Sipping evening tea and watching a Bollywood movie is the best way to spend your weekend. However, what do you do when you are unable to download Bollywood movies? Do you just settle for the movies that are scheduled on the TV or you are also searching for Bollywood movies download sites?
Well, now, you don’t have to search the Bollywood movie download website or watch what is coming on the TV. This is because we have prepared a list of sites to download Bollywood movies in good quality.

Part 1. How Can You Download Bollywood Movies with Ease

Since is the best free Bollywood movies download website, we have explained how it works. Follow the steps to download Bollywood movies on your phone.

Step 1. Installing Snaptube on Your Android Phone

Firstly, to use, download Snaptube app. The app can be downloaded from the official website in a few minutes. Once the APK file downloads, pull down your notification bar and launch the app on your Android phone. That is all. You can now start using Snaptube application, as it doesn’t have any sign-up formalities.
snap tube for android
Note: If you are facing trouble downloading the application, you may have disabled third-party app download on your Android phone. Usually, most Android devices give an option to enable it while downloading only. However, if you don’t get this option, just visit the Settings of your phone. Look for Security & Privacy and then Install unknown apps. Enable this option to download Snaptube.

Step 2. Searching For Bollywood Movies

On the Snaptube homepage, you will find Bollywood platform’s icon. If you don’t find it, click on More and add it to your list of platforms. On the Bollywood platform, you can search your favorite Bollywood movies. In fact, you can look for Marathi, Bengali, Malayalam, and other Indian movies on this app.
bollywood movies free download sites

Step 3. Downloading Bollywood Movies on Your Phone

After searching your favorite movies, you can simply click on the movie link and download it on your phone. The app is completely safe to use so you don’t even have to worry about the safety of your Android device.
If you also want to download Bollywood movies with such ease, install Snaptube today and download as many Bollywood movies as you want.

Part 2. Top 3 Bollywood Movies Free Download Sites

1. is on top of our latest Bollywood movies download sites list for a reason. The website is super simple-to-use, it doesn’t have any bugs or delay, and you can find not only Bollywood movies but also other Indian movies. So, if you want to watch Bengali movie, then you don’t have to look for another source.
bollywood movie download website
The website has another hassle-free use through Snaptube app. In this, you won’t have to open the website again and again. You can directly download the movies on your phone. We have explained how this works later in the article.

2. has a huge range of movies available and you just have to click on your favorite Bollywood movie. Then, you can either watch the movie in HD online only or download it through various links given below the movie page. However, one drawback on this HD Bollywood movies download site is that it has too many ads. So, you might want to have an antivirus to use it.

3. is also a decent new Bollywood movie download site. You only have to visit the site, search for your favorite movie, and download it. On searching, you may get multiple links, just click on one and scroll down the page. You will get an option to download from either torrent or link. Choose your option and download the Bollywood movie. But, this site also has a few ads. Not too many so it is manageable.

updated by Chief Editor on Mar 17, 2020