The Japanese movie cinema is known all over the world to produce some of the finest films. From action to thriller and romance to biographies, one can find Japanese movies of all genres. If you like to watch some of the finest movies from Japan, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will let you know about the latest and upcoming Japanese movies that no fan should miss.

Top 12 New Japanese Drama and Romance Movies

In this year, we are going to have the release of plenty of Japanese romance and drama movies. For your convenience, we have handpicked the top 12 movies right here.

1. Tonight, At the Movies

Released in February this year, the movie stars Haruka Ayase and Kentaro Sakaguchi in the lead roles. It is the story of an aspiring director who falls in love with a princess (who is originally from a vintage movie). The film has a subtle and poignant feel to it that will redefine love and romance for you.

2. River’s Edge

This Japanese movie has an indie appeal to it that is catered to a specific audience. This romantic comedy has been inspired from the manga series of the same name. Directed by Isao Yukisada, it was released during the Valentine’s week this year.

3. Principal: Am I A Heroine Who Is In Love

This is another romantic Japanese movie that was released in March 2018. It is the story of a girl who moves in with her father after her parents got divorced. Later, she meets some new people at her school that changes her life. It has been inspired from the manga series “Principal” as well.

4. Kids on the Slope

If you have a thing for musicals, then you will certainly love watching this Japanese film. Released in March 2018, it has been inspired from a manga series. As the protagonist moves to a new school, he discovers himself through music.

5. Last Winter, We Parted

As the name suggests, this Japanese romantic movie is a tale of love, fantasy, and so much more. Released in March 2018, it has been inspired from a bestselling novel. The protagonist investigates a murder that leads him to a rabbit hole. It features an impressive cast of actors like Takanori Iwata, Mizuki Yamamoto, and Kazuki Kitamura.

6. Laplace’s Witch

This is an upcoming movie that is already creating quite a buzz among the movie enthusiasts in Asia. The story involves the murder of two people by poisoning. As the police officer investigates the case, he uncovers the association with a witch. What leads ahead is a gripping thriller.

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7. Laughing Under The Clouds

This Japanese action movie has been inspired from the super-hit manga series. It is the story of Kumo family, who succeeded the Kumo shrine. What leads ahead is a struggle of power and tons of action. Released in March 2018, it stars Sota Fukushi, Yuma Nakayama, Yuki Furukawa, and Renn Kiriyama.

8. Dynamite Graffiti

Dynamite Graffiti is a must-watch film. Unlike popular action movies, this film is based on a true story. It is a heart-wrenching story of Suei, who witnesses her mother and her boyfriend committing suicide by wrapping themselves with dynamite. As the story progresses, you would realize how Suei recovers from the life-changing incident.

9. Bleach

One of the most anticipated Japanese sci-fi movies of 2018, it is also inspired from the hit manga series. It is the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, who encounters the local death god in Japan one day. This gives him the power to protect his town. Later, the series handles a layered storyline that involves lots of mystery, drama, and thrill.

10. Inuyashiki and Nicholas and Gordon’s Stranger Corps

This is the latest leg of the Inuyakhiki series that will hit the big screen in April 2018. It is the story of an old man, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Dejected by his family, as he loses all hope, he discovers that he has been converted into a cyborg. The story follows his mission and how he fights his enemies to keep his city safe.

11. Marmalade Boy

This movie would be a treat to all the fans of the Marmalade Boy manga series. Releasing in April 2018, the casting includes Hinako Sakurai, Ryo Yoshizawa, and Miho Nakayama. The movie is based on a unique story of two couples who decides to stay in one house. Their kids fall in love with each other in an unexpected manner. If you want to watch a light-hearted and fun movie, this should be your pick.

12. Rainbow Days

This romantic drama will be officially released in April this year. It is the story of a group of friends who are different, yet quite close to each other. The musical drama introduces a new girl in their life that changes everything in an unexpected manner. Since it has a strong musical influence, you are sure to love watching this entertaining Japanese movie.

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