Bollywood which is also known as Indywood is majorly the Hindu film Industry.  So if you speak Hindi or you have just learned the Hindi language, and you are looking for Bollywood video you have to keep reading this article. We have listed top sites to get Bollywood videos and also top 10 trending clips.

Part 1. Trending Bollywood Hot Video

1. Top 5 Banned Bollywood Movies Of All Times

This video is a compilation of the top five banned movies in India. They include Fire, Bandit Queen, and others. It explains why the reason for the ban of each movie.

2. Most Viral Bhangra Cideo

If you love dancing then watch this video for those modern Bollywood dancing styles. At the time we wrote this article it had received up to 18.9 million views.

3. Romantic Whatsapp Status Video

This is a romantic short video by Neha Kakkar. She uses WhatsApp’s emojis to come up with the song. Incredible right?

4. Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses In 2019

5. Bollywood Love Songs Mashup

This video is a mashup of romantic Bollywood movies of all time that you cannot miss to watch. You can unwind your day by watching this video.

6. Alia Bhatt Funny Video

Time to crack your ribs. This is a comical video with funny moments that will leave you in stitches.

7. 2 Foreigners In Bollywood

This short video is about a foreigner who confronts a shop vendor who has just sold cigarettes to three young boys.  He gives a reason why did so and the foreigner offers to buy all of his cigarettes remaining in the shop to solve his problem. But guess what happens next? Just watch it and find it out.

8. 11 Lost Hero from Bollywood and How They Look Now

If you are well conversant with the Bollywood film industry you will remember the stars like Rahul Roy, Dino Morea, and others. This video presents the transformations of the top 11 Bollywood actors.

9. Bollywood Sufi Songs 2017

If you are a Sufi or have an interest in Sufism, you can check out these top 10 Sufi songs of 2017. The playlist includes songs “Hoor”, “Saiba”, “Tose Naina” and 7 others.

10. Simran Official Trailer

This video trailer of the latest Bollywood movie dubbed as “Simran.”  This movie was officially released on September 15th, 2017. Hansal Mehta has directed the movie and it stars Kangana Ranaut.

Part 2. Top 5 Sites for Bollywood New Videos

1. YouTube

A highly recommended Bollywood site is YouTube. On YouTube you will get videos, music, movies and trailers that are of high quality. Moreover, you can subscribe to different channels and get the latest Bollywood movies when posted.

bollywood hot video

2. Ozee

Ozee website is another Bollywood site that has a good user interface. Here you will not only find videos, shows but also music and movies. You can search videos and play them within a click. Under video category you will get weekly show highlights. Visit this website and watch Bollywood movies freely.

bollywood music videos

3. website is just another Bollywood site that has several movies that you will not miss to watch. When you visit the website, you will see latest videos. Below that you can find other categories like new movie. You can also search the Bollywood movies alphabetically.

bollywood hot news video


You can also visit to get your entertain your self with Bollywood videos. Here you will find music and videos with the according to their titles names. Its user interface is not that attractive but you can use the search button to explore more videos.

bollywood news video


Lastly, you can check on Pagalworld. It has much content compared to Krazywap.  The videos are well titled on the homepage. You can also opt to watch the latest Bollywood movies. On Pagalworld you will also find trailers of movies.

bollywood music video

Part 3. Watch Bollywood Movie, News and Music Videos on Snaptube

It is more fun and comfortable to watch all the listed Bollywood videos on your Android phone. Well, Snaptube app brings you all these to a reality with its great user interface. Snaptube app allows you to browse Bollywood movies online and watch them on your phone. It supports sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others. Furthermore, you can add any streaming site such as Ozee, Pagalworld, Krazywap and any other.
snap tube for android

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 18, 2020