The talent of entertainment can found in any corner of world no matter how hard the circumstances are. A live example of this thought is in Kashmir where violence remains on peak for more than two decades. Even the cinema is completely ban in Kashmir due to security reasons but internet is now helping the Kashmir people to maintain the level with rest of the world. In this post, I will recommend you some of the best Kashmir video.

Part 1. Top 10 Kashmir Hit Videos

1. Kashmir boy’s dance performance in Sayam Wave mall Jammu

People are getting crazy for dance and this guy has proved it right with his outstanding skills.  This guy is really talented that you can clearly see in his moves. It looks like a local event of launching Maruti vehicle in Jammu where he performed to draw the attention of people. Till now, it has got more than 1.3k likes and 58,699 views.

2. “Visit Kashmir” Promotional video

Kashmir is the only heaven on earth and its beauty prove this fact perfectly. Since many decades, this place remains disturbed so people do not show interest in visiting there. In this 5 minute video, you can see the warm hospitality of Kashmir people. The story is based on a misunderstood local driver who was out for buying some grocery but becomes a guide for tourists. The theme of video is really heart touching and force you to watch it again and again.

3. Hill Kaka region of J&K sanitised from insurgency

This is an interesting documentary video based on Hilkaka region of Kashmir. It is an unexplored region because of the insurgency threats. Mostly, residents of this area are shepherds who spend their happily in the adobe of nature. In this documentary, you will be able to see the beauty of valley and terror among locals after the insurgency from Pakistan after 1990. After the interference of Indian army, this nightmare came to an end.

4. Kashmir-Led Zeppelin

Kashmir is not just famous in India but people from all over the world wish to visit here once in a lifetime. The song of Led Zeppelin is based on the beauty of Kashmir and has got 129 K worldwide likes. There are millions of followers of this rock band who viewed it again with positive comments.

5. Hukkus Bukkus

This is one of the most recited Kashmir video gana that is represented in an amazing way by modern artists. In this music video, they used both traditional as well as modern music equipment. The latest version of Hukkus Bukkus is sung by Abha Hanjura who made the fusion of sufi and rock music under her music band. The combination of santoor with guitar is really amazing and you will surely love it after listening at once. This is a great initiative of new artists to bring the culture of Kashmir at global level.

Watch Kashmire Video on Snaptube

There are not too many websites available on internet containing multimedia content in Kashmir language. For the convenience of users, an innovative application has been developed called Snaptube. Here you can enter the keywords of any Kashmir videos and it will appear on your screen. There is no need to switch between multiple apps for searching the content because this app supports every online streaming app. On the topmost section of homepage, there is an option of category where you can find genres like music, movies, news, sports and entertainment etc. Snaptube is not just a multimedia app but you can also use it to explore informative content n high definition.
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6. Sahibo Bi Chani Mayi Zayi

This is another popular traditional song of Kashmir language sung by a local singer Tahir Mushtaq. This song is based on the beauty of a magnificent lake Kausar Nag. It is located in Pir Panjal mountain range of Kulgam province. There is an adventurous treak that lead the visitors to this kind of beautiful place. The soulful voice of Tahir will surely touch your soul. Till now, it has gained more than 98K views on YouTube.

7. Doye Khair Karus

This is a terrific presentation of evil street production performed by artist Sayed     Azhar. The Kashmir music video is now breaking the boundaries and people love it.  Doye Khair Karus is the latest presentation of this production that as released on 3 Feb 2018. Within this short period of time, it has gained 8.7K likes. The lyrics of this song are given by Bashir Dada and music of Umi A Feem suit best on both audio and visual.

8. Tamanna

The young artist Yawar Abdal beautifully portrayed the poetry of three legendary poets Mirza Ghalib, Ameeri Khusrow and Mehjoorin this song. This song defines heartiest feeling of Sufis who try to rise beyond materialistic world. Along with Kashmir, Yawar also added Urdu and Persian language to increase the approach of song and he succeeded successfully. It was released on 2 June 2018 and got 17k likes till now.

9. Peer Myanio

In the row of Sufi music in Kashmir language, this is one of the soulful voices that you have ever heard. The music of this song is arranged and composed by Jaan Nisaar Lone. Siniti Mishra is the singer of this song and lyrics are given by Peer Zahoor. Talking about the producer Rani Hazarika Lone and director Jaan Nisaar, they did an amazing job in making this music video successful.

10. Lalle Waan

Yawar Adab is a terrific singer who recreates the poetry of old poets in a new artistic way. Lalle Waan means cradle that will surely cradle you. It was published on 31 October 2017 and got more than two million views. On the official YouTube channel, its lyrics are also available to understand the song easily.

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