Malayalam cinema is one of the largest film industries in the country. There are new movies being made and latest songs being composed in Malayalam every day. Due to this huge production, the Malayalam video collection on YouTube is daily updated. There are not hundreds but thousands of Malayalam videos on YouTube and it is almost impossible for you to recognize which is worth your time and which is not. However, when a trend starts, you are bound to get to know about it. To help you, we have brought a list of the top 10 trending Malayalam videos on YouTube that you absolutely shouldn’t miss in 2017.

Part 1. Top 10 New Malayalam Videos on YouTube

Have a look at these Malayalam latest videos on YouTube that you are sure to love.

1. Punyalan Private Limited Product Launch (Movie Trailer)

Recently uploaded on YouTube, this video is a short teaser for the upcoming film Punyalan Private Limited Product Launch. The film is set to release in the month of November 2017 and has already got a huge fandom. The theme of the movie is related to manufacturing and selling water under the name of Punyalan Water.

2. Parava (Official Trailer)

Parava, a Malayalam movie released in September 2017 gave one of the best trailers that the audience could ever think of. The word Parava in Malayalam translates to a bird in English, on which the plot of the movie is designed. It is a story of two teenage boys getting ready for a pigeon race, which is a very popular sport in Mattancherry, Kochi.

3. Tharangam (Official Trailer 2)

Tharangam is a crime-comedy Malayalam movie, following the misadventures of two bumbling cops, Pappan and Joy. This trailer of the movie received a huge amount of love and is one of the most trending videos on YouTube. This two-minute trailer has everything to spark the interest that you need to watch the movie.

4. Jimmiki Kamal Dance (Team Naach Choreography)

The hit Malayalam song, Jimmiki Kamal is trending yet again. In this video you can see two young girls dancing wonderfully to the Jimmiki kamal song, which is choreographed by the group named Team Naach. The girls in the video had danced exceptionally well, their steps are synchronized, and they looked great in their white Saree. If you love dancing, then you should definitely check it out.

5. V.A. Shreekumar Menon Speaking on Mohanlal

This trending 7-minute video on YouTube is where you can see the extremely talented director V.A Shreekumar Menon speaking his heart out about the superstar Mohanlal on the occasion of launching an app based on the actor. If you haven’t seen this video already, it’s definitely worth checking out.

6. O2 Award Winning Short Film

This short film titled O2 gives the world a reality-check that it is everyone’s right to have clean air and water. The video features a teenage Malayalam boy experiencing the same feeling a fish experiences when it is left in a tank with dirty water for a long time. The moral of this short film is very deep and also is a lesson for the entire world.

7. Sada Kudayana Nethavu Video Song

From the movie Ramaleela, this song is a major hit. The movie received positive reviews and the song has become one of the most trending video songs on YouTube. It was written by B.K Harinarayanan, was amazingly sung by Madhu Balakrishnan, and the music was given by Gopi Sundar. This video song is one of the most viewed Malayalam videos on YouTube as of now.

8. Parava Title (behind the scenes)

The cast of Parava came up with an amazing way to promote themselves and this short two-minute video is the result. In this video, you can see the names of the all the contributors of the Parava movie, because of whom the movie was such a big hit. The music in the background and the visuals in the video are in perfect sync, making the video even more interesting to watch.

9. Pokkiri Full Video Song

Pokkiri is an enthusiastic song for all fans of the actor Vijay. The lyrics of this song are given by Hari Narayan and the singer is none other than Karthik. The huge fandom of the actor Vijay has a big hand in making this song a huge trend. It is pure entertainment and features lots of cool dance moves.

10. Sherlock Toms Official Video Song

Featuring Pallikalachante Mole, Shafi, and Biju Menon, this song is quite famous and comedic too. The video is extremely funny to watch as you can see the husband being mocked every time there is a fight between the couple. It is a great Malayalam video song to both, watch and listen.

Malayalam entertainment sector never seems to be off balanced. There are always good movies, music, and videos to enjoy. All these videos above got trending for a reason. To discover why, you need to give them a watch.

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