The people across the world have explicitly served their time watching the top Bollywood movies. Therefore, the industry began to incorporate the latest and hot themes within their movies to spread the message of peace. Women empowerment being the major aspect of the feminist theory appears to be the dominant aspect observed in the Bollywood movies. After 2010, the industry explicitly incorporated women empowerment and justice as their major theme. Now if you’re a feminism or need any kind of more clarity then you should definitely watch these Bollywood feminist movies right away!

Part 1. Top 10 Bollywood Feminist Films to Watch

1. Queen

The movie was purely based on the aspect of women empowerment and the consequences of the women given the power and respect in the society. The lead role of Kangana was central to the movie. The way she transformed from a timid girl into a strong and independent woman was incredible. At the end, she finally released her frustration about the man who initially broke her but her will made her stood up and live the remaining life happily.

2. English Vinglish

The story of middle-aged women who were living in the shadow of her family. She was scared of the deficiencies she had and had to face various problems. At least, she finally decided to stand up and learn English with all hurdles and shut their mouths. Her struggle was truly appreciable which made her the confident and independent women. The theme of the movie itself spooks about the way women are treated in the society and how they can conquer that.

3. Chak De India

This was one of the most prominent movies which was based on sports and how women plays sports. This was the first sport movie which was not based man players but women. The movie had the bunch of unstoppable girls which were passionately chasing their dreams. The aspect of women empowerment was explicitly observed in the movie thus the movie was widely appreciated by the audience.

4. Aitraz

I would say that Kareena Kapoor gave her best performance in this movie. She was the women who stood up and fought for her husband. The interesting movie replicated how a will could change the society and the justice could be in the favor or women. The way Kareena fought for her husband was truly amazing. So if you are watching for a good family movie then you must try it!

5. Arth

The movie was directed by the great and the most famous director, Mahesh Bhatt. The director is known for showing the strong women on the television screens. The movie got the national award for the idea of bravery shown in the movie. In the movie a divorced girl stood up and fought against the injustice and lives her life independently.

6. Kahaani

The movie featured Vidya Balan as the lead actor. The story of a girl who searched for her husband murderer. She was strong and brave and fought against all the hurdles which were coming her way. The movie was categorized as having the best climax scene, we will not disclose that for you but we will highly recommend this movie.

7. Angry Indian Goddesses

Which girl doesn’t have the dream to live a crazy life with all her girlfriends? This is exactly the story of the movie where the whole cast of the movie is highly appreciable for the way she began to enjoy the craziest life on the earth.

8. Highway

Alia Bhatt is known for her cute and innocent acting. A story of a young and innocent girl who got kidnapped and was abused. At last, she got the hope and fought against the abuse which happened to her while she was kidnapped. The songs of the movies are highly appreciated across the world.

9. Dill Dhakadne Do

Even though this movie was all based on the high society dilemmas. It finally depicted the story of Priyanka who was a brave and independent woman. Yes, she was lead down by her father’s many times but her courage to never lead her go down. She stood up and run her father’s business and showed the world that when the women are eager and passionate for something they can surely make that happen!

10. 7 Khoon Maaf

Priyanka marries and kills that all we know about this movie right? But do we know that what she does? The simple answer could be the flaws which her husband had. From jealousy to lust her husband was full of problems which made this independent girl to kill him. Even though apparently the movie is not feminist but the message of the movie was that the society should not always consider women as the culprit.

Part 2. Watch Feminist Movies in Bollywood on Snaptube

The movies listed above explicitly replicate the great idea of feminism and the positive side of the story. Through these movies based on feminism, the industry has explicitly shown the audience the power and independence of the women across the world.
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