sexual desires. The most common strain is perhaps the sexual awakening of their son and the consequences. This film tells us that what exactly lies beyond something essentially humane and boldness.

7. Muramba

This is a romantic comedy movie. The fresh storytelling, charming acting by the lead pair and the sleek presentation make Muramba a pleasant watch. Here the film begins with a break up. This break up is then scrutinized and discussed from all angles and therein lies the heart of the film. It is a movie that will leave a smile on your face.

8. Chi Va Chi Sau Ka

This movie is a ove story of two strangers, Savitri and Satya. Both have certain lifestyle quirks that others find weird. Savi is a vegan and she hates non-vegetarians. Satya, who runs a solar business, worships science and hates it when anyone drops a gadget. He is also fanatical about conserving water. However, he relishes non-vegetarian food. The film revolves around these two characters and their relationship. Overall, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka is a decent family entertainer.

9. Halal

The Film is a movie based on the Muslim marriage law and triple talaq. In this film, we find Halim, a young Muslim woman divorced by her husband Kuddus, through triple talaq procedure, only to relive her from the harassment by his mother at home. So, he drops her back to her parents. This is a timely film, which highlights very effectively, the plight of a divorced Muslim Woman.

10. Ubuntu

One of the best Marathi movie in 2017.Shelke Master, who happens to be a schoolmaster in a small school based in a small village in Maharashtra. He fights against all odds in order to give the village kids the education. The most interesting part of the film is the discourse of practical knowledge from the teacher. This film stars established actors like Sagar Sathye and Shashank Shende in smaller roles with decent performance by the kids. It is reasonably watchable.

updated by Chief Editor on 3月 17, 2020