It’s that lovely time of the year again, whether you are single or in a relationship you need some good movies in order refresh, relax and enjoy the weather. It is now the perfect time to snuggle and watch the most romantic movies. If to specifically talk about the Korean movies then they are significantly known for the romanticism and suspense. In order to make the most out of the weather and Christmas season, you should definitely watch the below mentioned Korean romantic movies.

Top 10 Korean Romantic Movies

1. A Werewolf Boy

The famous Korean movie was released in 2012 with sharing the fantasy love story of Song Joong and Park Bo. The movie is one of the most successful Korean movies. The romantic journey of Song Joong and Park Bo will surely touch your heart. The love chemistry between the actors is the secret reason for the movie to portrait the true love.

2. A Moment to Remember

The movie was released back in 2004 and cast Son Ye Jin and Jung Woo. The movie will surely bring tears to your eyes. The heartbreaking love story of Son and Jung is the great example of true love. The movie will show you how true love conquers all the difficulties and barrier and would leave its footprints for others to remember.

3. Maundy Thursday

The movie was released back in 2006 and till now the movie is widely watched across the world for its unconventional setting. The movie star Kang Dong as prison inmate plays a depressed and suicidal volunteer work. The movie presented a unique love story of a couple which strives hard enough to deal with all the barriers and difficulties. The movie is considered as the good romantic watch.

4. Beauty Inside

The movie was released in 2015, probably my favorite Korean romantic movie of all time. The movie casted most of the well-known actors and actresses like Lee Dong, Wook and Seo Joon. The movie shows the value and importance of loving someone based on who you are. The acceptance of the beloved with all difficulties was the essential theme behind the movie.

5. Architecture 101

The movie was released back in 2012 with starring Uhm and Han Ga. I am sure you will be explicitly enjoying the character of Uhm Ga. The movie presents a good example of perfect plot and content. However, besides the beautiful script, the movie entails the best romantic songs which will surely give you the goosebumps.

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6. Mood of the Day

The super hit Korean romantic movie was released in 2016 casting Moon Chae. The movie is bit different from the other Korean movies as it presents a unique theme of a loving couple who only get 24 hours to spent together in Busan. There 24 hours were beautifully presented in the movie. You will be excited to see how they romantically spent the time and would might bring tears in your eyes.

7. A Millionaire’s First love

What’s a romantic movie? A good plot and romantic love story? The movie, A Millionaire’s First Love presents a great love story of a millionaire who got in love with a normal girl, and how they gradually get closer to each other and developed strong feelings for each other. The turning point of the movie made the viewers curious and lead to the wide recognition.

8. Christmas in August

The amazing, interesting and romantic movie was released in 1998. You surely need to get some tissues ready for this one. Considered to be the top saddest romantic Korean movie of all time. This one will surely leave tears into your eyes. The two actors of the movie will surely take you on the roller coaster ride of emotions and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

9. Always

The movie was released in 2011 and is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. The two top Korean actors, Han Hyo Joo plays Jung a white blind woman. The two fall in love with each other and have a romance. If you are interested in some spicy romantic watch over the weekend then this will surely be good watch. So tighten your seats because this might give you some serious sensational feelings.

10. The Classic

Last but not the least, the romantic movie was released back in 2003. The Classic is the coming-of-age first love story. A romantic love story of a college girl. The movie was perfectly directed and plotted. The good content, directorship, and plotting made the movie a good family movie. The movie was explicitly watched within Korean and the outside world. The movie set the high benchmark for the later movies which were to be released.

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